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I was mislead by a representative of Melalueca telling me the products were "natural" and "organic", I had been making my own cleaners at the time (still do) but was looking for better for kids products. Well needless to say I was quite upset and surprised when I got the first shipment and found out what was in the Koala Pals kids body wash:

Body Wash Ingredients: Aqua (water/Eau), Sodium trideceth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, PEG-150 Distearate, Benzyl Alcohol, Parfum, Polyquaternium-10, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, d-a-Tocopheryl Acetate (Natural Vitamin E), Avena Sativa (Oat) Extract, Butylene Glycol, Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile) Leaf Extract, Camellia Oleifera (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Amylcinnamyl Alcohol, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methypropional, Hexl Cinnamal, Linallol

So needless to say this body wash actually contained more chemicals than what I had been using previously. (you can see what the toxicity of the ingredients are at http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com) I had no trouble canceling my account, all though I was out quite a bit of money for that first shipment and the company did not refund, unless I paid to ship it back and it was not worth my time or $$ to do so. On the bright side I found a much better solution for my family. Completely Organic body wash by Natures Paradise (http://www.organic-baby-resource.com/natures-paradise.html, and Lafe's Organic Baby Foaming Baby Shampoo & Wash which is sold at target.com.

Melaleuca may have less chemicals than some other companies but there are alot better for the environment and less expensive ways to go. This was not a good fit for my family and brought more chemicals into my home than I wanted.

Just upset that I took the word of a "friend" rather than researching first, lessoned learned, just do your research, find out what ingredients are in the products, if you are OK with that then you found your fit, if not, move on, and read the contract first!!

Mom to many little ones

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Shampoo.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Mary Kay consultants say the same thing that their products are all Natural but they are NOT. Look on carcinogen list and many show up on that list.



I am a Melaleuca customer and after reading all of these comments I am only more confused than ever. I feel Melaleuca is more safe than using Clorox products and other harsh chemicals, but also agree that I am sometimes dissapointed in some of their ingredients; for example the deoderant has aluminum in it.

It's hard to get others to sign up because of simple unexplainable things like that. However, there is something about their products I just like. The Melamagic is super awesome on tile floors. I used it in my kitchen and couldn't understand why my floor had never looked that good before.

One of my friends tried it on hers and she had the same reaction. Also, I have sensitve skin, so the laundry detergents have been really great for that, no itchies. I think the vitamins are great if you are active, because sometimes I get too much energy if I take them and have to be sedentry I almost go crazy not moving. I just got back from vacation and my skin is having crazy reactions from the regular stuff I've been using at family's houses and I'll be glad to get everything back in balance again.

I think people should just use what works for them. If you use Melaleuca and you have a bad experience, then take the time to report it to them and switch to something else. If you try them out and you like them, then keep using it. Common sense.

I wish everything I ever consumed or used was perfect, but I'm not willing to research and research and obsess over it. The paradise products sound good just wondering about the cost. Meanwhile, I'll stick with what works for me personally and encourage others to give it a try.

I have saved money and feel like I'm doing something responsible for the environment. 8)


And the prices you posted are wrong.. Look at their website


What part did you get scammed?


Here is my favorite all purpose cleaner recipe, takes less than a minute to make 1 bottle.

1/4 cup white vinegar

3 1/2 C hot water

2 TBLS liquid dishsoap

Optional few drops of 1 kind of essential oil . (Lemon, eucalyptus, sweet orange, tea-tree, lavender, pine, and thyme essential oils are known to be the most potent germ killers. I add 10-15 drops)

Directions :In a 32 ounce spray bottle mix vinegar, water and optional essential oil thoroughly, add the dishsoap last (it will bubble over if you add it sooner)

**I used to add borax to the mix, so if you would like to add extra disinfecting powers then add 2 tsp Borax.***

My kids clean with Vinegar, water and dishsoap mix, and they love to help. (I use Biokleen dishsoap, it does not cotain petroleum biproducts.) :)

As soon as my organic body wash runs out I am going to try my luck at making my own body wash too, so we will see. :)


Tripletplus2mom - Do you share your homemade recipes anywhere? (Facebook, Yahoo,..) I'm fairly new at making homemade cleaning supplies, soaps, shampoo, etc. and would love some easy-to-make ones.


just a note to everyone who is in love with the melamagic and the prespot for 2 that I know about.. these products containe Xylene..

msds says this is an extreme carsonogenic which means will can and does cause cancer..

I work with this substance at work and always under a fum,e hood with gloves on and even then I am not comfortable with it.. But these products I was washing my floors with it and then the kids are walking on it with bare feet soaking up the carsonogenic effects!!!!


Jessica - Thank-You for your response. Again, the body products contained more chemicals than I want my Children and my family exposed to. I am not saying they are bad products, they contain more than what I want to risk for my family.

As far as MSDS sheets I believe that companies should release those to everyone, people should have all of the facts and see all of the ingredients so they can make informed choices on products. I believe a company claiming to be green and better for the environment should be held to higher standards. Again I have no experience with thier cleaning products, I am happy with my pennies a bottle homemade green cleaners. :)

But since you bring up pricing, my laundry detergent does list all of its ingredients as does my dishsoap, stain spray and they are less than Melaleuca and can be purchased as needed.

Here are some price comparaissons, I put down Melaleucas preferred customer price and Bio Kleens regular price, I buy when it is on sale so it is less when I purchase it. And I am going to the store for groceries anyway or there are online places you can get them at as well with free shipping.

BioKleen Automatic Dish Powder - $8.49 for 64 loads dishes (13.3 cents a load)

Diamond Brite Gel Melalueca - $7.89 (preferred cust price) for 25 loads - (31.6 cents a load)

Bi-O-Kleen Free and Clear Laundry Powder for HE washer – $11.49– 75 HE loads (15.3 cents a load)

BioKleen Free and Clear Laundry Liquid for HE washer - $7.49 – 64 HE loads (11.7 cents a load)

Melalueca HE Scent Free- $15.99 (preferred cust price)– 96 load -(16.66 cents a load)


While I agree that we should use ingredients that aren't harmful to us, or the environment, I also think a lot of people get carried away by the word "natural". What exactly do you define as "natural". What makes baking soda more natural than chlorine bleach? Baking soda is a processed product, it doesn't occur naturally. What we need to be looking at isn't if it's natural or not, but what effect it has on us.

Petrochemicals are usually organic compounds (meaning they have carbon on them). Don't get scared by the big words, research the origin and safety of the compound instead. Did you know the main ingredient in vinegar is acetic acid? Do you know what acetic acid is or where it comes from? Acetic acid is toxic, check the MSDS. Most of the acetic acid/alcohol used to produce vinegar is derived from, yes, petrochemicals. So, petrochemical doesn't equal bad.

Another thing, about MSDS, you need to know they are talking about the pure substance. Vinegar is usually about 5% acetic acid. Even though acetic acid is toxic, it's not in such low concentrations. Keep that in mind when you check the MSDS because a lot of compounds that sound really scary are really ok the way we use them.

I hope this information helps on your research, because I think chemicals are misinterpreted often. I do believe in plant remedies, alternative medicine and I don't use chlorine bleach or ammonia, but some things are perfectly ok to use even if the MSDS or the name sounds bad.

Also, Just because something is synthetic doesn't make it bad. Melaleuca spends alot of time and money testing ingredients and researching them to make sure that they are safe based on the current science. When something later on is determined to be not safe they then work on reformulating the products to remove that ingredient.

One thing that you can depend on Melaleuca that you don't get from other companies is their committment to environmental safety and our health and wellness. Profit is not their number one goal.

They have great products that are much better than store brand products for many reasons. They work and they are priced very competitively. I compare the prices regularly and Melaleuca's products are not expensive at all. They are almost always cheaper.

Ultimately you cant please everyone at all times. You can’t create a product that everyone can use at all times. Examp: I cant eat banana's, I am horribly sensitive to them, but I don’t bash Chiquita for having that reaction. Nor do I expect them to stop selling bananas or expect that every manufacturer will not place bananas in their products.

I do read profusely about what I purchase before I purchase it too. With an ever increasing supply of products, and an ever decreasing supply of money in our economy, Melaleuca does make it so average person becomes capable of living greener. Not all of us can afford to buy $15 dollar bottles of "green" household cleaners. Also with the women at work in order to sustain homes now a days, we don’t always have time to “cook” up home recipes.

They advertise that they have a balance of science and nature. They also advertise that they test every product for "reactions" before releasing it to the public. Besides the conmen side effect of allergic reactions they do five years of research before releasing it to the public. That’s a lot more then even the home made soap maker does. Thinking natural is always safe can get you into trouble too. If I told you to rub ivy all over you, wouldn’t you ask if it was poison ivy first?


Lnh21 – Thank-you for your point of view, of course is true that everyday things are allergens, for example Tea Tree oil & Lavender oil have been linked to prepubertal gynecomastia in boys, of course I still use Tea Tree oil in my homemade bathroom cleaner and for medicinal purposes, just don't bath anyone in it. I do agree that the products Melaleuca offers have less chemicals than some of those on store shelves, however, as I stated, they have more chemicals than I am willing to expose my children to. As I stated I was mislead to believe them to be organic and all natural. I am certainly not misleading anyone by listing the ingredients and a source that I use when looking up ingredients, and I do not see on any company label the amount of a certain ingredient in it, does Melaleuca have 100%, 1% or .01%, not sure I want to risk it, and besides the chemicals do build up in the body, the skin is a sponge and it does retain parts of those chemicals. If Melaleuca is your fit, that is great, you are getting some chemicals out of your house and you are living slightly greener. But these products contain more than I want my family exposed to, and that is what it comes down to is what level of green you want to be.

There are tons of websites that reference truly green companies, I look for ones that have no interest in a company as they are not making profit or slighting the results in favor of one company over another.

The first place I look is to see if a company has signed the compact for safe cosmetics, over 1000 companies have signed it pledging not to use known carcinogens in their product, so people are sure to find something in their price ranges. It is a great reference. Just type in compact for safe cosemetics and you will find the website.

Here is a direct quote from the site: “Melaleuca is aware of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics but have refused to sign it. If they are truly supporting women’s health and making “safe” products, it shouldn’t be too hard for them to sign the Compact. Hundreds of companies have signed the Compact, a commitment to manufacture personal care products free of known and suspected toxic chemicals.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics does not endorse or hand-pick “safe” companies to refer customers to. The growing list of safer companies on our Web site is comprised solely of companies that have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. If you don’t see a company on the list, we encourage you to send a letter letting them know about the Compact and urging them to sign it.”

There are a lot of great sites for making your own cleaners that cost pennies to make and take minutes, my kids love to help clean, and when they are washing windows with simply vinegar and water mix, I feel safe letting them do it, and yes vinegar is a chemical and can be toxic if ingested in large undiluted quantities.

Thanks again for your point of view. And congratulations on starting your green journey.


As far as hair and body care I love to use Safe Mama as a resource. Go to her website (safe mama . com) and type in Skin Care Cheat Sheet, and you'll find a list of greener body and hair solutions.


Palmer - So happy you found something that works for your family and that you are happy with. I was never interested in Melaluecas cleaning products as I am happy with what we currently are using, my laundry and dish soap do not contain SLS or petroleum and run less than Melaleuca and I can buy when I need them, and like I said my cleaners cost me pennies and minutes to make, so I have no opinion on them nor did I research them.

That is why I informed Sarah to contact her friend or Melalueca for MSDS sheets to see if the contents are something she would want to use in her home with her family. And if Melaleuca is a green company they should have no problems sending those her way. :)

Green Clean - Sorry if it seemed as if I was spamming I thought my reply did not take 2 times and double entered 2 replies. (Chasing triplet toddlers:)) Hope you have found products you are happy with.

Again sorry that it seemed as if I was spamming those 2 replies certainly not my intent. And I can not figure out how to remove the duplicate entries.:(


Please, trippletplus2mom, please stop spamming the boards.


If you want the most natural ingredients, go with plain old water.

I love their products, no bleach, no lye, no harsh chemicals, safe, effective. You can go with what you want but I prefer to use something that is safer and works, and they've got the best.

I have researched and visited dozens if not hundreds of green sites looking for products and have yet to find anything close to the selection, effectiveness, and pricing as Melaleuca.


Thanks Sarah - you would be surprised how quickly and inexpensive it is to make your own cleaners. Here is a favorite all purpose cleaner of mine takes less than 3 minutes to make. :)

1/4 cup white vinegar

2 tsp. Borax*

3 1/2 C hot water

1/8 cup liquid dishsoap

Optional few drops of essential oil, here is where you could add tea tree oil or other essential oil for scent or extra cleaning properties.

Directions: In a 32oz spray bottle mix vinegar, borax & water thoroughly, add the dishsoap last.

*There is debate on Borax so I omit it from the bottle that I want to use directly on eating surfaces for my kids (when they are going to eat off the surface within 10 minutes), vinegar is also a disinfectant

As far as what is in the Melalueca cleaning products, I do not think they have that available online, but ask your friend or call them directly for the MSDS sheets, most green companies have no problem letting people know what's in thier products. If a company will not release that information, I personally would not use them because you just do not know what is in there, again that is me so do what feels right for your family.


I appreciate the information, I have a friend who just started with Melaleuca and has been telling me how great it is. After seeing this post I will ask for product ingredients.

I would not use this product on my 2 small children.

But I would like to know more about what is contained in the cleaning products??? I am not sure I have time or would want to make my own products.


Being educated about what we put on (or in) our bodies is important—and it’s tough. It’s an admirable thing to try and wade through the tricky scientific names to figure out what we want to put on our bodies. But it’s important that our knowledge of these products is genuine and factual.

@ Tripletplus2mom, I have some concerns with your statement. You talk about being shocked about the chemicals in a certain Melaleuca products. Sure they contain chemicals. All matter is chemical based. The water you drink is a chemical. The salt you season your lunch with is a chemical. The gold ring on your finger is a chemical—and so is the diamond on top of it. Since you mix your own cleaners at home, you are actually using chemicals to make them.

“Chemicals” is a scary word and there is a lot of scaremongering going on in the cosmetic industry these days. It’s crucial to have good, proper knowledge so we aren’t sucked into it.

The website you referenced, www.cosmeticsdatabase.com, is not a reliable source of information. Their ingredient ratings are way off. They fail to take facts into consideration like ingredient concentration and ingredient usage. For example, they crucify the ingredient Cocamidopropyl Betaine. It’s listed as an allergen—but what isn’t? I’m allergic to dandelions. Anyone would say that’s a pretty natural substance. Anyone can be allergic to anything, and Cosmetics Database raises big red flags for an allergen. They also don’t consider that when used in rinse-off products at a certain concentration, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine is entirely safe.

Cosmetics Database never talks about concentrations. Is there a difference if an ingredient is used at 100% or 1% or 0.1%? They fail to mention the differences between the quality of ingredients. There is a difference between food-grade, cosmetic-grade, and other grades. All those things matter!

This proves that Cosmetics Database is not a reliable source of information. In the end, they simply use scaremongering and skew the facts.

Consider dihydrogen monoxide. This chemical is found in every home. It is fatal if inhaled. It can cause severe burns. It is found in cancerous tumors. It contributes to erosion of our natural landscape. It’s a major component of acid rain.

Sounds pretty horrible, right? Dihydrogen monoxide is actually water. It’s easy to see how the right spin on any ingredient can be terrifying.

The point I am trying to make is this. There is nothing in the ingredients of that Melaleuca product you posted that is toxic or harmful. Looks like a safe, great product I wouldn’t hesitate to use.

I’m sorry you felt you were misled, but I just want to make sure you aren’t misleading others.


Before I signed up for Melalueca I was using California Baby Super Sensitive, here are the ingredients it contains:

Water, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) (*), Decyl Glucoside (*), Lauryl Glucoside (* corn, coconut and palm), Quillaja Saponaria (* soap bark), Herbal Blend, Cereus Grandiflorus (Cactus) Flower Extract (*), Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) Flower (*), Carageenan (Irish Moss) (*), Viola Tricolor (Pansy) Extract (*), Salix Alba (Willow Bark) (*), Yucca Aloifolia Extract (*), Vegetable Glycerin, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil (*), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract (*), Capryloyl Glycine, Undecylenoyl Glycine (preservative/amino acids), * Certified Organic, Sustainable or Renewable

Then after receiving the Koala Pals and becoming so upset to be mislead I researched and found a much better fit:

Natures Paradise ingredients:

Organic Green Tea, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Coconut Extract, Organic Coconut Oil Soap, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.



Reverse Osmosis water, saponified oils of: *Cocos nucifera (coconut), *Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed, *Olea europaea (olive), and *Elaeis guinnesis (palm)

* Certified Organic

Bot are so very much better, so I do credit the Melaleuca experience with finding my fit!! :)


Thanks Christina - it is well past the 60 days now, I ended up giving the products to a local place that gives to families in need. I have no doubt that these are great for some people and contain less chemicals than some brand names, they just contained more chemicals than I was willing to have in my home and on my children.I let the rep know about the chemicals that the kids product contained and what some are linked to. I just really felt mislead.

Thanks again, I am glad you found something that works for your family that you are happy with. :)

Randy - I could not agree with you more on the "Just because the company says "The products are non-toxic" doesn't mean they are"

Hope you have found products that work for your family.


Melaleuca has great products. But there are a whole bunch of skin and hair and home cleaners that have ingredients that are toxic.

Just because the company says "The products are non-toxic" doesn't mean they are.

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