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I like some of the products but hate the 35 point minimum. My husband and I don’t use as much product as a family with kids at home.

I wish there was a way to tailor the purchase to the consumers need vs the company’s 35 point quota. That sucks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Loyalty Shopping Dollars Rewards Program.

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I absolutely agree. I really like some of Melaleuca's products--enough to grit my teeth and spend $80 every month on products I don't really need, whether or not I have it to spend, to fulfill my "commitment" to the company.

(I, the consumer, am required to fulfill a "commitment" to a retailer???? Something is wrong with that sentence.) It would not be so unsettling if the price of this "commitment" was $40 or even $50 a month, that I could probably live with. But with shipping, yes, it's about $80 a month. (I'm a postmaster with USPS and I know what the cost of shipping from Idaho to Utah is, and yes, Melaleuca sticks it to you with the cost of shipping.) It's just too darned expensive--and yet the company doesn't care.

They really don't care about making the commitment within the reaches of working class people. This is blatant greed on the part of the company.

This is what burns my butt about them, really. And I've been a customer on and off, under a couple of different people, for 25 years now--I am not just blindly discovering this.