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I have been trying to cancel my Melaleuca membership account for months but they will not let me. They keep telling me to fill out a form (that is not accessible anywhere), and fax it in by the third week of the month and if they process it in time, they will stop shipping automatically.

I am extremely frustrated. I cannot get a manager on the phone and when I finally did, he told me that I signed a contract for auto shipments of products. They are charging me $70 per month for products I don't even want. If I send the products back, I don't even get a credit.

It's ridiculous. I called the Better Business Bureau but the process to file a complaint is very time consuming. I would suggest you stay away from this company. Their products are full of fillers and sugars!

The makeup made my skin breakout as well!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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I have been a customer for five years and been trying to cancel for months. I was told they would email a form and I was to fill it out, take a picture with my smart phone and email it back.

There was no firm, only a sign in to my account which supposedly will take me to a cancel link.

I can't sign in because I don't remember my password, guess what, there is no "forgot password" prompt so I'm stuck. Looks like another phone call and a waste of my time.


You didn't read your contract or google "cancel Melaleuca menbership"?

Your bad not theirs.


Yep. Try getting out of their security.

You'll have someone tell you to own up to your responsibilities and that you will be paying the 875.00 in full even though the alarm still sits in the box because it was not the right one for your current connections.


These products are not what they were presented to me. They contain HFCS's and tons of whey and canola oil.

The very garbage i want to get away from. Look at the ingredient list

of their chocolate and vanilla shakes (GARBAGE) canola, HFCS, Whey and soy. All of those ingredients are super garbage! Melaleuca, if you want my business and the business of my friends please remove these carcinogens from your products.

Im canceling my membership today, as is my girlfriend Sonia. She said the vitamins left her nauseous...Chef L


Not sure which products you are looking at but I have yet to find High Fructose Corn Syrup in any of the products. Whey is what the primary protein complex is in their protein shake, which is what is used in 95% of ergogenics on the market.

In comparison to any product at GNC, Melaleuca's ergogenics are far superior. If you are looking for 100% all natural, move out into the country and grow your own food and have an herb garden to make into your own cleaning/consumable products. Stop shopping at Walmart, Costco, GNC, Krogar, Safeway, and even Whole Foods because 100% natural isn't in any of these stores. In fact, you will have to stop buying synthetic clothing, furniture, and modern luxuries to fully be 100% natural.

Fact is, everything you use on a daily basis is a choice of brand. Smart consumers look for the brand that best fits their lifestyle. Obviously, Melaleuca is not your brand. But please don't complain about their manufacturing ethics without educating yourself about them first.

Like I said, I have not found High Fructose Corn Syrup in any of their labels. They don't use ascuflame, aspertame, sucrose in their products like many other manufacturing companies do. Moreover, the science behind their products are far superior than anything you will ever find at Kroger or Walmart.

As for cancellation, someone posted the steps how to do so.

It is easy and I have done it for my ex boyfriend (that fallout was pretty bad). The reason why they do it like that is to make sure it is you who want your account canceled and not a pissed off relative or vindictive ex-wife who wants to ruin your life. This avoids mistakes and accidental cancellations, ego lawsuits. Calling the company is always a pleasure, I have never had a bad experience with them.

If you want customer service, call Wells Fargo, Comcast, AT&T, or Sam's Club; they will be happy to take care of you.


Not sure why anyone would want to cancel, it is a great company and fantastic products. My eczema is completely gone, the scar above my eyebrow is almost gone, my hair doesn't break off like it did, my nails are thick and strong, I lost 30lbs very easily, my son's acne is gone, and my kids' are not sick every time I turn around.

Come to think of it, I haven't been sick since I started using the products either. I am very amazed by this.

If you are thinking about canceling, I encourage you to try it for 60 days. Buy products from Melaleuca's store instead of the grocery store.

Be honest with yourself about it. Go to the grocery store with the order form and compare prices. (Remember the Loyalty Dollars compensate the shipping & handling). Watch the videos and use Google.

Be fair about your findings. Then, if you still don't like it and buying the products doesn't save you money, time, or improve your health, cancel your account. No hard feelings, it just isn't for you. Please don't slander or misrepresent the company though.

I don't slander or misrepresent your company.

There is the form.

1. Print it out. 2.

fill it out. 3. Send it in

fax: 1-888-528-2090; mail: Melaleuca Data Entry 3910 S. Yellowstone Hwy Idaho Falls, ID.

83402; scan & email: If you don't have a printer, write on a piece of paper your name, phone, ID #, address, & reason why you want to cancel. If you had a spouse on the account, you need their information as well. Then sign it and send it in. Now you can send it in anytime before the end of the month.

Call 4-5 business days after you sent in the cancellation form to verify your account status is suspended. If you change your mind for any reason, you can reactivate your account within 6 months without paying the membership costs again.

If it doesn't interest you, then just let it be.


I faxed in the form for my mother. I know they received it b.c I got the confirmation on my end and then their fax machine kept calling mine.

I had to cal in and spoke to cs re this. Now they are billing my mother again and saying they have not received anything. Total lie from a Total *** company. The fact that when i googled the fax number that was calling me and i pulled up site after site of complaints (mainly over billing) tells me that this is a pyramid-scam company.

Now I have to fight for my mother to get her money back. Clearly they received it b.c my fax wouldn't stop ringing after that. Hate these scam companies.

Total *** and lies. RUN - DON"T BUY MELECRAPPA.


I just cancelled my Melaleuca account and it took under 5 minutes. (As much as I love the products I can't afford the monthly commitment right now. If they lowered it I'd rejoin)

1. Log in to your account

2. Select "MY ACCOUNT" - it is located at the top right of the page

3. Select "SUSPEND PREFERRED CUSTOMER BENEFITS" from the left side navigation - it is in green

4. Click "PROCEED TO SUSPEND PREFERRED CUSTOMER BENEFITS FORM" at the bottom of the page, there is a green arrow button beside it


6. Select "PLEASE SUSPEND MY PREFERRED CUSTOMER BENEFITS PERMANENTLY" - when you select that the DOWNLOAD button will activate

7. Click "DOWNLOAD" - a new window will open with a PDF of the suspension (cancellation) form

8. Print form - (hover over bottom right of page and toolbar will appear)

9. Fill out form completely - use the name on your account, the address your orders are sent to and if you do not know your account number go to your account page, it is on the top left in the body of the page

10. Fax form to 1-888-528-2090, no cover sheet needed

11. Immediately Melaleuca will fax back a confirmation form. It will include the top 3 inches of your cancellation form (customer number, name and address). If this area is blank, black or illegible, fax your cancellation form AGAIN - if this info does show up on their confirmation fax there is nothing more to do.

That's it. See not so hard... :grin


I've been with Melaleuca for nearly 10 years. I don't actively look for people to sign up, but still I order between $100 to $200.00 worth of products EVERY month. What I've found is that everything from the Toothpaste to the Sports Drinks are BETTER than what I would find at Publix or Winn Dixie for about the same price or less. The better comparison is Whole Foods, yet at prices that are literally HALF of what Whole Foods charges. All the products are all natural, with no harmful chemicals, and made to incredibly high standards.

If you're used to buying junk at the Dollar Store, you probably won't see any value in this company. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll stay happy.

If you have Champaign Taste, but a beer budget, you're going to LOVE this company.

Truth is people are sick and tired of being bombarded with Chemicals just because they want to clean their bathrooms, or wash their clothes. People are sick of buying Vitamins that have nonexistent absorption ratios and opening their dishwashers to a cloud of noxious gases. People don't want to take a snack break just to read the ingredients and find that they just put a TON of chemicals and preservatives into their system, because the Cookie companies won't make anything wholesome anymore.

Again, if these things don't concern you then keep doing what you're doing. Keep buying Popcord loaded with Transfats, Keep buying chemically derived vitamins, keep buying Noxious Glass Cleaners and other poisons to keep around your kids. If they DO concern you then you have two choices. Bring your Whole Paycheck to Whole Foods, or sign up for a Membership with Melaleuca.

Despite what you hear on these boards, a simple phone call is all it takes to get a refund for the products, your membership EVERYTHING. You HAVE TO BE satisfied, they did't become a Billion Dollar company by ripping everyone off.

If you have any other questions, email me at juan at yourgreenchance dot com or call me at (954)324-1268


I suggest you read your labels, melaleuca products are no more "green" or "natural" than anything produced by Lever or Procter and Gamble. You will not find most of the ingredients which are listed in melaleuca personal care product labels available in Whole Foods so the price comparison is irrelevant.


This is total BS. The form is right on the front page of your account info.

Fax it ion and you will be canceled within hours! What a total ***!


After researching the product line on your Melaleuca website, (which sound like an all natural product company) I see now that nearly all of the products described are not excipent free and have toxic tatalongs or undesirable synthetic chemicals in them.

I am a licensed Chiropractic Pracitioner in California I only use and endorse Natural, organic products from live sources that are not synthetic in anyway or form and are healthiest for the body. These are not that.

With respect, I do not feel that I can fully endorse this company at this time and would like a full refund of my membership essential kit which I am working on rerouting your product item back to the company after only 3 days of enrolling.

P.S The termination of membership form is not downloadable as other's have pointed out. Very suspicious. :sigh


I too was disappointed by the ingredients, when the products arrived I found many of the ingredients which I had been avoiding for years included on the labels.

I also had difficulty cancelling my membership. After downloading and completing the form, I scanned it into a pdf file as instructed and attached it to an email which I sent to the address on the form. The email came back rejected by the servers spam filter. I called the company and was given a second email address to use along with the explanation that they can not control the spam filter. I had the same result with the second address. I have now re-saved the pdf and renamed it to exclude words like "cancellation, suspend, membership" and have also omitted those words from the subject line and body of the message. So far, it has not come back, but I also have not received the email confirmation which they said would automatically be generated when my request was received.

I do feel the process is a bit ridiculous, I tried the products in good faith, they were not a good fit for me, I think the company's position should be more of "thanks for giving us a try, were sorry we didn't meet your expectations" instead of "you signed a pay". We had moved to a state which did not have a Costco at the time, all I had to do was call them and they sent me a refund for a prorated portion of my annual membership fee.


OMG!!! What a bunch of cry baby *** Here's the fax number : 1-888-528-2090.

Take a piece of paper, write your name, date,account number, phone number and state you want cancel your membership. Do it BEFORE the 25th of the month. DONE! As for auto-ship - if you never set it up to ship the products you use they will send you new and most popular products.

SEND THEM BACK - CHECK "REFUND". What is so tough people - is reading directions really that hard for you?

Get a baby sitter for yourselves. Do you know how ridiculous your moronic rants make you appear?


there only a billion dollar company beacuse they charge like 40 dollar for one *** toothpaste that really isnt worth *** its just another *** toothpaste like colgate or someshit... DONT EVER GET MELALECUA they suck dont!!!!!!!

THIS COMPANY SHOULD BURN DOWN TO THE GROUND!!!!! im cancelling this *** memership i have with them


Their tooth polish is $3.89, much cheaper and better than Tom's of Maine. You should really educate yourself before you make false statements.




I have been a customer for over five years with no problems. I have had people who have signed up with me cancel with no problems.

The problems lie in the people who don't take time to read what is required for cancellation. FAX or MAIL in the form prior to the 25th of the month and call to follow up that it was received! SEND BACK any backup orders that were received and make sure you check the box "CREDIT MY ACCOUNT" so that your balance will equal out. They send you a membership kit for a reason!

READ YOUR PAPERWORK! This wouldn't be a BILLION dollar company if they had bad business/ethical practices!


Do people not look at the membership kit?? The cancellation form is right there!!!

No wonder people are frustrated, they dont have the sense to go other the papers that come to you. What happened to read everything!!


When you call them they give you the wrong information they dont know how to example themselves they always same thing :(

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