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There are companies and competition from Melaleuca that would like to see Melaleuca go away-every month 20,000 to 50,000 or more people are switching stores from the grocery to Melaleuca. Melaleuca is consumer direct marketing -it is not a pyramid-which is illegal-Amway and hundreds of companies are Multi level marketing companies and people are at much risk with that vehicle.

Melaleuca is risk free and for $29 you can be a lifetime member more cost effective and better than Sam's Club or Cosco. No bulk shopping where you are buying bulk chemicals at those clubs spending $50-$100 a year to be a member. Instead Melaleuca has incredible products at reasonable prices that are all guaranteed. Want to share this with someone with a 95% reorder rate every month whoever refers a customer gets paid-the residuals are un-ending-Senior Directors average $60,000 a year-an incredible compensation plan.-there is a documented 95% reorder rate every month for 26 years from Melaleuca. The reason the products. Melaleuca is a form of shopping done on the internet or a toll free number where customers order products at wholesale. Some of the incredible wellness concerns that are solved include some of the recommended uses for Melaleuca products based on research and the clinical experiences of health care professionals and veterinarians, and proven household solutions ...From the Melaleuca Wellness Guide, RM Barry Publications:

Some healthy Body Solutions:

Arthritis(sports injury in 1984 gave right arthritic for over 10 years hip-gone in 6 weeks with Replenex), Heart Disease(I had bypass in 2004 6 blocked arteries-I am on no drugs since 2005), Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, Cholesterol, Depression, Menopause, Allergies, Asthma, Hypertension, Chronic fatigue, Osteoporosis, Weight management, Skin, Skin Wrinkles, Macular Degeneration( cloudy vision after being mugged in 2001-punched beneath my right eye-gone after taking- have 20/20 vision and attribute this to Melaleuca's Nutraview I am 71 years, Night Blindness, Healthy Animals, Prostate,Fibromyalgia, Stress, M/S, ADHD, Cuts,Burns, Dental, Gum Disease, Air Purification, Allergic reaction, Age Spots, Bronchitis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Burns, Cataracts, Cat Scratches, Chemotherapy, Chicken Pox, Cold Sores, Headaches , Heartburn, Leg Cramps, Leucorrhoea, Leukoplakia, Lice, Liver Disorders, Longevity, Lupus, Massage, Measles. Mononucleosis, Morning Sickness, Mosquito Bites, Mosquito Spray,Mouthburn Relief, Mucous, Muscle Strain, Nasal Congestion, Nervousness, Neurodermatitis, Neuropathy,Nicotine Withdrawal, Nutrition, Obesity, Oily Hair, Osgood,-Schlatter's Disease, Osteoarthritis, Parkinson's Disease, Paronychia, Plaque, Planter warts, Poison Ivy etc., Poultice, Pregnancy, Prickly heat, Pruritis, Psoriasis, Radiation Burns, Rashes, Razor Burns, Rheumatism, Ringworm, Rosacea, Rubella,Shingles, Shaving rash, Sinus Congestion,Sinusitis, Skin Care, Skin Wounds, Sneezing, Sore gums, Sore throat, Stress, Swimmer's ear, Thrush, Ticks,Tinnitus, Toothache,Ulcers, Urethritis, Urinary tract Infections, Vaginitis, Varicose Veins, Walking, warts, Yeast infections, Zona. Abscesses, Aches & Pains, Acne, Air Purification, Alzheimer's Disease, Anemia, Asthma, Bee 7 Wasp stings, Athletic injuries,

Plus much more.

There are other advantages to being a Melaleuca preferred customer -650 on line retailers with discounts including Best Buy, Kohl's-Plus cellphone service that is an incredible savings like a Droid phone for free that Verizon wanted $149.

Their cleaning products alone are more cost effective than Wall Mart, work better than Clorox,Tide, Ammonia and with no safety caps.

Backed by Thomas Donahue the CEO of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce and winning over 30 awards see this company has saved even myself from heart attack-with 6 blocked arteries in 2004 having by pass surgery I am on NO drugs since 2005 pus many other stories like my arthritis gone in 6 weeks that I had for 10 years from a sports injury with a patented product that costs $15.When I was mugged for the first time in my life being punched beneath my left I I had 6 stiches and cloudy vision afterwards after using a patented Pharmaceutical product and Nutraview for the eyes 2 1/2 weeks later I had no scar from the stitches and my cloudy vision was gone within a year as the Dr. said there is no cure for this-I am 71 years have 20/20 vision am on no drugs- I have helped people with Diabetes, M/S, Arthritis, high blood pressure, cholesterol, over weight, lack of energy, fibromyalgia and dozens more naturally with the Melaleuca products. I have helped people earn extra income without any risk if they wanted to. My passion with this 26 year old Wellness company is two fold.Helping people have a healthier more cost effective life and earning income and getting out of debt if they want. David Ramsey backs Melaleuca because of many reasons including their financial Freedom University-

The final formaldehyde in the marketplace:

Environmental Protection Agency studies have shown that indoor air pollutants are 3 to 70 times higher than outdoors!

Here's WHY thousands of people every month are SWITCHING STORES…

The following came from a conference call with Kay Heizer, Director of "Healthy Choices" (a non-profit organization comprised of doctors, nurses, environmental scientists and educators committed to teaching the public about the hazards of chemicals in our home and how we can avoid or minimize the risks):

ü 50% of all illness is due to poor indoor air quality [Source: 1989 State of Massachusetts Study]

ü Since 1950, at least 70,000 new chemical compounds have been invented and dispersed into our environment. Only a fraction of these have been tested for human toxicity. We are, by default, conducting a massive clinical toxicology trial, and our children and their children are the experimental animals. [Source: Herbert L. Needleman, M.D., Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., Raising Children Toxic Free]

ü 150 chemicals found in the home are connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders. [Source: Consumer Protection Agency (CPA)]

ü The United States of America Federal Code of Regulations exempts manufacturers from full labeling of products if used for personal, family or household care. [Source USA FCR: Section 1910.1200C, Title 29, Section 1500.82 2Q1A]

ü 3 groups of people are primarily affected by indoor chemical concentrations because they spend more time indoors and their immune systems are weaker. The 3 groups are:

· Infants and toddlers

· Chronically ill

· Elderly [Source: 1988 EPA, 5-year study]

ü In 1901, cancer was rare: 1 out of 8,000. Since the Industrial Revolution, the cancer rate today has risen to 1 in 3 and by the year 2002, it will be 1 in 2. [Source: The American Cancer Society]

ü The top 12 cancer-causing products (called the "Dirty Dozen") in the average home include the following:

"¢ Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder w/Talc

"¢ Crest Tartar Control Toothpaste

"¢ VO5 Hair Conditioner

"¢ Clairol Nice-n-Easy Hair Color

"¢ Ajax Cleanser

"¢ Lysol Disinfectant [Source: The National Cancer Prevention Coalition]

Melaleuca products are all non-toxic work better than major brands.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

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Great company! No MLM.....after years of MLM experiences I switched to Melaleuca.....and I am so happy! :) Best ever!

Just referals.....just customers who share the revenues of the awesome products...


Gee, where are all the Mela-bashers now? I agree, this is a great post.

Thanks for all the details of how Melaleuca has improved your life. I, too, love their products and am now ready to pursue the business part of it in a serious way. Of all the work-from-home companies I have come across, this one has all the good things about all the others and none of the bad. The company is committed to helping people achieve their goals, whether it is financial, healthwise, or employment-wise.

They are very honest about the income you can make without hyping it as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Plus, what store will pay you to shop there? (I'm alluding to the Loyalty Dollars that basically let you get free products!)

Anyway, I've researched a good number of work-from-home companies, and, in my opinion, this is the best and most honest one out there.


I have been a Preferred Customer of Melaleuca 3 times previous to this year. In the past, I was of the same small mindset that some of the complaintants on here are... I thought it was too expensive, didn't want to be stuck with a monthly auto-ship, BLAH,BLAH, BLAH. Now that I am a serious consumer and have really taken the time to understand that we are being poisoned every single day by the cheap toxic chemicals that retail stores are selling to those who are not informed or just plain don't care about their health enough I can't see myself ever NOT being a customer again.

The product line up is greatly expanded from what it was. The fiber drink is the tastiest and most beneficial and highest amount of fiber I have ever seen. The Laundry cleaning products, bathroom cleaning products and dishwashing products are the best ever. The new bars and other food products that are designed for giving more fiber and aiding in weight management are great!

I have purchased items for my home using the onling shopping through the merchants and received a nice rebate check.

This is a great company! You can't please everyone and if you're going to trash Melaleuca or any other company, then you are just not who we are wanting to work with.

If you can't see the value here, then you just continue to poison yourself and your families with the highly toxic chemical laden products you have been using.

Let those of us who appreciate the products and the business opportunity we are able to take advantage of in peace.


love this review!!!


I whole-heartedly agree with and back up everything you've said! Melaleuca products are far better for us, work well, and are so economical because they last so long.

I was involved in 2 other companies that actually are MLM's...some good products but not cheap and were almost "forced buys".

Melaleuca is a great company. I've gotten a small check every month and I've never enrolled a customer personally, and right now am not in for the "business", just the products.

I think some people just don't understand the money saving concept of Melaleuca.

I love Melaleuca and will be (at least) a loyal customer for life!