I have read a lot of reviews about Melaleuca, both favorable and unfavorable, and I thought I'd put in the 2 cents of a couple who did not sign up and the reasons why not via our experience after being invited to a evening to discuss these products by a friend of ours.

1. First of all, the company was not identified in the invitation, just a description of the general types of products and how "life-changing" they were. If these products are so amazing, why not ID the company in the invitation?

2. My husband and I were absolutely not interested in starting a business, we were just potentially interested in a couple of the products. However,there appears to be no way to just buy the products themselves without membership. Website marketplace access does not really appear to be available to nonmembers.

3. The absolute requirement for purchase of 35 points worth of product EVERY MONTH, no exceptions, was not appropriate for us. We do not have any use for this much product, it would be a waste of money for us, and again, we couldn't find a way to just buy a product or two except on Ebay or Amazon.

4. AT NO POINT did the representative who was presenting bring up the "backup order" that was an integral part of membership. We didn't find out that we would be sent product regardless of whether we needed it or ordered it every month. This was the biggest red flags for us. If this is an absolute requirement, why was it not emphasized in the presentation?

5. From my research online, cancelling the membership seems to be somewhat difficult process and the company seems to take their time processing your cancellation while continuing to send you product and taking your money. We basically agreed we would not trust this company with out bank account or credit card information.

Overall, the big "red flags" to us were the repetitive emphasis on the "wonderfulness" of the products or the membership without being crystal clear on the requirements. Yes, anyone signing up for something needs to read the contract, but my observation was that little time was being given to do that, nor that one could take the contract home to read it before signing up. It was a typical high pressure pitch. I realize Melaleuca may work well for some people, but the product purchase requirements, the emphasis on signing up new people and the "upline/downline" format still suggest a typical MLM scheme where you are only going to succeed if you put in hours and hours working to bring in new people or have a heck of a lot of product need in your home. And that doesn't work for a lot of people, including us.

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Thank you so much for this review.I was not familiar with Melaleuca and some friends invited me lunch on the premise of sharing military experience, however, the husband wore his Melaleuca shirt.

So, they weaved it into the conversation, and tried to "sell it" like all I had to do was order 35 points worth of vitamins and there was no other obligation. Also, they HAVE to have me over to their house for more information by the end of the month. This review helps.

They did make it clear that there is no signing new people, no uplines/downlines, but I'm not sure about the whole thing.I want to make sure I have a CHOICE and am able to walk away without purchasing, if I chose.


One last comment to this person, There is NO emphasis on signing new people, there are no UPLINE/DOWNLINE (that's AMWAY) you can join as a preferred customer and shop with us monthly or you can build a business and make some profit.It isn't sold as a business ONLY outfit and again if you understood that in the presentation, you didn't listen very well.

The company isn't MLM...and if you think that enrolling others is MLM then you should take a look at your life insurance salesman and tell them they are also MLM!

Any sales job requires putting in hours. You can be as successful as you want. If you handle this as a business and commit to it you will make money. If you treat it as a hobby, you won't.

There is no upline, no downline, and everyone gets in at the same place. Where you go from there is up to you.

Don't badmouth a company because you didn't get rich because you didn't follow their format, you didn't take in the trainings, you didn't go to the Super Saturday trainings, you didn't attend the January blastoff meetings, you didn't go to the regional conferences, you didn't watch the learn to earn videos, you didn't attend the monthly dinners, you didn't make any phone calls, you didn't listen to the first of the month incentive calls, you didn't get involved with nightly trainings going on with your groups, you didn't TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AT ALL.It isn't the company that failed you, it is YOU that failed you and then blamed the...

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I don't do in home presentations so I can't comment about your #1.However, #2 you can sign on as a regular member and buy products anytime you want and pay retail.

So preferred customer is what we try to show because there are just so many benefits to being a preferred customer, like $100.00 rebate in the first 4 months, plus 15% bonus shopping dollars after 4 months, savings of up to 40% on quality concentrated products that actually SAVE YOU MONEY, if you're into doing your homework, do it correctly. 90 day feel better guarantee or your money refunded and that includes your membership fee.

#3. 35 product points...boy that's a tough one....with over 360 products you can't find 35 points to order? If you take anytype of vitamin, or health product you'd spend 35 points right there, then add to it the personal care items, laundry, medicine cabinet.

We're a family of two in our house and we do an easy 75 points plus every month. 35 points...is $52.00 a month. We say no new money. Switch stores and save.

Apparently you can't do that.

#4. It is MANDATORY that the representative tells you about the back up order and it is WRITTEN in the presentation manual that we all follow. We can't skip it because you have to INITIAL the box and if you enroll by phone they ask you if you know about the back up order. Some people don't like it, because they think that they'll be sent an order that they don't want....but in actuality, we tailor make...

They find it very handy. I have been with Melaleuca since 2008. They have sent me my back up order three times....and those three times, my activities of the month got away from me and I forgot to order, so my order came and I was truly thankful.

#5. You didn't do your research well enough.

Cancelling membership is actually easy. Go on your website and look for it. You'll find it in the business section.

OR you can call customer service and they will tell you where to find it as well.They won't strong arm you into staying.

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Everyone of your complaints are very legit...

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1240787

On a per use basis, including the extremely low shipping rate, Melaleuca cost less when compared to comparable products.What I mean by that is you can NOT compare Melaleuca toothpaste to Colgate or Crest.

You must compare it to other natural toothpaste like Jason's or Tom's.

The only people who struggle with the 35 product points are those who still shop at other local stores.

Why would someone want to buy other brands manufactured by companies who don't care about what ingredients they use?

My family consist of only two people and we shop for 120 - 140 worth of points monthly.If Melaleuca did not exist, we would be buying those products anyways, but paying more for them.


FYI the products are awesome and the back up order is to protect your shopping dollars No company other then Melaleuca gives you free products every month.The product points is money Frank ships everywhere around the world so 35 products points is the money value everyone pays the same.

To cancel all you have to do is fax in that you no long want to be a customer. Build a business is hard work but pays off every job is hard the pay from this company is better then working long hours tax man take 30% you have buy gas to get there working from home is awesome. Don't write about thing you don't understand get your facts straight all the best.

Oh and Melaleuca helps the environment that should have been a good enough reason for you to want to be a member Oh ya Costco check out how much they charge and they don't give any free products.

to Anonymous #1322281

BS on the cancellation policy being that easy. It took 3 months and a letter from an attorney to get them to cancel. I had faxed, mailed, called, faxed, etc, as they took over $300 from me.


Thank you for taking the time to put this information out in the public for us to read.


So sorry you were "high Pressured" to become a "sales person", which none of us are, none of us sell any product, ever...It's simple and easy to cancel your membership on the last day of the month before midnight, mountain time...

Yes you can purchase a product or more directly from Melaleuca without being a "member", simply pay the full price, membership gives you 30% to 50% off !!!

Melaleuca will refund your money or credit your account whichever you prefer. So sorry you were possibly misinformed on so many points, or not paying attention ?

For over 20 years now I have had 99% satisfied customers and I always, always inform an interested individual that I will be introducing the Melaleuca company, I am PROUD to represent them and do not hide the company name like those in Amway do . .

.Hope you give it another try sometime...

Best Wishes Always,


to Anonymous #1311638

Really then maybe you should surf the facebook groups where I see ads for this company but the company name is sent via pm message,. So I its such a wonderful company and so great then Why are members hiding the true facts about the company unless there are big issues with the company. So really who hiding behind who.

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