Where should I begin... The recruiter was really nice to me and walked me through things and so I was interested in helping others in my community, however..

The virtual office interview was a disaster. The first presentation was having technical issues... then the 2nd one lead by a woman known as Tamara was absolutely horrid!. She lead this interview like a bad commericial selling a great product but her voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard...

Every time she spoke it sounded like something out of a horror film and she kept trying to reel me in and get me re-interested when I lost interest the minute she kept trying to pitch to me when all I wanted to do was work part-time and getting some residual income from time to time...

This experience has certainly left a bad taste in my mouth and above all.. I like being green but if it means padding her pocket I would sooner have global warming!. I am very unhappy with the way they treat potential workers not just one's who have gotten the job.

I am not going to be some mechanical doll... If they want people to wind up and watch them go.. Then wait till the *** finally hits the fan, because the way they go about their interviews does not do the company justice.

I suggest you fire all these "Managers" or Independent workers and re-work how virtual office work is done and remember you are selling to everyday people and some of us do not buy into this whole 6x more concentrated bit... Either prove to us within a short window or get the *** out of our lives.

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Its not an interview for a job...its a presentation about the company and products... Everyone enrolling people are everyday people..not Manager's..and are not employed through Melaleuca... Except the owners and office people...


I think your post is completely unfair, you obviously do not understand the business model of consumer direct marketing and residual income? You do not make residual income from time to time, it is something that grows and builds for life.

It is not a commission here, commission there type of income. And I think you are being unfair to Tamara. Have you ever had to do a briefing to people that you do not know, that you will potentially work with on a daily basis? Yes it is in a interview process, learning about a company and what you will be promoting, and if the team you are working with will be willing to invest in you.

And then you mention how you want to live green but are skeptical about their claims? This happens to be one of the most honest companies on the market; hence, the reason for their 95.9% documented re-order rate.

They stand behind each and every one of their products. I do not understand the reason to try to slander someone just because you felt it was not a good fit for you.


Yeah...I don't even understand what this person is talking about!! There was no interview or managers lol...it was just my friend/coworker showing me the company that makes this AMAZING lotion that changed my son's life who suffers from eczema.

I was interested, he helped me sign up, end of story. I have loved it ever since!


This comment is a joke. There are no "interviews" so to speak.

Everyone begins as a customer and if you love the products and want to share your experience, the company gives you a commission. It is customer and products based!

Sounds like you simply had a bad experience but don't take it out on Melaleuca. It is a company that takes pride in its products, company model and has great integrity!


Just ....wow. I think this post really speaks for itself.

I do not believe I need to say anything here...except just wow. LOL


I read this review and was very confused because it is so full of holes. First I wonder if you were even dealing with Melaleuca people at all.

They don't send out a recruiter to "hire" people after an "interview". Unless you were actually applying for a job directly with their company. After you are shown the products during a presentation, some lucky people decide for themselves that they would like to become directors and above. If so, they never "sell" anything.

All they do is give presentations and introduce others to the product and when others find how amazing their products are, they also enroll others. These people do their own ordering online. It's such a simple process. Since you will never see Melaleuca commercials on TV or magazine ads, all their advertising is by word-of-mouth, any profits go back to those people who are putting that good word out there to others.

There are no sales people out on the selling floor of large storefronts, this is where they also save on overhead. Believe me, when you purchase something from any other store, there are also many people up above the corporate ladder "padding their pockets".

The difference is, through Melaleuca it is the little people, you and I, who are able to return the money back to us so we can use it to add some cushion to our own incomes. Besides having awesome products, (I will never go without their Peak Perfomance vitamins for as long as I live!) they are a fantastic company!!


I spoke to a lady in Orlando named Mart. After setting things up I ran Melaluca through the NATIONAL RIPP OFF registry found several hundred complaints .

I told Mary I'm quitting she told me all I had to do is unsudcribe. She forwarded me to the main company.

I also told them I quit so I check bank statement -64.00 for Melaluca

I tried to call them up an advise them of the mistake

They advised I needed to submit in writing. And then I have to mail back the package I haven't received.


I wish I knew how to help you folks who are posting on here because Melaleuca is really doing well for my community and has for almost 29 years. I have personal experience of working in the Manufacturing side.

I also have family who have been on the Customer Service side.

I would personally like you to call us back again and we will make it right. I know that you can't please everyone but, I would like to make a conscious effort.


lol quite comical about the rip off report. Do your self a favor and look up the rip off report themselves.

They are the biggest scam artists out there. And if you read any reviews on the rip off reports you will see the people really do not make sense at all. The rip off report is for lazy people that want to go off the opinions of others who really like to just complain about anything and everything and not do factual research on a company any company for that matter. As for you "quitting" there is a simple procedure to follow to cancel your membership, you fill out the cancellation form, sign it, and either fax or email it to them.

If this was done properly and you read your membership agreement, you would not have had a charge.

So you got scared and quit something before checking them out and seeing why people love them? Sorry seems silly to me.