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I tried a few MLM companies back in the 70s with no real success. None of them, in my opinion, offer the average person any chance of making any real money and their products by and large are overpriced. In 1994 I saw Melaleuca. The differences between Melaleuca and all those MLM companies was actually startling.

I joined and then enrolled a few customers, who in turn enrolled a few. Family issues took my attention away from building a business, but I remained a customer, because I found the products to be of superior quality and very reasonably priced. I have now ordered Melaleuca products each and every month for the last 18 years.

Obviously a few others also saw the outstanding quality and have remained customers with me. During those 18 years, for doing nothing more than referring a few customers in the beginning and then continuing as a customer, Melaleuca has paid me a small commission check, without fail, each and every month! My only regret is that if I had referred more customers I would have made a LOT of money. The products are fabulous and the company does exactly what it says it will do.

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What I've never understood is how a wnddieg planner (not you, because even though I don't know you I LOVE this post!) can complain about how no one wants to pay their rates, but then insist they don't need to hire a professional service provider that charges more than $xxx.If I had a nickel for every bride that told me she only budgeted $500 for entertainment because that's what the wnddieg planner told them to even though they LOVE us and what we bring to their event (starting at 3 times that price) I'd be a very rich man.Top professionals should seek out other professionals of the same caliber. I've had to resort to referring my clients to a wnddieg planner that's 350 miles away and that, is a shame. Particularly when I have brides changing their dates to hire us, verifying that we're available before they nail down the date at the venue, and the like.


I am a chemist. I am using the Melaleuca products.

I have not run any tests, but I would guess that you may have picked up some other nitrogen containing compound on your test and obtained a false positive for ammonia.

The human nose can detect ammonia at very low levels. There is no ammonia odor in the Melaleuca products I use.


I'm in college which for my degree requires multiple chemistry classes. We all brought in samples of cleaners to test for ammonia.

To my shock their non-toxic cleaner tested positive for ammonia not just once but five times. That is why they hide what goes into their cleaners.

Also they pay steady only if you do not have a disagreement with them. Then they won't pay the commission.

We made an order a few days before our auto order, so they sent them both though was not suppose to. They refused to refund for the incorrect order, so we had stop payment and we refused to take the package. Now we also ended up sending one item back from the correct order (makeup wrong color).

They now refuse to send the correct makeup which we paid for, pay commissions, allow us to make orders or anything and claiming we owe them money for shipping on the incorrect order that we did not order. They lie about the Eco-friendly non-toxic and do not pay commissions regular.


Same! Only it has been 13 yrs.

The reason I agreed to listen was not the reason I set up my acct and has not been the reason I've stayed. I wanted non toxic cleaning products, was sold on the tooth polish and have stayed because of the vitamins/supplements - they are one of a kind and effective.

The company has impecable integrity from what I've experienced. And the oil is phenomenal.

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