Lafayette, Louisiana

Got a call from these pigs. My CHILD answered the phone and they started right in with the scamming for Credit Card and Bank information.

FROM WHAT IS OBVIOUSLY A CHILD!! They told the kid to get the cards for the numbers. They actually said go get the credit cards!! Don't believe that liar writing about how they are real.

They are pigs and *** of the earth trying to steal everything from honest people. They are not real. They are scammers.

My kid was smart enough to realize when people are lying. Also, knows what should and should not be done with Dad's wallet.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Report the company to the government. Not those republican do nothing idiots. To the real government..

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There scammers all the spend 130 dollars and they give you points like the teacher gave you in elementary school.when you did good.there products are not natural and your required to sign people can go to traders Joe and get real natural products and don't have to sign anyone up and half the. Price


I am a Melaleuca customer and have never been treated like this and I absolutely love the products. The vitamins are giving me a much better quality of life.

I am very sorry this happened to you and I am aware that in some businesses of this nature individuals make poor choices and act like "pigs" and it's really sad that it reflects on the company as a whole. This is not Melaleuca policy or procedure. I know of people who have conducted their business unethically and Melaleuca will KICK THEM OUT. If you can get ahold of the name of the person who did this to you, please call Melaleuca and make a complaint...

that person will not be allowed to conduct business with them any longer. 1-800-282-3000....and for anyone reading this if you are researching the company or have had a negative experience please report it, and know there are people like me that are absolutely happy customers...I have been one for over 10 years.


That wasn't really Melaleuca.


The company is real, but you may have been tried to be scammed by someone using the company name. Check it out first before you put negativity out there.

No problem with you sharing your experience, but make sure you what you are talking about. Just like people call and say they are from police departments or from other government agencies. People just need to be mindful.

FYI-I get my products from this company monthly and a family member has been working with and been a customer of this company for years.


This is obviously just someone who wants to get something for nothing and is trying to ripoff the company.


This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! I have been a melaleuca customer for 12 years and have referred many customers including friends and family, throughout the years.

I have dealt with customer service, business development and product info. I know this company like family. NEVER WOULD they call to get someone's cc info.

That is completely not how it works! Melaleuca is a company that is based on morals and integrity not lies and trickery like this false post!


I don't believe it was Melaleuca who called your child and asked them to get your credit card. Firstly you have to be a member to buy.

And secondly you have to be over 18 years old to buy unless there is written permission from a parent.

I'm not saying someone was not trying to scam you pretending to be calling from "Meleleuca" which by the way is a very reputable company with excellent products.

I'm saying an imposter called. Too bad they didn't get caught.


Yes and the way the business runs, yoy give them your number and they link you in to an info call. Takes about an hour and they sign you up.

It is all by your consent.

That, my friend was a scammer. I've been through the motions with the calls for info five times this week.


Does not sound anything like the Melaleuca Company I know.


THIS is not true. I have been with the company for 6 years and there is no way that any of this happens with Melaleuca.

This is a scammer calling your not Melaleuca.

Melaleuca does not call people and ask for credit cards. EVER!


Agreed! It is a phony claim.

With over 60,000 orders a month these three or four nonsense claims mean nothing.


If you're a member that wants to take advantage of the generous 30-40% discount on high quality products than they need to have a credit card on file, so they can ship your monthly order. If you don't want to be a member then cancel your membership.

I know several people that were members and canceled. They had no problem doing so. Some people don't appreciate having nontoxic, high quality products. And that's ok.

I know that a lot of diseases are caused by toxic products. So I'll keep my membership!

@Tracy K



Not sure who called your home but Melaleuca needs more than a CC # to sign you up. They need your signature on a form. This person may have been using Melaleuca's name to run a scam.