Saint George, Utah

From our perspective they are a very reputable business and our experience has been nothing but positive. Reading these complaints makes me wonder about you, it is important to understand the policies when you become a member, your ignorance and inability to comply with policy is not a reason to lash out at the Company.

Melaleuca's by line as a Wellness company is why we decided to shop Melaleuca. The products have positively impacted our health. We have never encountered the issues some of you have posted. We have tried products which we chose not to use and received credit without issue.

Recently we tried the Vanilla protein power, didn't like it, contacted the company and they sent us the chocolate flavor no charge to try, which we like and now use, no issues. Every company selling products, on-line or brick & mortar have policies and rules, comply with them and you won't have issues.

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This is a Mormon company that has/had affiliations with Mitt Romney. They support the Republican Party.


They support who they believe will be best for the US and the people. They gave one million dollars to Bill Clinton.

I guess that was OK with you...however they did not support B. Obama and gave the money to the republican candidate instead. B. Obama was upset and criticized the company so they gave Mitt another million.

B. Obama went nuts and severely lambasted Melaleuca. I figure you give money to whom you believe will be a better candidate. As it is, all the money Obama got his hands on went to our enemies and his pocket.

It was better off going to Romney's campaign.

Mormon company? I've been with them for over ten years and I don't know the origin nor does it matter.