Fort Myers, Florida
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Update by user Jan 04, 2016

got home security back ups email teling me got it sign for it get no more call waiteing for attorney general,s florida&stateof ldah0

Original review posted by user Dec 31, 2015

melaleuca home security telephone 208-534-2345 had trouble give that lawer made two conpain two attorney general florida pam bondi state of ldaho Lawrence G.wasden contact lawer fort myers fl call me tel me call them inportment contact them check wed see that information show,s $3000 yes sorry got home security wish look at information better told me should get sone one take it over pay $1000 known any body buy it who buy something use get better one cheaper yes

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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What the! I am sorry, but no I am not.

You should be in some sort of trouble for this review or the educational institutions you attended should.

With such a claim where is the evidence?


If you learn to speak English correctly, people will probably start taking you more seriously.


Maybe if you had a little more compassion for someone whose first language is obviously not English, people would think you're nice.


Funny how everyone bashing the company has TERRIBLE grammer. I was just introduced to this company, and have not signed up yet.

I was skeptical, but it seems like they are legit. Everyone who bashes it, has a bashed brain.

So clearly, McDonald's did not want them. Go back to school.


You'll be wishing you had that job at McDonalds when you're a year into this obvious scam and still on food stamps. Haha.


*grammar. Looks like you will be bashing them soon too.



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