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Went through the presentation, everythig seemed ok. My rep called me immediately after and I signed up.

Then she hit me with I have to place an oreder before 8/08 or my back up order will be shipped. "What back-up" order. I then realized this is *** and decided within 24 hours to get a refund of my membership. Sent an email to my rep and she tells me I have to call the company, ok I can call them.

Called and spoke with Brenda and she tells me I have to send a cancellation letter to them within an hour by fax. I let her know that wasn't possible but I can fax the letter tomorrow. She was not understanding and said if I didin't then my card would be charged for the next order going out at midninght. I let her know again to cancel my order.

She said if she does not receive the letter via fax in an hour she could not cancel me. I let her know this is not realistic.

I am so angry with their customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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You are a Melaleuca representative you lying punk! your product is as good as anyones, but the practices of this company are unreal! you are a bunch of lyers just like the Mormons


im so glad I checked out this site before signing up for melaleuca.it sounded to good to be true .Ihave found in my life time honesty is just a word more money you make the more honest one is .Really ! standing in a garage doesn't make one a car.,neither does standing in a church make one a christian so true .


I am as guilty as the lady that wrote this complaint.I never heard anything that would have made me a good customer.But I didn't enroll with Melaleuca my wife did and she spoon fed me the products that saved my life.I could not have anticipated the results that happened.

We have been Melaleuca customers for 14yrs.

I'm sorry for the bad experience the young lady had.Bad presentation wasn't fault of Melaleuca but happens,it happened to me.

We are lifers and loving the products,,,,,,,,Ray :)


:) I just got thru with the online conference. I was really impressed.

I am excited to start using the products as well as earning at the same time. If you would have listen to the facts and read everything, it says if you forget to order then they will send the backorder.

Only then you will get the back order. they are just makeing sure you dont have any problem like forgetting to send your order in .


I'm currently an outsider looking into getting into Melaleuca and everything seems so promising. I'm doing all my research before i go all in and as far as I can remember.

I believe you can even return your backup order if you choose that you do not want it. I believe that there are many things that lay in the customers favor, but this is a company and they do need to have policies and procedures.

Numbers need to be counted, people need to be informed. All of this stuff takes time.

But again, I believe that everything is in fact in favor of the customer provided you go through the proper procedure involved.


I came to Melaleuca as a customer for the cleaning products first but started buying other products that they had ordered and loved it all. So I became a rep and assisted others in opening up their shopping accounts.

As with this person, a couple of my customers did not understand the company and decided to quit. One being my mother. She nor the others had any problem quitting. The ones that did cancel now want me to order some of the products they like through my account.

I say sorry. Some were even getting checks. And had they stayed with it longer and read the material, they would be very pleased now for sure. They can't open up another account for 6 months.

I am sure they will but they have not lost their status. Love the products and they work as described.


I am sorry u had this experience, but i have been using myself, as well as most of my family, and never had any issue. my sister helps people sign up and we have never had any complaints.

These products are just too amazing to give up on. and orders dont even have to be in till the 31 even if you sign up on the 1st.i spend hundreds less a month on my vitamins and cleaners and my son no longer as allergy issues.


most of these comments are posted by paid loyal employees this company is running a scam on the people that join it. i go to various companies such as this one gather data then turn it over to the public.

next week i will be speaking with several of their people for their valued opinions then i will post it. thank you


Good Luck, since Melaleuca isn't MLM, your comment doesn't really apply... People need to do their research and don't blow smoke out of your *** if you don't know what you're talking about!


I have been using Melaleuca products and the services off and on since 1994 and I have never gotten a back-up order, because I have ordered more than once a month; in fact, my daughter is going to college and she insists on getting the AMAZING Melaleuca products. I am in skin care, and my girls do not leave the house without the sunblock that does not have the harmful titanium dioxide, and protects their skin from damaging sun rays.

The customer service is great! No company would give you so much education and information about the ingredients of their products, and pay you for just shopping for your household needs. I am confident that my daughter will be safe and healthy in college with melaleuca nutrition and vitamin packs, body care and the first aid kit, .

In order to earn money, get discounts and be a preferred customer, the company has to back-up order option, but it does not mean that you will get it.

It is just a security to keep you with the company.

No one would like to lose their hard earned status and the checks; I will gladly vote for the back-up order to be safe that my paycheck will appear in my mailbox every month.

Trust Melaleuca, it has been in Fortune 500 for years in a raw.


thats clearly your fault for not knowing, you should read everything before signing anything.


Ha ha! Wow!

You are the smartest guy in the world! Wtf are u thinking? People speak fondly of Melaleuca bc their products are truly amazing and so is their customer service. I have NEVER been on hold with them.

People who complain about the company probably made a mistake themselves and are too lazy to READ THEIR MEMBERSHIP KIT A WHERE EVERYTHING IS EXPLAINED VERY WELL. I've been with Melaleuca for a year and just started the business. MELALEUCA IS NOT AM MLM! STOP PUTTING THAT IN PEOPLES' HEADS!

I was very skeptical before joining, but my enroller was able to answer all my questions! I am SO glad I joined Mela! I have saved a lot of money and have also made a lot of money. I don't ever remember Wal-mart handing me cash back after each purchase or sending me a check each month.

I think I'll stick with a quality company with high quality, safety products. I hope those safety caps on the products you use don't ever fail...



Just keep buying from Walmart and Target. That's where you belong buddy.

Just don't hold your breath waiting for a commission check on your purchases. And certainly don't let your children get through the children safe bottle caps. That green Face means TOXIC :upset


Wow dude...

you are one uninformed guy.

That's funny ;)


Having had past customer service experience, I can tell you that it is a fact that most people do not investigate what they are getting themselves into. The average person does not read the "fine print" or sees one word and misunderstands what they have read. I am not a member of this organization but I can guarantee that the people who complained did not consider what was presented to them, they were only interested in the potential to make a huge fortune.


to all that tries to put down one of or the best company in the world is not happy because its not going their way so they have to say bad things about the company when in reality its not the company its you complainer..the company is not going to do the job for you...the products are great one of my favor product is the fabric softner and detergent it works great.. to prove it i had a carpet that is more than five years old i left town to be with my family they saw what i was going to use for my dog to sleep on the carpet, they ask me is that new and why your going to use it for my dog and i said why they told all along that it was new...not only that everything that i was becomes more brighter and smell so good...


OMGosh, I don't know what the heck your lady enroller was doing. I am so sorry that you had to go through that.

You should have been explained in great detail before you were signed up about what was to be expected. Not only by being explained by her but also the operater who also enrolled you on the phone. Its people like your enroller who screw things up for the rest of us that truly care about people and try to help them.

If I knew who she was I would fire her and who ever she passed you to. Shame on them both.


What you are talking about is a back up order, put in place to protect your preferred customer status (aka shopping wholesale). Melaleuca requires you to shop with them at least once a month in order to qualify for wholesale priceing, some people shop once a week just like at the grocery store or drug store.

If you don't want to cancel your membership and you 'forget' to shop at least once in the month, only then will Melaleuca ship your back up order. It's there for emergencies only not as an auto-ship nor is it a penalty in any way. So if you're expecting to sit back and never place an order and you get a back up order it's because you didn't shop during the month and that's your choice not Melaleuca's. They are just doing what you agreed to in the first place.

Where's your enroller in all this? He/she should be helping you place your order for the first 6 months so these kind of things get straightened out before they happen. As for the lousy customer service you say you are getting, Melelauca was awarded the prestigious Torch Award in 2008 by the U.S. Better Business Bureau for its example of ethics and integrity in dealing with customers, employees and the community.

If you don't believe me, check out www.MelaleucaAwards.com . The Torch Award is one of many awards the company has received over it's 25 year history. If you don't want to shop with Melaleuca and it doesn't make sense to you then cancel. Melaleuca doesn't want you as a cusomter if you're not happy with the shopping experience.

I've been shopping with them for 3 1/2 years and will continue to shop with them for the rest of my life. Their products are world-class, exceptional, effective, ethical and cost less than the watered down versions offered for sale in the grocery stores and way, way less toxic.


.. Anyone that is successful with this company, I do wish them well, but I do not like MLM companies.

But, also like some of the other writers responded, why are there so many reviews on so many different sites with the same complaint of the "contract" You will always meet people that are more aggressive than others and they will interpret the contract in so many different ways.

Always make sure you have something in writing. With MLM's they could care less because it is all about how many people they get signed up.


I agree with imma-rep-also. I am currently in the process of joing Melaleuca and so far, NO COMPLAINTS.

In fact, I've never met such a wonderful group of people, or a company that actually cares about both the end user or their reps. The products are AMAZING....none like I've ever used, and the business structure is unique and effective. As far as "Wish I had read this before joining" is concerned, going by my experience there are so many holes in your story. For example, your back up order is to help protect your "preferred customer status" and nothing more.

If anything, the back up order hurts your rep, not you. So if she created a sense of urgency that is because she didn't want to get hurt. Your back up order is meant to protect you. Also, 24 hours is not enough time to decide on anything.

You didn't sign up for ***, you signed up for scientifically backed consumable products that are both good for you, your family, and the environment. If you had read the contract you would have known how to cancel.

So you didn't do your homework, how is that anyone else's fault but your own? I did my research and it all came back positive.

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