San Diego, California

I was pretty mad when I wrote my complaint below. I just want to say that Melaleuca isn't all that bad. Yes, I was angry, but after getting in touch with the right person at Melaleuca directly, I'm happy to say they got the problem resolved.

I don't think I'm going to continue as a customer for now because we are also in the process of moving, but I anticipate I will re-enroll as a customer again some day.

I thought it was only fair to give an update. Their customer service really is pretty good.

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Actually, you can reactivate for free through your sixth month after canceling your membership. After your sixth month, you will need to pay the membership fee again, so don't wait too long after you get into your new house to reactivate!


Thank you for your update. Please be advised that if you cancel, you will not be able to re-enroll until after six (6) months after cancellation.

Please keep me in mind when you want to come back because I will be here for ever!, my name is Kipson.

Take care!

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