Laguna Hills, California

I have been using the products and supplements for over two years. If I miss a vitamin I catch cold. I have basically no immune system left after Chemotherapy and radiation for stage four cancer.

I don't know wh anyone would be mad at Melalauca... The products saved my life. If you don't like a product, they have a hundred percent money back guarantee... So get your money back and go back to using whatever you were using before.

At my local costco at the return desk they have a big chart of toxic products you can't throw into the garbage... Including tide laundry detergent and many brand name cleaners ... Mela products don't contain them so if your kid eats the dishwasher soap, and you call poison control, once they know it is melaleauca they just kind of say ok, maybe he or she will get a tummy ache. But no rush to the ER to try to save their lives.

One thing I want to say about the Access bars and shakes. For a person recovering from Chemotherapy, we get cold really easily and stay cold even when covered in blankets etc.

Try eating an access bar or a shake. The products were originally developed through a grant from the Canadian government to help their armed forces battle the cold weather. So they assist athletes and us regular folk in losing weight because they burn fat instead of muscle if they use access.

The Access bars saved me from the horrible shivers. Give it a try if you or a loved one suffers from being cold after chemotherapy. The side effect can last for many years. I just carry an access bar and frankly only use it if I am really cold. Gets me to normal right away.

So we are loyal customers. Thank God for this company. I am just a customer but I always wonder about why people post so much negative. If you don't like the products stop your membership and ship it all back to them or find out how to return all those products, and get your money back!

Do you know they have a 90 day challenge on vitamins? If you don't love them after 90 days you get your money back. Who does that?

Reason of review: Good quality.

Melaleuca Pros: Super high quality products.

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