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I have the same complaint as I see as many other customers.

Definitley verifies to me that this is what the company employees

must be instructed to do.

They purposely make it extremely difficult

to cancel account.Yes it is very simple to sign up yet when it comes to cancelling and loss of revenue for them then it is very difficult. Their customer service is

horrible not helpful in any way including supervisors, managers etc.

I would not recommend becoming involved in a company which is not considerate of their valuable customers. And also do not that if not cancelled they automatically send you products you do not order and will deduct from your credit card account on file..

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I had to quit the company due to a divorce and not knowing exactly where I was going to be moving to. I found it very easy to do.

I called and they walked me through the steps needed to accomplish it and even took back some product that I had not yet used to make it better on me at that time. Since then I have rejoined the company because I really missed the great products that i could only get from them.


Beware!!! If it looks like a duck,and you all know the rest!This is a very slick pyramid sceme. Nothing more!


I have been a member of Melaleuca since 2006 and love it. You can pick a package for them to ship (in case you forget to order).

If don't have a backup order on file, they will send a certificate that you can call later and order what you want. Everyone I have ever talked with at Melaleuca have been great.


:upset :zzz :grin :eek :roll :x

Some people always have to put blame on someone or something to cover up for their own shortcomings.I've been a Melaleuca Customer for 10 years and I absolutely love the products...I could never return back to using toxic chemicals, ever. I immediately understood the concept of SWITCHING STORES to use better, safer, and concentrated products.

Not to mention...economically sensible.

I do not look at Melaleuca as another monthly bill because if I cancelled I still have clean my house, take a bath, wash my clothes,etc. As far as their customer service...I've some VERY nice and some not so nice...but who cares, bottom line, I love the products.


I needed to cancel my account due to the 35 pt orders needed each month. very easy.

download the form, fill it out and fax it in. received an email cancelation confirmation the next business day.

done. never had it so easy to do and take so little time.


Thats funny because my friend rang up and had no trouble cancelling. She found the woman she spoke to helpful and nice.


It's in the terms and conditions. You remember reading that right?

Good Point for comment #1 Anyone could cancel anybodys account. Makes complete sense to request a signiture to cancel.

Motivated Moms Rock!!!


If the written Cancelation request wasn't in place, Anybody could call in and cancel "anybody's" account and that be awful for those of us who are depending on our Melaleuca income.

Besides, if you agreed to sign an agreement to be a customer, what's the problem with signing an agreement/request to close your account?


Personally, I'm glad that Melaleuca requires you to write a letter to cancel your account. I had a customer who wanted to cancel her current backup order selections and called in to "cancel" thinking this was the correct term.

When they told her she had to sign a written request to "cancel" she called me because she didn't understand "why" she had to write a letter to place a different order. I was able to explain that she only needed to place a min.

order by the end of the month to avoid getting a "backup" order. We were both Happy.


I have been a happy Melaleuca customer for 3 years and also building a business part-time. It's not difficult to cancel your account.

If you call to cancel they probably wanted to know why and see if there is a way they can help you. Especially if you were a customer for 12 years! That's a long time.

It's pretty easy to cancel, download the cancellation form on their website, fill it out make sure to sign it and fax it in. Pretty easy.

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