Several months back took in my In-laws after my father in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Having to contend with arranging for hospice care dealing with the emotional strains for both my in-laws and the rest of the family, On top that I was working a full time job, I also care for my 1 yr old granddaughter 3 days a week and my youngest daughter got married at the same time.

This as anyone can imagine, will turn a house upside down. I had not open what I considered non-urgent mail for several months. I didn’t realize that on the Melaleuca check there is an expiration date. I contacted one of their “friendly associates?” who advised me that for every check they have to reissue there is a $25.00 fee.

Now I take offence to this as I have four checks all of which are for less than $25.00, in total we are talking about $72.00, this money was earned and should be paid, I wouldn’t care if they were to take a flat fee of $25.00 and issue the rest in one check, but NO. They want to give me half the funds in Loyalty dollars, really I don't want the loyalty dollars you still have to spend more in order to use them. How is that to your benefit. It's NOT.

Under the circumstances you would think that the so called Friendly Company who cares about your Health and Wellness, would include a bit of compassion. I’m not that tight for the $72.00 it’s on general principles that they should honor and pay the checks, not everyone goes through this sort of situation. So, I advised that I would cancel my membership, I don’t need to be associated with a company that doesn’t care. I have been ordering their stuff for years my family size has reduced by half yet I still bought when there wasn’t really a need.

Where is their loyalty to their clients!

The so called friendly rep tried to argue the point, really are you kidding me. NO THANKS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Monetary Loss: $72.

  • no compassion
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I've cashed many of their checks past the "expiration" date and never had an issue.


The company has a 1 year limit on the check, but BANKS have a six month issue! So it is probably the bank and not the company. I am sorry you re having to deal with this!


You should all check your facts. Checks do not automatically expire and there are no laws that dictate an expiration date.

That said, banks have the option of honoring a check or dishonoring a check that is 6 months old. The terminology is "stale date." It comes down to customer service...is it a bigger risk for the bank to cash an old check and possibly trigger an NSF fee if the pay-from account holder forgot aobut the check OR is it more risky to decline the check and upset the payee.

As for the situation at hand, Melaleuca checks (and I'm looking at mine right now) say they expire 6 months from the date of issue. So, the checks cannot be cashed and there's no way around that. The issue here comes down to what is in the language of the commission compensation.

I don't think Melaleuca can withhold payment that is due. It seems like they are willing to pay but with processing fees attached.

At the end of the day, if Melaleuca wanted to be understanding and kind, they could waive the fee to re-issue the checks (perhaps one check for the total amount rather than several smaller checks). They are choosing not to do that.

The person who didn't cash the checks is really the cause of this situation, but he's entitled to think that Melaleuca's stance is ***.

Frankly, I agree with him.


I really don't know what happened but that check is good for 6 months. You can't get a check cashed by then?

Also in my group all you need is 8 to 10 customers to get supplement Al income.

20 customers and your set. I'm sorry you had a bad experience but this does not sound like melaleuca.


That's really weird, I have been with Melaleuca for 13 years and I have had multiple checks reissued for various reasons with no problem at all.


All checks have an expiration date. It's usually 90 or 180 days. It's set and enforced by the banks.


Ok, well, that's completely your fault. Any check I've received, this company, UPS, McDonald's, any company I've had to work for, all have expiration dates.

UPS, once, I entirely forgot to cash a paycheck, turned out to be a $28 dollar fee. My fault, not there's. At least in your situation, they were able to compromise in some way.

And being a cancer survivor, I understand your situation, but once a company issues a paycheck, it is entirely your responsibility once it reaches you. You're at fault here, not them.


Well, no its not your fault(replying to comment above). Companies usually never care for people, and there health.

They care about the money the stockowners want and the encrese they expect, wich make them to do deals in their own favor and gane. A fair deal, where the costumer has the right of 50%of the relationship as normal deals do, would have been considering both your personal situation and the form in wich you would like the value back that was yourse to be from the beginning. As well as suppliers sometimes is out of stock or have problems with delivery, systemchanges etc, etc.

The only thing now is that the reasons abouve is not applicated by the law in your country(and not really in Sweden where I come from either, althogh Im pretty shore you cant force you to recive loyaltydollars or similar here).

And becouse of an enormous ammount of MONEY theese corporations put to skilled layers and personal favors amongst highpower-perople , an enormous ammount of PEOPLE think its your fault. Like the other reply above.

But I don´t. Please keep beeing angry and complain, thats the only thing that can keep them from using us even more like an always hungry, spoild child.


For such a long response, you should have used a your word check for your spelling errors.


I agree, use spell check. My husband passed away 7yrs ago from cancer.

I haven't balanced my checkbook since. If a check bounces it's my fault.

Take responsibility for your actions. Sometimes life sucks but how we deal with it or not deal with it, it is still each persons responsibility for their own decisions.


It is your responsibility as the Laws in OUR country clearly state the limitations here. They have always been awesome about reissuing checks to me for only $2.50, not 25.00. They are not legally obligated to do this but because they have integrity and NO stockholders, they do so anyway.

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