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We were told it is not mlm.It is you can recruit others in different levels to get paid she also told my sponsor that dont retail the product it makes it look like mlm talk about no clue they have an autoship the only way to force you into buying witha backup order,when I went to cancel they were closed i got sent the backup kit i suppose for free because I am not paying for it stay away it is like a cult mentality by uplines.Also if you do it there way it turns it into an illegal pyramid because you are told not tosell retail very deceptive practices sort of like the whole industry too much hype not enough facts. I will continue to refer people away from them as I find it ridiculous they do it this way.

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It is sort of like an mlm. Cmon.

You ask people to become customers and you receive a percentage of their purchases each month if you have recruited 8 and obtained director status. The more people in your downline the higher your commission percentage. The part that sucks is that your upline chooses whether or not to add to your downline because you are in their organization. They decide whether or not they want to help you build or not.

If your up line is an active recruiter or just a customer makes a huge difference. Our up line deemed us lazy customers and not go-getter recruiters and told us they would shut us out and never add to our group because we weren't doing the "marketing" correctly.

We quit and had to wait years before we could join again. At one time we were spending $300 a month and receiving only $50.


You have this idiotic mentality about what MLM is and think Melaleuca is MLM. There is no upline and no downline .

You aren't a distributor, you don't carry inventory (and you don't get paid for keeping inventory either) you don't take customer orders or make deliveries, you don't bill or take collections, you don't pressure customers to make purchases. You don't SELL anything.

The insurance shipment (back up order) protects your preferred customer benefits....remember those? The $100.00 in free goods in the first 4 months, the 15% bonus shopping dollars you get after the first 4 months, the 30% - 50% discounted prices , up to 15% cash back monthly and the 7% monthly bonus check (that pays for shipping, and as the bonus check gets larger, pays for your orders monthly so your money stays with you just for shopping with the company.) So tell me, what is it that you don't like?


It is a cult menatly and because of the mandatory things.products are not organic and to they scam u there and small portion


I was invited to one of these introductory shams...they are well as Republican. No thanks.


Republican you say? Independent is more like it.

BECAUSE the company donated one million dollars to Bill Clinton. However they didn't like Obama so they donated a million to the republican candidate. When Obama realized he wasn't getting that money, he criticized the company, so they donated another million to the republican side.

Then Obama got upset and slammed the *** out of the company. I figure you can give to whom you want and shouldn't be criticized for doing it.


You are flat out wrong! I had a friend like you who thought he knew better and thought it was an MLM later to find out he never paid attention to the presentation where all we list are facts!

There is no "hype"! I don't tell people "hey you have to enroll because your gonna make so much money if you enroll right now." No I simply state the facts and read the presentation word for word. It will always be the right "time" to become a customer. It's not about timing!

Whether you enroll today or 50 years from now you will still be able to get the awesome products that people want and love, and will still be able to build a business if you chose to do so! Clearly this whole forum is about people who don't look at the facts and make assumptions! I'm a happy customer and business builder, Melaleuca has done nothing but help me when I've had problems!

Melaleuca will always be the best because it's not an MLM! Love melaleuca peace.


ok so as a preferred customer you buy "wholesale" getting paid on referrals in different levels of your referrals seems like if you get paid on levels it is mlm wake up people also I bought vitamins from competition with same ingredients for 1/3 the price.They may be good but it is what it is


You may have bought vitamins from the competition with the same ingredients for 1/3 of the price but can you tell us what your ROA is? Does the company that you bought from say what the ROA is?

(RATE OF ABSORPTION). Just because it has the same ingredients doesn't mean you're absorbing anything especially if the ingredients include anything oxide? Magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, how about iron sulfate or copper sulfate? Tell me, how are they telling you, you're absorbing them?

Because unless there is a method, you aren't getting any of them. Oh they'll tell you the RDA is 100% but what you absorb from them is totally different. Look up why Melaleuca tells you , you'll absorb 99% of all the vitamins and minerals...and while you're at'll also find in that research that their supplements are 6 times the strength of the cheaper supplements you bought. SIX times the strength.

Then also in your research look up the Sterling Report and the Frieberg Study and read it.

NOBODY has the research, and NOBODY can do what their supplements do. Thank you for your attention.


You're very intense for being so confident about your company. I've read your posts throughout and fell like you should research some other companies who are more transparent and modern.


Sorry you missed out! You can't 'recruit' people on 'different levels'.

That really is MLM stuff. We all open shopping accounts the same way---no 'levels'. We 'preferred customers' all pay the same price, and shop for incredibly good products, mostly below grocery store prices, just for agreeing to shop monthly. That was the kind of account you opened.

Remember, you told the co. what to send if you should forget to shop in a given month. Like most customers, I always just phone in or go online and buy what I need. Retail customers pay a little more and may or may not shop each month.

For people who work for the company, promotions are earned by opening accounts for shoppers. You cannot buy a 'level' or a 'position'. It's a real business.


If you'd sent the form which you could get online, or even a note signed and faxed in with your information, even if they were closed, your account would be closed the next day if you requested that. (They close on Sundays.)

I can't imagine why any smart person would NOT shop with Melaleuca. The products are superior, and SO reasonably priced. I had an HVAC guy in yesterday and he saw my hand soap, and began to tell me how much his family liked it.

He doesn't work for the company--just started using things his wife bought, and raved about how they were better than anything he had ever used before. That's why people shop month after month, year after year with Melaleuca.

Now if you were "hygienically challenged" and you don't use deodorant, wash your body or hair, don't do laundry, don't clean anything, you don't eat snacks nor other good-for-you things, a shopping account might be useless for you. No, come to think of it, the luxury skin care and cosmetics, candles,---I'd still have to keep my account!


Thank you for summing this up correctly! I just wanted to add one thing: mlm is multi levels of distribution.

The direct selling association, US trade and patent office and some us senators have stated that if you mistake Melaleuca for a mlm, you don't understand either business model. With melaleuca we don't sell anything as independent marketing execs.

We just refer people to shop with melaleuca! And it's great!


Like all things today in business - MLM has simply been manipulated in yet another way. Wake up from your brainwashing seminars.


Its NOT a MLM and no one in the business uses the language "uplines" due to the confusion with MLM schemes. There is no pyramid either.

You are confused about the purpose of the company. Its a shopping concept based on referrals. You shop for the stuff you want that you are buying anyway like toothpaste and laundry detergent and for sharing your experience with a friend you can earn a commission when they shop. You do not sell anything or process or bill anything.

In return for your monthly loyal shopping (much like you shop frequently at Kroger or WalMart) they give you a discount of 30-40% on higher quality products at grocery store products. You would be doing a disservice by misinforming people about a company that you do not understand.


If you are getting commissions from every customer you 'recruit' that IS MLM. Why else would any rep for this company bother to recruit new customers and reps if they weren't getting benefits up the line? Obviously YOU don't understand MLM or pyramid schemes which is what this company is, call it what you like.

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