I have read a lot of reviews about Melaleuca, both favorable and unfavorable, and I thought I'd put in the 2 cents of a couple who did not sign up and the reasons why not via our experience after being invited to a evening to discuss these products by a friend of ours.

1. First of all, the company was not identified in the invitation, just a description of the general types of products and how "life-changing" they were. If these products are so amazing, why not ID the company in the invitation?

2. My husband and I were absolutely not interested in starting a business, we were just potentially interested in a couple of the products. However,there appears to be no way to just buy the products themselves without membership. Website marketplace access does not really appear to be available to nonmembers.

3. The absolute requirement for purchase of 35 points worth of product EVERY MONTH, no exceptions, was not appropriate for us. We do not have any use for this much product, it would be a waste of money for us, and again, we couldn't find a way to just buy a product or two except on Ebay or Amazon.

4. AT NO POINT did the representative who was presenting bring up the "backup order" that was an integral part of membership. We didn't find out that we would be sent product regardless of whether we needed it or ordered it every month. This was the biggest red flags for us. If this is an absolute requirement, why was it not emphasized in the presentation?

5. From my research online, cancelling the membership seems to be somewhat difficult process and the company seems to take their time processing your cancellation while continuing to send you product and taking your money. We basically agreed we would not trust this company with out bank account or credit card information.

Overall, the big "red flags" to us were the repetitive emphasis on the "wonderfulness" of the products or the membership without being crystal clear on the requirements. Yes, anyone signing up for something needs to read the contract, but my observation was that little time was being given to do that, nor that one could take the contract home to read it before signing up. It was a typical high pressure pitch. I realize Melaleuca may work well for some people, but the product purchase requirements, the emphasis on signing up new people and the "upline/downline" format still suggest a typical MLM scheme where you are only going to succeed if you put in hours and hours working to bring in new people or have a heck of a lot of product need in your home. And that doesn't work for a lot of people, including us.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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They obviously did a terrible job explaining everything to you


Or these ppl were just not friends of the once who explained...)


They always advertise it on social media as something like Costco or Sam's Club or I notice they never say the name, only use the words shop club. I have an annual membership to Sam's club and I go throughout the year and purchase what I need.

Melaleuca forces you to purchase every month, and if you don't you either get charged and a back up order arrives, or you will be charged and get a credit to use. Costco and Sam's club doesn't require me to purchase every month,I purchase when I want to. Also, I don't have to cancel my membership, I simply do not renew it the next year. Here, you have to mail or fax it to them and I see it's always "we didn't receive it".

I'm assuming that's so they can get another month of auto ship out out of you. As much as they like to argue and say it's not an MLM, it is 100% one. Anytime there's an upline/downline, levels that you rank up etc, it's an MLM lol. Also, any reputable company never requires you to be on auto ship, only MLM's do that.

God bless all the Huns rushing in here to defend their pyramid scheme. And go read the hundreds upon hundreds of complaints on the BBB website. The same issue, people can't seem to cancel. There is absolutely no reason that you shouldn't be able to go into your account and cancel.

That's ridiculous that in 2020 you have to call them, be put on hold forever just to get them to email you a cancellation form for you to print out and them have to mail or fax it to them. They do this on purpose, to make it hard for you to cancel.. Then as most of the complaints on the BBB website show, they never seem to get the cancellation form and keep charging people.

I have many subscriptions, including Netflix, Hulu, Ipsy etc and I can literally just go under my account and hit the cancel button.. Shady companies like this to this kind of nonsense!


I'm not sure where you are getting your info from. Firstly, I have a Costco membership and THEY DO AUTOMATICALLY RENEW EVERY YEAR.

Secondly, you DO NOT have to purchase Melaleuca products every month. Thirdly, canceling is simply a matter of completing their cancel form and agreeing that you are willing to forfeit the free dollars they give customers. Obviously you need to agree to that, otherwise a person could go back to them and claim that was their money. Also, cancellations are typically processed within a few hours.

Fourthly, there are millions upon millions of transactions yearly. Did you ever calculate how even a few hundred BBB complaints is less than .001 of a percent of the transactions? I think it's incredible how few complains they have on BBB. Fiftly, I've NEVER heard of anyone having to wait on hold.

If it ever does happen, it is very rare.

So I really don't know where you gathered your information from. If you want to understand more about Melaleuca, this website is quite detailed: https://www.melaleucaexposed.com.


Curious, I am seriously thinking of joining and YES I was told that I have to purchase a monthly total of 35 points OR I will get mailed a back up order which is charged to my account, That was told to me today 1/15/2020. I am now re thinking joining.


You do NOT have to purchase monthly, although you likely will anyways if you do switch to the Melaleuca brand for what you are already buying anyways. If you put your account on hold, which you can do at any time, there will NOT be any charge or order shipped to you.

This is a very simple and convenient shopping club designed for those wishing to save money, benefit their health and protect the environment when compared to other stores. All of this is explained at www.melaleucaexposed.com


I, Ken Klocke believe you would have to be a complete and utter fool to get involved in Melaleuca, Inc. these days!

Why? well, Melaleuca is a whitewasher... Google/ search Melaleuca whitewashing! Sick!

Also, Google ( 22 Cosmetics Companies File for 'Trade Secret' Status to Skirt Toxins Law. .. And while you're at it- Google Melaleuca, health claims (Ridiculous!!) BTW: I spent sixteen years involved w/ Melaleuca's Web/ Mess a few of them weren't bad, however, In my opinion, Melaleuca is a total fraud these days! "Best advice, have an attorney review the contract.


p.s. Look into Melaleuca/ Alt-right Politics "Mind-Blowing" (Yg)+ KK2020 + All Rights Reserved Saturday, January 25, 2020 Date in Green Valley South, Henderson, NV


It takes a lot more to be an MLM than what you claim. With Melaleuca there are no UPLINES or DOWNLINES.

NONE. AND we are customer direct. Plus all we do is refer customers...there's no sales, no strong arm people to buy every month we are not distributors, we don't carry inventory, we don't take orders and make deliveries, there are no bills or collections, no pressuring customers, and there's no risk. (that's MLM)...and while I'm at it...your life insurance salesman is MLM, and every other company out there started with someone on top and the rest underneath and they're all MLM.

We're the ones that aren't. I have no upline I have no down line....but let me something...my history was lyme disease and death... and NOTHING from Costco, or BJ's or the freaking HOSPITALS or the DOCTOR's did anything to same my life, but OLIGO-FRUCTOSE compounding did and no one else has it except Melaleuca and you can crab and complain and point the finger and accuse....and you'll never hurt any of us. You see, because spending cheap money gives you cheap quality.

If you start shopping wisely and look at your cost per use...WE BEAT YOU hands down. We'll save you money and give you top quality. You can be a customer OR you can earn an income.

YOUR CHOICE. Or you can quit...your choice again.


Oh stop, you sound stupid spewing all this nonsense about how a product from a pyramid scheme company saved your life . As a matter of fact Melaleuca was just sent a warning letter from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) a few months back for making health claims, like you just did in your post.

Melaleuca is nothing more than a "product based" pyramid scheme. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's just a matter of time before the FTC catches up to them like they did with Advocare. Look how long they were in business, and the FTC *** them down for being a straight up pyramid scheme, and hey had tons of products as well.


Advocare was indeed a typical MLM type company selling super overpriced products. You say they had tons of products.

Where are you getting that information from? They don't have many products at all! In any case, you also make a statement that the person you are responding to is making health claims. How are you getting THAT out of what they stated?

They did not say anybody with Lyme Disease will be healed using Melaleuca products. They simply stated what their personal experience was and there is nothing wrong with that.


She didn't make any health claims but just posted her personal experience.


I totally agree with this written explanation from their experience. It was also our (frustrating) experience too.

We finally cancelled our membership, not before much grief),and didn’t look back. The products are very good, but, I agree, it’s silly that one cannot purchase individually and without a stringent membership!


You actually can purchase from the website every month without being a member. Becoming a member just allows you to get a bit better pricing.

If you become a member, then you are asked to purchase 35 points each month to help them gauge manufacturing amounts.

Very simple, if you dont want to purchase 35 points a month then don't just buy what you want as a regular customer instead of a preferred. Apparently you made the choice to become preferred, maybe your enroller didn't explain it well, maybe you didn't understand everything, who knows But I guess before you signed the paperwork maybe you should have read it over a bit and made sure you were clear on the preferred membership status.


I agree I had a difficult time Canceling my account and wasn’t informed about the backup order


1) They don't put their name out there to keep the integrity of the company. When people overhear the same thing over and over, it weakens the name and people lose interest 2) Can you buy products at Costco or BJs without a membership?

The membership is annual and it's $19 a year and you're saving 30-50% than you would other retailers with the peace in having non toxic, clean, wholesome products without the extra chemicals 3) As far as I'm concerned and many others, we all buy cleaning products, supplements, snacks, scents, personal hygiene supplies, makeup etc etc. You'd be surprised how much you actually buy each month when you're out and about. 4) Backup order is for your convenience. You'll see this when applying for a membership.

But this touches on #3 as well 5) Canceling membership has nothing to do with research, but everything to do with simply calling the 1-800 number. 6) This isn't an MLM. This is an online membership to a wide range of non toxic alternatives while saving a ton of money in the process with extra rewards to earn free products. If you live the healthy lifestyle, this is for you.

Again, this is not an MLM. You are a member. A shopper. But the added bonus is that you can refer the online annual membership to a friend or family member and be rewarded for that.

As a crunchy Mom. These products have been a lifesaver and I love when I've forgotten to put in my purchase and everything I love and need just shows up at my door in my custom made backup order.


I have a good experience with this company and find I want to spend more than the necessary amount of points required monthly. I in turn, do not spend that money at my grocery store any more and simply skip those aisles.

I am on a budget and like utilizing products that are high quality and nontoxic. I can't see what the problem is.

If I don't like something, I call customer service and they take care of it. Great service and I wonder why someone posts on pissedoffcustomer when they are not in fact, a customer.


Absolutely, we find ourselves spending because we love the products and understand the science behind them.


The " horrors" comment belongs with the first paragraph not the second. I was being sarcastic. Of course you would test dog shampoo by washing a dog with it.


That is correct. They actually tested their dog shampoo by washing a dog with it.

Horrors!!They do not test health, beauty or cleaning products on animals.

They are not in agreement with PETA because while those at Melalueca would never make an animal suffer they believe that human lives are more important. PETA's position is that animals and people are equal.


They test on animals according to PETA, not very green if them

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