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FIRST Let talk about MLM, Mualti Level Marketing Company's. Did you know that "PRACTICALLY ALMOST" is the 2 words, every Company from the grocery store to walmart, food franchises, to the company that you may currently be working for "IS MUALTI LEVEL MARKETING." Someone is ALWAYS under someone getting paid a percentage off of what ever is bought.

Hello! So stop nocking about Melaleuca is an MLM. WAKE UP!!!, Actually it is CDM, Consumer Direct Marketing. If people would follow the contract exactly and talk to the company Melaleuca will help you cancil properly.

Please don't blame them for a mistake that you might of misunderstood. They are a great company that has been misrepresnted badly because someone didn't do there homework. That is why you educate yourself. The thing is when people don't do there homework and jump into any business trying to make fast money it's going to fail.

What about college, you go to school for 2 to 10 years and hopefully you have a career when its over. You don't start off with by opening the doors without some knowledge or investment. Or even really have a solid career in the beginning, you have to prove yourself and work hard by earning your place. It just doesn't get handed to you.

Melaleuca is a business for someone who wants there dreams bad enough, just like college and you still have to earn your place. The difference is the investment is not only smaller $29.00 for the perfered customer status that not only saves you money on consintrated up to 6x, not to leave out naturally driven products that are safer for your family plus many other benefits.

You would pay more at Wal-mart for killing yourself. Please get your facts straight.

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I'm reading Melaleuca's study on Oligo and I'm incredibly disappointed that this study has no mention of statistical significance of their results or even what tests they used. They do not define their terms and most of their sources are from the 90s or earlier - the newest being 6 years old.

After having gone to college to learn how to conduct proper research and run statistical analyses, I'm sad to say this article does not pass as a scientific journal article. I'm trying to find out what scientists in the field have to say about it, or if they have any more numbers available, but I'm not having any luck.

In order to say that their products are backed by scientific research you need to know what qualifies research as "scientific." People do need to do their research as some of you say. A little more in depth than you've done though.


WOW, you really lay it out.I'm a new Marketing Executive with Melaleuca. Prior experience tells me to give it a try.

Time will tell if this is the right oppty for me.

I've worked as an Independent Contractor for over 5 years, so this isn't new to me. Thanks for telling it like it is.


Really people? I am shocked and saddened that seemingly educated people spew negative comments without proper knowledge of what they are speaking about.

All of Melaleuca's claims are backed by scientific studies. It is all in writing for all to see. How is making your own choices to shop for whatever brands you prefer being brainwashed? Open your mind to the future and to possibilities that there are companies like Melaleuca who are actually saving lives.

I hope you guys dont have children...for those of you that do. Make a difference in their lives. Educate yourself.

Melaleuca like 7th Generation and many other companies who are trying to make a difference by bringing non toxic products to consumers care about you and your family. Take the time to find out how.


I have great pity for all of the people who have been scammed into believing that a pyramid scheme is any different than a MLM. The only real difference is that the lawyers have followed the letter of the law in order to keep this business technically legal.

I am a 2L law student at UT and have been investigating melaleuca as both a company and as a product.

It is very true that as a plant melaleuca can cause cancer, however this is no where near the cancer that is infesting the poor and disenfranchised people peddling this snake oil.

I personally can not believe that in these modern times a person falls for this old fashioned pyramid scheme, i also can not believe that anyone would put this junk in their bodies.


Ok, some of us don't quite understand your level of knowledge. Please translate.

I really would like to know. Thanks :)


Minimization of free radical damage by metal catalysis of multivitamin/ multimineral supplements

A B Rabovsky1, A M Komarov2, J Ivie1, and G.R. Buettner3

1Research & Technology Development, Melaleuca Inc.,

2Department of Biochemistry, GWU, 3The University of Iowa

Multivitamin/multimineral complexes are the most common dietary supplements. Besides quality ingredients and the amount of each ingredient in a product, bioavailability is a major concern. Unlike minerals in natural foods that are incorporated in bioorganic structures, minerals in dietary supplements are usually in an inorganic form: sulfates, chlorides, oxides etc. Unfortunately, the majority of minerals in these forms precipitate at the neutral pH of the small intestine, making absorption questionable. In addition, some minerals catalyze free radical generation, depending on their form. Thus, antioxidants in supplements could be oxidized during digestion. We have created a new complexing environment for minerals that consists of an amino acid chelate and non-digestible oligosaccharide (AAOS). All essential minerals in this form are soluble at intestinal pH. Even though soluble, the commonly used form of copper - gluconate - generates a flux of free radicals similar to the inorganic forms. Monitoring of ascorbate radical generated by different forms of copper shows that ascorbate is oxidized much more slowly with the AAOS matrix. Direct measurement of the oxidation of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and gallic acid (a typical antioxidant ingredient derived from fruits) by different forms of minerals confirmed the ability of AAOS to slow these oxidations. Similar results were observed with iron-catalyzed formation of hydroxyl radicals (Fenton reaction), as measured by EPR spin trapping. In addition, the relative rates of oxidation of 2’,7’-dichlorodihydrofluorescein by H2O2 with copper were: sulfate > gluconate > glycinate > AAOS. When compared to traditional forms of minerals used in supplements, we conclude that the oxidative loss of antioxidants in solution at physiological pH is much slower when AAOS is used.

Download PDF of this abstract

1 A.B.Rabovsky, A.M.Komarov, J.Ivie, G.R.Buettner, "Minimization of free radical damage by metal catalysis of multivitamin/multimineral supplements," Free Radical Biology & Medicine, Vol. 45, Supp. 1, 2008, pg. S128.


@Skylane - The Melaleuca tree you are referring to is not the same Melaleuca Alternifolia, but you are correct, those trees are taking over.

Melaleuca is a awesome company, I've been a customer since 1987. I use almost all their products, which saves me time and money at the grocery store, I do not know what I would do without these products. 99.9% of the things I see people ramble on about are usually due to not knowing all the facts.


Ya know Melaleuca talks a lot about how there are not an MLM company & what a great value their products are.

In comparison to products from Shaklee, Melaleuca's products are more expensive. For example the vitamin is about $17.00 for a 30 day supply. Shaklee Vita-Lea is about $24 for a 60 day supple. When you figure in the cost of shipping of the Melaleuca product is double it cost really goes up. Look at the label too. You see anything in their vitamin that remotlely looks like food...also why don't they have the 100% RDA for biotin in the mens formula. Could it be that they are a synthetic vitamin and not natural? Biotin is an expensive add to cheap vitamins, that is why there is so little of it.

Additionally they're really getting you with their homecare products. Tough and Tender takes 2.66 oz to make one spray bottle. Shaklee Basic H2 uses 1/4 tsp to make all purpose cleaner and 1 to 2 drops to make window cleaner. So Melaleuca is almost as guilty as the store brands when it comes to selling and shipping water to you.

But they don't bother to tell you that in their materials or their presentations.


Why can't any of you even spell correctly?? Did you not get an education?

Did you not learn how to read or write?

Get a dictionary or a spell-checker. This is the quickest way to show your ignorance.


In Florida, however, melaleuca is a pest, especially in the Everglades and surrounding areas, where the trees grow into immense forests, virtually eliminating all other vegetation. Melaleuca grows in terrestrial as well as in completely aquatic situations.

The Everglades, the mostly treeless "river of grass", in some places has become the "river of trees", a completely alien habitat to the plants and animals that have evolved to live in the glades. During the 50 years since its introduction into the state, melaleuca has taken over hundreds of thousands of acres of Everglades, threatening the very existence of this internationally known eco-treasure.


You talk about brain washing, you better turn off your TV. You better get your facts straight.

Did you know that your all ready commited to paying rediculous prices for Items or products. Example I work for a retailed company, I ask so now "really how much does that toaster really cost?" The sticker price says 80.00 without tax. The manger said 50.00. Oh really I said.

Marked up 30.00 then you pay tax. Marked up prices. That is in every store practically where ever you go and thats for a toaster. So give me a break.

A commitment on consintrated products 6x nontoxic and your not saving money? Really? I guess life is a little more precious to me than having to worry about simply switching stores and buying what i already spend each month for everyday products that won't kill me or my family expecially knowing that the cancer rate is on an uprise because of house hold chemicals. You want your facts against Oligo.

Then get them. Other wise stop talking your talk unless you got a backing to prove it.


Why do all Melaleuca Consumers/Marketing directors sound brainwashed? They all spout the exact same thing.

This is not multi-level marketing. No, it's worse, in order to "promote" the product you have to commit to spending 35 points a month plush shipping and handling. And, all this talk about science.

I would love to read the studies that show Oligo is superior to everything out there. Or, was it only compared to the most generic vitamins like Centrum?

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