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Melaleuca representatives receive training when they are new with the company in how to present the company and the products. Part of the presentation is wholesale pricing/reduced pricing when you commit to a regular minimum monthly order, 12 orders a year. You...
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I agree wholeheartedly. You can't blame them for being lazy and not sending in the cancellation. Good lord.

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Melaleuca Membership
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Why do people make such a big deal about something so simple? To cancel Melaleuca, all one has to do is either call the company 800-282-3000 to find out how to access a cancellation form, or download the cancellation form from your own login access (Frequently Asked...
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I just cancelled my account and it was fairly simple. Log into your account and go to My Account > Cancel Preferred Customer Benefits.

It then sends you an e-mail with a link to a mini questionnaire and a series of check boxes making sure that you really want to cancel your membership. This seems like overkill, but it only took a couple seconds. After that, it gives you a pre-filled cancellation form. All you have to do is sign it and turn it in.

"But wait!" you say, "Won't that take a few days to mail?" Introducing the power of e-mail!

I simply saved the form as a pdf (this is a normal printing option for those who don't know), signed it on my computer using Adobe Reader, saved it, and e-mailed it to the address provided. Total time: 10 minutes, mostly because I had to search my inbox for the e-mail.

According to the fine print, it only takes 24 hours to process the request after it has been received. As long as it is received by midnight of the last day of the month, the cancellation should be in effect for that month.

None of this 25th of the month business. I hope this walk-through proves to be useful to someone.

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Melaleuca Membership
Went through the presentation, everythig seemed ok. My rep called me immediately after and I signed up. Then she hit me with I have to place an oreder before 8/08 or my back up order will be shipped. "What back-up" order. I then realized this is *** and...
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You are a Melaleuca representative you lying punk! your product is as good as anyones, but the practices of this company are unreal! you are a bunch of lyers just like the Mormons

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Melaleuca Membership

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