I have read a lot of reviews about Melaleuca, both favorable and unfavorable, and I thought I'd put in the 2 cents of a couple who did not sign up and the reasons why not via our experience after being invited to a evening to discuss these products by a friend of ours.

1. First of all, the company was not identified in the invitation, just a description of the general types of products and how "life-changing" they were. If these products are so amazing, why not ID the company in the invitation?

2. My husband and I were absolutely not interested in starting a business, we were just potentially interested in a couple of the products. However,there appears to be no way to just buy the products themselves without membership. Website marketplace access does not really appear to be available to nonmembers.

3. The absolute requirement for purchase of 35 points worth of product EVERY MONTH, no exceptions, was not appropriate for us. We do not have any use for this much product, it would be a waste of money for us, and again, we couldn't find a way to just buy a product or two except on Ebay or Amazon.

4. AT NO POINT did the representative who was presenting bring up the "backup order" that was an integral part of membership. We didn't find out that we would be sent product regardless of whether we needed it or ordered it every month. This was the biggest red flags for us. If this is an absolute requirement, why was it not emphasized in the presentation?

5. From my research online, cancelling the membership seems to be somewhat difficult process and the company seems to take their time processing your cancellation while continuing to send you product and taking your money. We basically agreed we would not trust this company with out bank account or credit card information.

Overall, the big "red flags" to us were the repetitive emphasis on the "wonderfulness" of the products or the membership without being crystal clear on the requirements. Yes, anyone signing up for something needs to read the contract, but my observation was that little time was being given to do that, nor that one could take the contract home to read it before signing up. It was a typical high pressure pitch. I realize Melaleuca may work well for some people, but the product purchase requirements, the emphasis on signing up new people and the "upline/downline" format still suggest a typical MLM scheme where you are only going to succeed if you put in hours and hours working to bring in new people or have a heck of a lot of product need in your home. And that doesn't work for a lot of people, including us.

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I had these same reservations after the presentation as well. I have a feeling that any company/business that emphasizes signing people up, no matter what the product is, is BS.

This kept playing in my mind as we were encouraged to sign up and tell others.

I do want to try the products so I won't cancel yet. Thank you for your opinion.


I absolutely don't understand you comment. It just doesn't make any sense.

It sounds like you are saying that your enroller won't allow you to cancel your membership??? That makes no sense whatsoever. It's not up to the enroller. It's up to the YOU, the customer.

If you want to quit, just quit.

You don't need approval from anyone but yourself. I can understand that it can negatively affect the enroller depending on their status, but that's life.


You talk about enroller problems. My enroller had me sign up at 18 and I couldn't cancel my account becuase it was non negotiable with her.

Well, at 30 I got married and my husband and I had so much melaleuca from over the years that we ended up throwing away hundreds of dollars of products. It was a waste but what do you do with so much product that is taking up space? We canceled our account. My enroller recently found out that our account is canceled and she won't allow that to happen.

I think I'll eventually be forced to sign back up. She said she will pay for us to sign up and pay for our products monthly so she can keep her status but bottom line is we don't want the products. The CEO is great.

I respect Frank and the business he runs but the enrollers are crazy and obsessed. I got out for many reasons but one major reason is the way people who do the business do not give the customer an option of getting out.

to Anonymous #1529269

Not true. The enroller has no authority over whether you stay or quit.

NONE. They also cannot pay for you to stay so they can keep their so called status...that's an AMWAY issue...as people in Melaleuca are NOT IN AN MLM company. You DO KNOW the difference don't you? Melaleuca is customer direct marketing, while Amway and all the rest out there aren't....and you have to go through your SPONSOR each time which is why they know what you're doing and have something to say about it.

Customer direct marketing is simply shopping at the company, like opening up a shopping account at any major store and shopping on line.

There's no middle man. Sorry for what you're going through BUT you're describing an MLM company but not ours.


I feel compelled to comment on each point you raise. 1) A reason the company name is not mentioned is due to people like you COMPLETELY misrepresenting the details about the subject.

If I personally did research about the company and read your review, I would NOT go anywhere near the company. How said considering your influence would cause a person to miss out on the "life-changing" products. 2) The business is completely optional. In fact, 88% of all shoppers are not interested in the business whatsoever.

So people can obviously just shop for the high quality products that are even less costly than what you are currently buying from local stores anyways. Do you need a membership to shop? Yes. Do you need a membership to shop at Costco?

Yes. I also have a Costco membership because I see value in having one due to the fact that there are some products Costco offers that are not yet available at the Melaleuca store. With Costco's membership, I save more money than the cost and thus why I choose to have a Costco membership. Same goes for Melaleuca.

3) There is absolutely no "requirement" to shop for 35 points of product per month. In fact, you can go 6 months without buying a single thing before the membership completely shuts down. The 35 point figure is simply the threshold of when the 30% - 50% discounts kick in. If a person does not need to shop in a given month, Melaleuca simply has to be informed.

When they are informed, the account stays in that inactive state until the account is reactivated, which is 100% free. 4) The "backup order" is a protection of all the perks customers receive. For example, every time a person shops, they are handed over free money to spend on products. Imagine having hundreds of dollars accumulated.

Those monies are handed over as a reward for loyalty and agreeing to shop for the 35 or more points worth of product. As mentioned already, Melaleuca can be informed about not wanting to shop and thus eliminating the backup order from applying. Clearly this is a VERY simple, convenient and flexible shopping club. 5) Difficult to cancel?

100% not true. Because of the convenience of being able to put the account on hold at any time, and thus have no backup order, I've seen accounts cancelled with 15 minutes of a request going through. The longest I've ever found is perhaps a few hours. The only exception is when the request by the customer is not done properly.

Very clear instructions about how to cancel are found from the website. Customers can even watch a video with step by step instructions on how to do so. In conclusion, it is quite sad that you post comments that are so full of holes and misleading.

Hopefully my explanation will allow the facts and truth to come through. An EXCELLENT explanation of everything can be found here: www.melaleucaexposed.com.

to clearvu #1594011

You have no idea what you’re talking about, Clearvu. There IS a 35 point requirement which equals no less than $75 with shipping EVERY MONTH!!!

to Scammed #1597440

I just received my back up shipment. And was mad.

Next month I will put account on hold. Found out after the fact.

So you are wrong . Sorry

to Scammed #1597634

You DO NOT have to shop every month. People do it all the time.

You can shop as many consecutive months as you want and not shop for up to 6 months. If you don't shop for 6 consecutive months, the account shuts completely down. This makes sense if you think about it because how can a person go 6 months without buying day to day type essentials. If a person does not bathe, do laundry, brush their teeth, clean the house, eat, drink, etc., they must have died or went away on vacation for an extended period of time.

In any case, the reference to 35 points is the threshold to meet in order to obtain the discounts of 30% - 50% off the regular prices. You can even shop for less than 35 points if you don't mind paying full price. The only thing to remember is that you need to remove the account from the Preferred Member status in order to shop for less than 35 points.

This is such a simple shopping club. It amazes me how people make it so complicated.


Dear Red Flags,Some people identify the company and some don't. Their preference.

We are trained to do what works for us. We are the messenger, so don't shoot us. There is no emphasis on starting your own business either. You can be a consumer (75%) of the customers are, they love the products and shop with the company every month rather than shop elsewhere.

They get top quality and their cost per use is minimal , saving them money. 35 points is 50.00 a month. People spend that much on Dunkin donuts weekly. If you're health conscious like most people, 35 points isn't an issue.

If the rep. followed the presentation booklet, there is NO WAY he/she could've skipped the back up order. NO WAY. Cancellation is a breeze providing you follow the rules.

Also, there is no upline and no downline and if you perceived that, then perhaps you weren't listening very well. I've been with the company for 10 years. My back order has shipped 3 times, and each time I was glad, because I forgot. We LUV the products and I'm into the health dept....my bride loves the household products.

We are lifers with the company.

Take another look sometime, with another rep. You might see something you didn't see before.

to Rltorlai #1510948

I've never had 35 points be less than $80 after taxes and S&H. It is not $50. It is definitely $80

to Anonymous #1529275

35 points equates to $53.00 in product. S&H depends on where its going (as with anyone else), and they use air in the box so you're getting the cheapest rates possible.

My orders ship to MASSACHUSETTS. A 35 pt order is $58.21 product, S&H $7.72, Taxes $3.64 , total $ 69.57.

Now I don't know where you live but shipping and handling depends largely on destination. Where are you?


There is no contract with Melaleuca to sign. The products are amazing and because of publicity like your post we don't tell people right off the bat who the company is as its posts like this that deter people from wanting to hear anymore when the name is mentioned.I have only been with Melaleuca for a month and I can tell you everything they boast about is the truth.Have a nice day Hater!


What you have to ask yourself is, how many times do I shop at Walmart or my normal store? Most go at least 4 or 5 times a month.

How much do you spend on your necessities each and every month? Most families spend over $200 a month. Even a couple only will spend $100 or more. Then, figure in your gas and wear and tear on your vehicle driving back and forth to the store.

Also, add in the time it takes to drive there, walk around for a few minutes to an hour, then drive back home. It’s actually very simple to figure out, Melaleuca has way more pros than cons.Those that say, I’m stockpiling products, or I won’t need to order this month. How many products are you stockpiling from Walmart?

Have you ever not went to Walmart or another store for an entire month? Answer......no.

to DTJ #1504778

Sams or Cosmo is the same

to Anonymous #1530133

No sams of cosmo's isn't the same.


I used to have a Melaleuca membership and here is my reply.1.) The products are fantastic for health conscious people2.) The Company is good to deal with when you want to end your membership.3.) The 35 points is a lot of product for two people.

to K. Smith #1486414

My husband and I shop with Melaleuca and have been customers for 5 years. We use many of their bath & body products, as well as non-toxic cleaners, supplements (which are incredible) and some food/health products.

We have figured out that we may not be shopping every month for exactly the same thing as the prior month, but we definitely shop for vitamins every month. Those vitamins have successfully addressed our serious health issues (brain injury and autoimmune disorders) and we won’t ever buy anything else. My husband is a record keeping brainiac and made spread sheets to track our spending... the difference in the price point, concentrated products and quality has saved us $$.

We are now brand loyal to Melaleuca. Also, the added perks to members like loyalty shopping dollars, savings on a home security system and on products and travel expenses through the Marketplace has been invaluable to us. We easily purchase 80-120 product points per month. In addition, I receive a check EVERY month as a commission on product purchases by the several friends I have referred to shop with Melaleuca.

It more than pays for my shipping and offsets the cost of my already discounted products. For me, it’s a win-win.

to K. Smith #1530156

The 35 points is a lot of product for two people? If you're health conscious, the 35 pts is a snap for 1 person or two...and its not a lot of product either.

Its exactly a month's supply. Everything else you purchase as you run out of it at home. You simply replace what you've been using with our brand instead. You MAY find that they perform better and last longer, thus saving you money and you get to try other product.

Have you tried the tooth polish yet? If you have anything like gingivitis or any other gum disease, you won't have it anymore. How about any of the skin lotions? Renew comes to mind, we use it daily in our house.

What's your brand of morning coffee? Have you tried ours?

35 points? what's that!!


I notice that Anonymous AtBest comments on everyone's reviews. First of all twat!

I can actually relate to this review. As Melaleuca is in fact just a waste of money and some of the products are useless. Anonymous whatever the heck your name is. Your a keyboard warrior!

If some customers cancelled membership, so what . We can do whatever we want with our money and everyone's experience with Melaleuca will be different!!

I do love the skincare but it's expensive. That's just my opinion.

to Lorraine #1529037

The skincare is okay in my opinion. It is way overpriced and is not organic.

I found organic skincare in the form of coconut oil for way cheaper and it works better. The main problem I am currently having with melaleuca is my enroller. My husbamd and I cannot afford the products, as we switched to all organic. We canceled our account.

My enroller said it is non negotiable and we have to sign back up. She's not giving us the choice. We are in an argument over this with her and trying to avoid the melaleuca subject like the plague.

The people who work the business will drive you insane and make it near impossible to leave, even after you cancel your account. They are way too obsessed and it is cult like.

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