Bronx, New York

Wanted an exchange from a previous order, sent the package back to the Melaleuca also paid a remaining balance. It has been 2 months I have not received my package.

I called, spoke to a representative she said that their are not going to send it out to me because that is a back order and a whole bunch of scrap. I feel if you sent me something that I don't want and I returned it back to you in exchange for something I want and I already make a payment you should send my order. Isn't that fair?

Other companies do not find that difficult but Melaleuca sure does. The company is twisted so are the employees that work for them

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Aren't you glad that the money you used to buy their U.S. PATENTED products revolves and benefits you and the rest here at your homeland instead goes to other countries like China etc...etc.? Just be thankful that there is a company that takes care of people like us.


You should always send your packages to any company with return receipt requested to make sure they got the package. You can not blame everything on Melaleuca.

They do stand by their policy of returns and if you had done things the right way you would have gotten your package. Don't forget, there are people out there trying to scam companies and get things for free.

What makes anyone think you are not doing that to the company?


yes, they send you back up orders if you fail to order for the month as a preferred customer. But you can send it back just like my customers. But you can also shop anytime you like, just like you do in regular grocery stores as a regular NOT a PREFERRED customer but with no 30-40% , coupons, web specials and free $20 loyalty products.You don't get 30-40% discount in regular grocery stores

Honestly, I like the products I purchased with them especially the vitamins, hair care products and Renew I use. I have been taking Vit C and other stuff in regular stores before for a long time but nothing works like the Immune Activate C in keeping my immune system healthy. I never had a cold in the past six months since I joined. I have allergies too and a history of asthma so I easily get colds and cough which turns into bronchitis in a weeks time...but not anymore.

You should have read the Preferred Customer brochure they sent you with your first orders and all the materials that came with them. All the information are there. I tell all my customers about the monthly commitment and that they can also quit being a preferred customer.


There is no "autoship" that you didn't agree to like the comment beneath this. With Melaleuca, you place your order that you wish to place and if you don't cancel your account OR place an order you will receive a back up order.

If you didn't want the back up order, you could have cancelled your account, and it you did, you need to pay off the remaining balance to reactivate your account.


That is why you don't sign up with a company that puts you on autoship with out giving you the option to purchase when you want. Perhaps you should go with a reputable company.

If you like to know more about my company send me an email @ and I can chat with you about what my company does. No backoarder, you don't have to be on autoship if you don't want and you can send products back and get another in 3-4 days guaranteed.


Making an order every month insures that everyone gets paid. This is the great thing about this company.

Also, it is in bad taste to tell someone to come over to your company if they didn't like Melaleuca. What makes you think your company is so much better? Have they been around for 30 years like Melaleuca or are they a fly by night company that probably won't be around next year.

This is very laughable. Good luck with that one!!!!!


Dumb comment. I thought people like you loved the idea of competition, or is that just more blah, blah, that you rieterate like trained seals?


When you sign up as a preferred customer (discount), you also agreed to have a BACK UP order sent if you forget to put in your monthly order. This BACK up order is sent if Melaleuca did not receive your monthly order on the last day of the month.

It is your responsibility to customize the items in this back up order so you do not get unwanted products.

Furthermore, Preferred customers can always cancel this status and purchase at Retail prices with no monthly commitment. Everyone shops differently.

I have had absolutely no issues with returning products and all my interactions with Melaleuca customer service have been positive.


You are trying to circumvent the rules. You knew them when you signed on.

If you don't like what is have the option to change the content.

You fell behind, and they sent you the previous months order.,,, and because you made a payment you feel as though you can switch it out this month. They are correct you are wrong.


spot on, its spelled out clearly and if you dont sign your back order on form they ring you to confirm

coming here and spitting out their venom some sad people

id be wary people like this :x


Wow, you sound like you are a classy person here. No one spits any venom on anyone.

Melaleuca is a good company and they have never had to go back on anything they have done. This company is better off not having people like you in it, go back to your Wal Mart job or cleaning people's houses, that is your mantality.


Last time I checked, this was a 'complaints' forum, not an avenue for those involved in this pyramid scheme to sprout how great their company is. If people have genuine complaints about Melaleuca, they are entitled to air them here.

Personally, I prefer to do my shopping when I want with companies that don't charge me to shop with them, nor tell me I have to spend so much every month. I don't need to pay ridiculous prices for products I can make at home, just so numerous people down the line can get their commissions. I don't clean people's houses and there is no Walmart where I live, neither do I have a Costco membership.

I don't believe I should have to be a 'member' of a company to shop there. Whether their products are good or bad is irrelevant, it's their business method that is questionable.

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