Englewood, Colorado

cancel cancel cancel...this guy is using your money to wage Jihad against *** people and children! I have never seen such a white washed liar in my whole life .

If Obama wanted to ruin you personally or professionally you would get a knock from Seal Team 6 at the front door.

I guess if you have a looser of a candidate and no real issue or problem with the president you have to make up this fantasy paranoid victim fantasy. Oh and by the way these products totally suck and are completely useless to anyone, this is how conservatives make there money , by selling useless *** to their fellow Americans and then hoarding their greedy money and power so they can use it to wage jihad against children and gays!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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This is the 7th website I've come to lokoing for one, and the first that has even come close to being unbiased!- 2 of the sites were internet marketing websites reviewing Melaleuca to convince people that you must use internet marketing to be successful in Melaleuca, with extremely superficial reviews of the products, service, etc - 2 were Melaleuca websites touting themselves as review' sites - 2 was a customer complaint website- which was somewhat helpful- but every company that is relatively large is going to have complaints, so that provided a skewwed perspective as well Thank you, finally, for an impartial review of Melaleuca Fantastic job!


Mr. Vandersloot is indeed pouring bucketloads of money into the Republican political machine.

He supports political views that run counter to my own, so I do not buy from his company. Please note that you can make most of the same products with simple ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and tea tree oil. The claim that Melaleuca's tea tree oil is somehow special is spurious at best. For usage in household cleaning products, the tea tree oil you buy at the health food store is just fine.

You are not ingesting it, for goodness' sake. Further, Melaleuca is indeed a multi-level marketing company. I refuse to buy from a company that forces me to become a member or a dealer for products I can make or buy elsewhere without coercion.

That is my opinion. Thanks.


The best policy is to speak with your wallet. I have been using this product and find it to be very good.

But I have since come to realize that the Vandersloot political agenda is conter to my own. So I will just find another vendor.

There are many good quality products out there. This is the true power of the individual.


whats funny about this is Mr. Vandersloot in a religious, righteous, kind, generous , honest, ethical, man , he wouldn't not have anything to do with what anonymous is referring too ,,, that just makes me laugh...


You are so right about Vandersloot.


What in the world is wrong with you? It should be obvious to anybody reading your unrealistic and contemptous diatribe that you have something serious going on - and it has nothing to do with reality.

(I don't even house such vitriolic hatred for bad guys.) Frank Vandersloot is one of the most honorable men I've ever known and his company and products are first rate, having won just about every business award possible.

Take a deep breath and examine where all your nonsensical hatred comes from. There's always a down-side to freedom of speech and you are a classic example.


You should really do your research first before posting such ignorant nonsense. Perhaps you need to study up on your beloved president.

But dont feel bad your not the only jack*** in the country. As for the products some one must like them there a billion dollar company.

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