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Melaleuca is a scam and such a rip off !I cancled my account and a week later they charged my account, now I can't pay any of my bills !

Work has been slow and melaleuca won't refund me ! They are AWFUL *** artists ! I hate these people And to be honest you make absolutely NO money while working for them ! No one wants to buy these products and I will never recommend them to anyone!

I hope these people go out of BUISNESS and everyone needs to know how shady this company is !NEVER BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!

Reason of review: I cancled a week ago and you charged my card ! I demand a refund.

Monetary Loss: $65.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #918094

The only one its a business opportunity for is meleluca.they give Pou ts and you.Have sign peopl .

Up for products you can get at.Walmart with the same ingredients and cheaper you get more and don't have to sign no one up

Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #891992

The only way to make money is enroll customers you were told that at signing,I have been buying their products for 16 years and in that time I have enrolled customers and I have made over 17 k when you stop enrolling you still get a check on what the customers that you enrolled ordered each month,I don,t think there products expensive I can order on line and have them shipped to my door easy


All you have to do to cancel is fill out the cancel form on the website by the 25th of the month.....rather than beret the company maybe you should just follow the directions.I have been a customer since 1995 and love the products and the customer service.

So I'm not sure why you are having so many problems.

Maybe your biggest problem with the company is your attitude problem.Just a thought.


And I should add, they have not been late for one profit check...that's not a rebate check or credit check, real money commission check.They also reward loyal customers.

I have been awarded 200 bucks to my account to spend however I choose. Oh, and my mom gets a check just for taking her vitamins.

Melaleuca is a great company. Kroger's, Jay-C's, Piggly Wiggly, Meijer's, Circle K, none of these stores ever paid me to tell people about their products.

Neither has Johnson & Johnson or Proctor & Gamble.I think those companies are the real scam artists, not Melaleuca.


Working at Wal-Mart...that's a good one.:) My enroller made over 12K last month.

I just started and my first check was $403.00. Pretty good for about 10 hours work in my first month. Just sayin'....

lighthouse 1 day ago

I joined June 30th 2014. I made $488 last month..this month I will make around $1000.00.

My friend has been in Melaleuca for 2.5 years and his check last month was $102,000.00.

I saw his check!One Hundred and Two Thousand Dollars!!

Perhaps you should keep working at WalMart


I joined June 30th 2014.I made $488 last month..this month I will make around $1000.00.

My friend has been in Melaleuca for 2.5 years and his check last month was $102,000.00.

I saw his check!One Hundred and Two Thousand Dollars!!

Perhaps you should keep working at WalMart

Henderson, Nevada, United States #879910

I love the Melaleuca products as I've used it for the past 10 years.The compensation plan is not for everyone and it is not the company's fault that u signed up for something u could not afford to begin with.

If u used the products you would find that they are not only safe for you to use but helps our environment.Sorry u used this media to express your mistake.

Texas, United States #878967

No way is this true....

It's a wonderful company and I have no complaints. Sounds to be like someone could not afford their bills before trying to start s business and now wants to blame them. You don't sign up and get rich....

It take dedication and hard work but it's compensation plan is awesome!

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