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For years, we assumed my husband's headaches were a result of the weather or the exhaust fumes from the machines he operates at works. During those same years, my youngest suffered greatly from asthma related illnesses. I wrongfully assumed that if I could kill all the germs, I would keep them both from getting sick. I became the "Queen of Lysol" and wiped everything I could think of with Clorox wipes. I even carried them both in my purse!!

Once I learned about Melaleuca and brought their products into my home, an amazing thing happened. I completely converted my home and soon realized that my husband wasn't complaining about headaches any longer and my son was no longer getting sick. I was still cleaning and disinfecting, but with products that were natural and without all of the toxins and chemicals. Our quality of life has improved dramatically and we no longer have the associated medical bills. What a blessing!

Add to that the fact that I was able to start working with the company when my teaching position was eliminated and you have one happy mom!! I didn't have to sacrifice being with my son during breaks in the school year and, although I earn a nice paycheck, I have even more time because I don't have to rush to get dinner ready, do chores, or be available for activities. My time is now truly my own.

Melaleuca has really enhanced my life, the lives of my family members and it's my privilege to share that with others. Thank you Melaleuca!!

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What really amazes me, is from a business prospective, Costco has 44 million US members and each member shops for a minimum of $100/mo from the four multi-national manufacturers, ie; Proctor & Gamble, Unilever Bros, Johnson & Johnson, and Colgate/Palmolive and yet we shop at Costco for those consumables and yet neither Costco nor the 4 multi-nationals have any interest in sharing in the revenue with the consumer who shops from corporate giants who don't even care about their employees or the little guy.


Never say "No" unless you know what you are saying "No" to.


Don't knock a product you have'nt tried!Until you do keep your opinions to yourself, this is a great product that not only helps keep your home safer and your body healthy.Start reading articles about all the so called great products they are selling you. Do you know how safe they are?

John N

just remember what P.T Barnum said, "there's a sucker born every minute." I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn, if you are interested.

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