Atascadero, California

After being told by my ophthalmologist to use a hair product sold by Malaluca, I tried to order but was told I had to be recommended for membership (required to establish an account) by an already established member. I consider this requirement a silly but esoteric advertising campaign.

Who ever heard of interrupting a busy doctor to find out what the secret handshake is.

Reminded me of when I was a kid, sending away for the secret code translator allowing me to interpret the secret message on the product package. It said, "drink ovaltine." How to wake these people up?

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Shampoo.

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Its no different than Costco....You pay a yearly fee to shop at Costco. And signing up for Melaleuca is cheaper than Costco. Not to mention if you sign up as a preferred customer you get discounts on ALL the products automatically.


I did forget to include my email address should anyone choose to send me a message privately you are free to do so.


Honestly, you can become a Direct Customer and not pay the enrollment fee and not have a monthly point commitment that are required to be a Preferred Customer. You still need to be enrolled, but the level is up to you.

The only thing to remember as a Direct Customer you do not get the discount on the products. If you are only going to purchase one item occasionally, then you probably want to consider being a Direct Customer.

And before everyone slams me for being honest, let me say this...I am a business builder that runs my business with complete honesty and integrity. I am always up front about the options to open an account to purchase and leave it up to the customer to choose what option is best for them.

I also emphasize what the point commitment is and how the backup order system works. If they want to cancel, I walk them through the steps to cancel and then make sure it shows up on my end so that I know they have been canceled by corporate as requested.

Tracy B

I could help you sign up if your interested. I am a Melaleuca marketing executive who would love to help you. Through June 30th you can enroll for $1 and then we could help you meet your wellness needs.

Tracy B

I could help you sign up if your interested. I am a Melaleuca marketing executive who would love to help you. Thorugh June 30th you can enroll for $1 and then we could help you meet your wellness needs.


Interested in the product but have been met with a very un-friendly and un cooperative website. Definitely not user friendly. Please help me to sign in and become a member, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Roxy2silver@ :)



I am going to be renewing my membership and would be willing to discuss working something out with you so that you could have the product needed. My email is:



I'm a Melaleuca rep and will be glad to set you up with Melaleuca.

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