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No savings when shipping is 12% of the bill. Also, the 35 point mus do- well not so doable if you are a 2 person household. Next-your enroller abandons you if you wont grow the business.

They are an MLM although they say they are not.

Products are great but making their value, given the genuine similar products as in safe, eco-friendly, concentrated now in the supermarkets via every well know brand undoes the need to pay shipping and handling. Just change stores no longer resonates at all.

The vitamin side is the focus now so Melaleuca realizes that fact.

Again, when shipping and handling cost 12% or more of your product purchas tally, its no savings at all.

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People who complain about shipping costs must not order other stuff online.


I had the same thought about how much the shipping was costing me. Then I calculated gas mileage and the time spent in Washington, DC traffic going to shop.

In my case, the result was a break-even on the monetary cost and a lot of savings in time spent shopping. The convenience of internet shopping at unusual hours in an added plus.


I have recently become a Melalueca customer. My family and I are so impressed with all the products.

I have been purchasing green and organic products for years. I find Melalueca's products to be superior and cheaper. Being a nutritionist, I highly recommend their vitamins. Try one of the vitality packs.

The access bars are a must for anyone who exercises or who wants to shed a few pounds. I definitely recommend this company.


I have been using melaleuca for about 7 years i love the products and the company i am also from what was a 2 family home it has saved me money and they have a woderful product


Im with you on the fact that you have to do the 35 points. My household is of 2 aswell and I dont need to buy stuff every month.

I dont like the fact that I feel obligated to buy something.

I like the products but believe that the producs themselves should sell themselves and not an obligation. Wish they would change that.


You don't have to buy every month. You are allowed to skip up to 6 months a year so you can buy every two months if you don't have anything you need to buy each month. :)


Yes if you don't want to be a preferred member and pay the high prices of non preferred members. As far as shipping goes, most stuff has shipping but good company's reward to loyal members such as Amazon Prime.


The savings is that you are getting two or three or more bottles of cleaner; six bottles of laundry detergent and so on in the price. It doesn't seem like savings when you compare the cost you're paying for multiple bottles of product with only one from a supermarket.

Add the extra cost of the added products. And even if it were to come out to being about the same as the supermarket, it's still better, safer stuff!

You're complaining because your gourmet food isn't less expensive than the deep fried foood from some diner.

Melaleuca's products are amazing. I thought they were over-selling me at the presentation, but when the products arrived at my home, I learned they were being modest.


I felt the same way, but really LOVE their products. The "true" cost of shipping isn't high at all, if you look at it like this.. As a preferred customer, Melaleuca does give you $100 of free products to try during the first 6 months, and then you begin to accumulate loyalty shopping dollars which can be up to 15% of your purchases. With many orders coming in at month end, they give you incentives to purchase early. I love their products, and I'm a 75 point member and receive 15% for placing my order at the beginning of the month, and because I do receive 15% back for free products this "pays" for my shipping, and I am 3% ahead! If you are a 35 point customer, shipping "is" 2% if you look at it that way.

I don't know much about MLM's, as I've always avoid those, but I read they are a CDM. Customer Direct Marketing.

Before I decided to enroll, I did a Google search, and read through a lot of "issues' people were having, and like you, people do like the products, but issues with their enroller or something they didn't expect had happened.

My advice to anyone is to read policies on companies before they make any purchases, because we can't get upset if we are 100% informed from the get go, and not rely on anyone else for their information

I have small children, that try to get into everything and I feel their green cleaning line works better than any other green or non green cleaner I've tried, and they are safer if ingested, and with all the "stuff" our families are exposed to, I feel better knowing that I am limiting their exposure to toxins by getting them out of my own home. I'm not a "green purist" but I do feel their line is kinder to our kids and the environment.

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