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I have read a lot of reviews about Melaleuca, both favorable and unfavorable, and I thought I'd put in the 2 cents of a couple who did not sign up and the reasons why not via our experience after being invited to a evening to discuss these products by a friend of ours.

1. First of all, the company was not identified in the invitation, just a description of the general types of products and how "life-changing" they were. If these products are so amazing, why not ID the company in the invitation?

2. My husband and I were absolutely not interested in starting a business, we were just potentially interested in a couple of the products. However,there appears to be no way to just buy the products themselves without membership. Website marketplace access does not really appear to be available to nonmembers.

3. The absolute requirement for purchase of 35 points worth of product EVERY MONTH, no exceptions, was not appropriate for us. We do not have any use for this much product, it would be a waste of money for us, and again, we couldn't find a way to just buy a product or two except on Ebay or Amazon.

4. AT NO POINT did the representative who was presenting bring up the "backup order" that was an integral part of membership. We didn't find out that we would be sent product regardless of whether we needed it or ordered it every month. This was the biggest red flags for us. If this is an absolute requirement, why was it not emphasized in the presentation?

5. From my research online, cancelling the membership seems to be somewhat difficult process and the company seems to take their time processing your cancellation while continuing to send you product and taking your money. We basically agreed we would not trust this company with out bank account or credit card information.

Overall, the big "red flags" to us were the repetitive emphasis on the "wonderfulness" of the products or the membership without being crystal clear on the requirements. Yes, anyone signing up for something needs to read the contract, but my observation was that little time was being given to do that, nor that one could take the contract home to read it before signing up. It was a typical high pressure pitch. I realize Melaleuca may work well for some people, but the product purchase requirements, the emphasis on signing up new people and the "upline/downline" format still suggest a typical MLM scheme where you are only going to succeed if you put in hours and hours working to bring in new people or have a heck of a lot of product need in your home. And that doesn't work for a lot of people, including us.

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I have no idea why there are postings about having to purchase products monthly. Where is that coming from?

While there are benefits to shopping monthly, it is not a requirement. With over 500 products in the store that simply replace what people buy every month, I can't see why a person would NOT shop monthly, but that's up to the customer.


I just got off of a teleconference for the company and it is a requirement to join order and receive 35 points of product per month if you don't place an order they will send you your original order that month and every month you don't order.


Actually to be a referred member you are REQUIRED to buy 35 ($60) points of product every month, no exception.


I can understand your concern with the monthly purchase. I have been a member of Melaleuca for 5 years.

I am not in a business. I use the products because they do work. One has to remember you are using only products you use anyway. Instead of purchasing soaps and toothpaste, shampoo and ect at the grocery you are buying from a catalogue.

I use the intenet to place my order. My only peeve is the shipping.

It can add up.


This is a common response from those who use Melaleuca. I actually kept track over the course of six months my cost at my local grocery store versus the required purchases from Melaleuca.

The cheaper option? The grocery store. Why?

Often I did not need to go to the grocery store to refill products as a single individual. The day Mel drops their points requirement, I will sign up.


Common response to those who use Melaleuca. You are comparing the grocery store vs shopping at Melaleuca and you claim shopping at the grocery store is cheaper?

Well of course it is, because you are buying CHEAPER QUALITY products. It simple. Go back to the grocery store and tell them you are disatified with the product and want you money back and they'll laugh. They only sell it, and unless the package is broken, no refund.

Oh and did the grocery store off you $100.00 worth of free products for shopping with them? NO?? Did they offer bonus shopping dollars of 15% monthly that you can use to shop for your products for free? NO??

Gee I wonder why, because Melaleuca does all that....and if you are going to do the research try the cost per use instead of the cost per box. Melaleuca is cheaper all the time and top quality.

You want to pay cheap prices? You pay for cheap quality too.


You people are unbelievable. Do you ever stop to consider that not everyone can afford the 35 points each and every month. No other company like Melaleuca puts people down for not buying their products.


The grocery store was cheaper. purchased low quality at a low price and the one thing you didn't do was look at cost per use, instead of cost per package.

FOR instance Tide that wonderful 2 times the strength....or ARM and HAMMER (the cheapest laundry detergent out there) tide still requiring 1 oz per load? How about 3/4 of an oz per load but if the load is extra grimy you want to use more. It takes 3 bottles of tide ultra 2X (96 loads) to equal one bottle of Mela power, 96 loads and tide will cost you $23.97 and Mela will cost you $17.49. BIG DIFFERENCE....keep shopping at the grocery store, cheaper isn't always better.

In the long run you save more because our products LAST LONGER. Cost per use over cost per package.


Where can you order products like Melaleuca without paying shipping and handling? We have some of the cheapest shipping rates around.

They don't use peanuts or any other Styrofoam or paper products in the boxes...they use air cells. So what you are paying shipping prices for is what you purchased, with nothing added in.


Yep the day Mel drops the requirement orders I would buy from them. They got good stuff just bad policies.


Love this page!! I'm in.

The day melaleuca company drops monthly requirement even with a yearly fee I'm all in. I love how others feel this way!


Though not a scam as some think when I signed up I had already known about the backup order, maybe you just had a bad representative of the company. Sooner or later you will run into one.


I am utmost appreciative of this forum. I have experienced many comments that depict many of the ideas I have expressed over the years including many things in lieu of a monthly point requirement. It is exhilarating to see I am not the only one who holds these opinions.


Another point-SHAKLEE one of Mel's biggest competitors allows a non-member to order right off the internet. That would be nice. Today I ordered 200.00 worth of Shaklee when I would have ordered Melaleuca hands down if it were not for the minimum order.

Also before someone makes the point-I won't order again for many months, since Mel's points don't carry over, I will come out cheaper than if I took to Mel's required 35 points.


Pyramid/multi-level marketing scam. Obviously.


I love their products, but unless they relax their monthly order requirement must lean toward your side of the debate. They could do much to alleviate this label-the main thing of course is the eradication of the monthly order requirement. Many great suggestions below by me and other like minded individuals.


Same here. If they drop the requirement I will be a life long Mel customer.


Pyramid? Multi-level marketing scam?

WOW. Tell me, did you call your insurance agent and accuse him/her of being involved in a pyramid or multi-level marketing scam? NO? How come?

Look at the business model. MLMs should be quite straightforward. The salespeople are recruited to sell large quantities of merchandise to people outside the company. Pyramid schemes rely on exciting promises and buzzwords to cover up the fact that they dont have a legitimate business model.

Their actual model would not entice nearly as many people to buy in. Business models of MLMs should be easy to understand. For instance, they might have a successful line of hygienic products. Since products like shampoo are inexpensive to produce in mass amounts, there is often a considerable markup for the consumer.

Use this method to walk yourself through how the business makes money.

Business models for pyramid schemes are confusing. They often include fantastical promises about revolutionizing their industry or introducing a miracle product. More importantly, they emphasize the process of recruitment and promotion over the actual product. Dont get lured into the job until you understand how the company makes its money.

MLM is networking.

MLMs have uplines and downlines, MLM's make money by sales of products rather than from contributions from new members.

Melaleuca isn't MLM nor are they PYRAMID either. Nice try, but all you're doing is throwing two terms around to see who will agree with you.

Pyramid and MLM are different. Pyramid is illegal, MLM isn't.


As a single person, one would think that the 35 points would be too much to handle. It really isn't and if there is a month where I would not use all the products, you can cancel for a month.

I have friends who use Melaleuca, just a few products.

When I need to place my order, I ask them and it helps me with the 35 points. Even the basics such as toothpaste and the soaps and the shampoo and conditions fill up the 35 points.


There are many months where not spending 75.00 is necessary. One shouldn't have to cancel for a month. If there was a yearly fee (like the reply below) I would sign up in a snap.

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