Vienna, South Dakota

I have emailed twice and talked to a customer rep three times and they tell you to go to your options to cancel and you can never get there!! they keep takin it out of my account, i think tellin them via email or phone is good enough, finally had to tell bank to cut them off!!

Not a way to run a business!!!!

Melaluca is a scam that gets you in but has every excuse not to let you out!! People sometime have hard financial times that dont let this be posible but you cant get out no matter how hard you try!!!

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I have worked with this company for years and support my family with the check they send each month. They are a legitimate caring company!


Hi there! I have been with Melaleuca for almost 5 years now, if you need to cancelyour account all you have to do is fax in a piece of paper that says....

Please cancel my account (your name) and your customer ID# or number on file sign and date it.

they actually make it very easy there is no way way to cancel over the phone or by email it either has to be by mail or faxed in. if you need anything please let me know the company is awesome and I am really sorry it didn't work for you.


Why are the two comments praising this company? If the customer spoke with a representative 3 times, why couldn't they tell her to fax or mail in a cancellation letter? Not someone I'd want to do business with.


BEFORE becoming a Melaleuca customer, I asked about the cancellation process, and was told: YOU HAVE TO FAX OR MAIL IN YOUR CANCELLATION REQUEST BY THE 25TH OF THE MONTH. MELALEUCA WILL NOT SEND OUT A BACKUP ORDER if this is done.

So, I gave it a try. After signing up, I was sent very detailed information on being a customer, and lo & behold, the cancellation process was as I was informed. Why fax? Marketing Execs are making atliving off of this business.

So... they want to make sure the request is legitimate and verifiable to a degree just in case the cancellation request was not FROM YOU.


If you read your contract it tells you how to cancel. You have to fax or mail in a paper stating that you want to cancel.

I have been a customer for years and am a successful business builder.

I have customers that chose to quit for one reason or another and we explain to them what needs to be done and they do it, and on some occasions we fax it in for them and never fails. You also have to do it before the last 8 or 10 days of the month too.

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