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I have been trying to cancel my Melaleuca membership account for months but they will not let me. They keep telling me to fill out a form (that is not accessible anywhere), and fax it in by the third week of the month and if they process it in time, they will stop shipping automatically.

I am extremely frustrated. I cannot get a manager on the phone and when I finally did, he told me that I signed a contract for auto shipments of products. They are charging me $70 per month for products I don't even want. If I send the products back, I don't even get a credit.

It's ridiculous. I called the Better Business Bureau but the process to file a complaint is very time consuming. I would suggest you stay away from this company. Their products are full of fillers and sugars!

The makeup made my skin breakout as well!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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I am sorry people. Get a clue. Call the company; log onto the website - type in cancel membership and it pulls up the form. Print it out and fax it in or mail it in. Is it that much harder than emailing? What did people do 20 years ago before Internet?

As for the person that that Melaleuca owes you $1000.00. If you can't figure out how to close your account, change your checking account so they don't take money out. This aint rocket science people.

HELP YOURSELF and stop complaining. Some people don't have anything better to do than complain. If you would spend half your energy you spent writing this message towards asking or researching how to close your account, it would be done.

Hey - here is another idea... call your the person that enrolled you. They can help you too!!! Wowie - I am full of ideas.


It is ridiculous that people have a problem finding the cancelation form on the website and filling it out and faxing it. It is the easiest thing.

It takes 10 mins.

Melaleuca has a policy on cancllations and ask you to do it a certain way which is simple. If you want to do it your own way and have trouble cancelling it's because your not following directions.


I used to have a membership with them about 2 years ago. I rejoined again 2 months ago because I loved everything about them.

All you have to do is print out a quick letter saying you'd like to cancel your membership. Include the necessary info...your name, ID number, and you need to sign it too. And you have till the 25th of the month to fax it to their fax number 1-888-528-2090. It's the easiest thing.

They don't question why.

You can call them the following day to verify it's been cancelled and you'll see they'll have it in their system. It's really not as a big hairy deal as you guys are making it.


I've had a membership with Melaleuca that I had to cancel before because of a circumstance in my life. There's no special form.

You just write out a handwritten letter (one sentence) saying you want to cancel it. Sign it, date it, put your customer ID number, your phone number on file, fax it by the 25th of the month and that's it. Takes about 30 seconds.

They don't give you any problem about it and it's a done deal. Geez!


I also have been trying to cancel my membership to.I went to the bank after i got nowhere with the company.My banker said as long as i let them know i was canceling and tried to deal with the company.Then it is fraud!! I am doing just that.I cant afford this stuff anymore!I did try to get the paper printed out that they said to mail in,It was impossible to print out anywhere!So they leave me no choice but to!I really,Really hope this helps.Who knows maybe a Lawsuit needs to happen?I have months and months of syuff i dont need.Nor can i afford :sigh I thought this company was a good company!? :upset But i guess we live and learn?If anyone want to buy stuff and not be stuck with the company,Let me know.I have lots :eek


My husband and i have been trying to cancel our membership from Melaleuca as well for the past year. Why do they make it so difficult to cancel?

With isagenix, it's really simple to cancel autorenew or there is also the option to skip a month. This is very frustrating!!

Why do we have to mail in a letter? Why can't we just email?

I like the products but it makes me not want to use them since the customer service is so poor.


I have helped numerous people cancel without an issue whatsoever.... I'm about to do the same in December.... it is pretty simple if you just follow the steps.

"A Marketing Executive may cancel his/her Independent Marketing Executive Agreement, and a Customer may cancel his/her Customer Membership Agreement, by giving written notice to Melaleuca bearing his/her original signature, printed name, address, Customer Number and reason for canceling (to assist Melaleuca in improving its customer service). If an individual or entity is a Preferred Customer and a Marketing Executive, the letter should specify which agreement(s) should be cancelled. Written cancellations received by Melaleuca on or before the 25th of the month will be effective the month received. Written cancellations received by Melaleuca after the 25th of the month will be effective the following month. Cancellation notices must be mailed to: Melaleuca, 3910 S. Yellowstone Hwy., Idaho Falls, ID 83402 (See Statement of Policies #10). Or you can fax your cancellation to 1-888-528-2090."

That should do it:)


I just found the form rather quickly on their site. Just go to the help center on line, click on membership and then select How do i suspend my bebefits?

It will ask you a few times not to go but eventually gives a pdf to download, print, complete and fax back. Took me 5 minutes including downloading the form. Hopefully they will honor the terms on the form - note that you have to fax it by a certain date for the next months payment not to post. Good luck.

I have been a customer for 3 years. Never had a problem.

Always great service. Never tried to leave so can't comment on that but the form was not hard to find.


I also have been trying to cancel for over a year. I moved and called them and said i wish to cancel...they mentioned a form, i told them i cannot find that form anywhere on the site and asked her to JUST CANCEL it....time goes by and I never received any product so I thought all was good!!!

I noticed several months later in one of my bank accounts (That i do not use anymore as i have been saving for my daughters schooling) that Melaleuca has been removing $88 a month and I have never seen any product(as when i moved i told her I cancelled) $88 a month for 10 months as I continued to tell them I DO NOT WANT IT ANYMORE!!! and when speaking with them they told me that they couldnt track all the way back only for the past 5 months (which is a lie)and did confirm that YES they have been receiving the product back.....but guess what they never returned my money!!! they told me they can only return what they could track and could only refund $400 worth and when i got a cheque it was for only $100..(which i had to give them my new address to send the cheque to)...So gues what ?

yes they have continued to take out the money and once a month when i get home from work...there lies another package at my door!!! it has been over a year and I have called them 4 times and faxed them my cancellation twice...It should NOT be my job to cancel that particular direct deposit with my account...Melaleuca should just CLOSE MY ACCOUNT as asked several times!!!!

I am very angry and owed back close to $1000.00 as I keep sending it back and they do NOT return my money!!!!!


If you go to and look on the site there is a suspend perferred benifits form, you will click on it then it will bring up a page(make sure you pop up blocker is not on) once you do that click on the no thanks icon for the add. keep clicking it, there will be a link for the PDF FILE(you must have adobe reader), fill out the form and fax or mail it to them, its not a scam you just have to use your brain sometimes.


Im trying to cancel mine now. there is NO WAY to do it!

cant find the form online.

its a scam. they steal money.


Cancelling a Melaleuca membership is extremely easy. I had read the complaints about it here and on another site, so I decided to see what people were talking about.

It is crazy how simple it is. I recorded a video I recorded this morning.

It took me about 120 seconds to record and cancel Melaleuca. Go to you tube and search "How To Cancel Melaleuca in only two minutes"

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