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Apparently, you can’t go a month without ordering because they end up automatically charging you for a back up box of crap.

I purposely did not place an order in June because I could not afford anything nor was I overly impressed with the first box. The protein bars were not good and felt like I was chewing cardboard. The vitamins had absolutely no affect on me and the energy powder you drop into water was extremely too sweet and tart. I took two sips and had to dump it because 1) it was way too strong based on recommended dose 2) I got sick to my stomach shortly after.

Yesterday morning 7/3/18 I noticed an unauthorized charge from Melaleuca and I contacted them immediately to cancel the order as it caused me to overdraft my checking account. Once again, I wasn’t planning on making an order. There was no warning they were going to charge me; no phone calls or email notifications. They just went ahead and charged my card. When I called to cancel, I was told that I could not cancel my order because the order had processed and would ship out that day. However, I had checked prior to calling and the order is still processing. They told me I would have to wait until the box arrives and I would need to ship it back on my own dime. However, it is now 7/4/18 and my order was never shipped and it is still processing. Basically, I was lied to. So, in one day Melaleuca fraudulently charged my card and then lied to me about not being able to cancel the order and that the order was shipping out.

I asked to have my account canceled and of course it’s a pain in the butt. They’re won’t cancel over the phone; you have fill out something online, print it, sign it and return it to the company. It’s worse than canceling a gym membership. I’m guessing it’s another way they scam people into keeping their membership.

These people are scam artists and committed fraud. As a Veteran, I’m appalled that companies like Melaleuca are allowed to treat consumers like this and flat out lied to me on the phone. I’ll be making sure this company is reported to every agency I know of.

Bottom line is this; don’t waste your money on their products. Everything is over priced, even at their preferred membership price. I’ve seen no results, everything tasted awful and even the “friend” that signed me up hasn’t promoted this company on social media since I signed up.

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Thanks! Confirming that I should not work with this company.


The person who commented saying they could not cancel their account is the typical lying malcontent that complain about everything. The cancelation process is extremely easy but more importantly, the reorder rate for the company’s products is an astounding 96%. You cannot find that anywhere else.

to Mike #1529881

It’s so easy huh, so you’ve cancelled?


They make this VERY CLEAR when you sign up. I just signed up and was told this multiple times.


To cancel an account all you have to do is call the company they will email you a form to sign and all you do is email, Fax, mail or use quick send app to send back to them. I know many people that have cancelled their account with no problem.Personally I love the company and all the products, definitely a life changer for me!

to Donna Swallow #1519485

Question...... Any particular reason for going through all the red tape to cancel but its so simple to sign up?

I mean it seem like it's very easy to give your money away but it's certain requirements to cancel and if these steps are not followed they will continue to charge you . Just wondering!!


Yes totally agree. Everyone needs to stay away from this company.

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