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I'm going to write as a customer/business person in the industry. Believe it or not, I will cover some good as well as the bad…and the focus of my review isn’t to sway you to join ANY type of opportunity—it’s to spread awareness.

My hope is that other Melaleuca execs will see this and speak up for a change in the company…or if Melaleuca continues not to listen to their marketing executives, they watch others leave or join a competitor company that does, in a way that forces them to actually care about their marketing executives and make changes—not excuses.

Let me say, firstly, that customers complaining about autoship and $60 are just plain ridiculous. As a customer, Melaleuca is absolutely AMAZING. They have over 500+ products and they are affordably priced and good quality. Warning: They ARE green-washed. As in, if you really look at the ingredients, they're not non-toxic but they are better than the dollar store toxic brands.

Their customer service, shipping times and perks as a preferred customer are WONDERFUL. I'm a family of 3 and I easily spend over $200 on our monthly needs so $60 a month in required purchases to maintain your preferred customer status (savings, free products, etc.) is really such a small amount. It's unbelievable to see people whine about that. Sorry but that's a dumb thing to whine about unless you're outrageously cheap and broke.

But now let's talk business. As a business person, I am less than satisfied with my Melaleuca experience and this holds true for MOST experience networkers.

The idea is brilliant.. as with other their competitor companies.. Offer hundreds of everyday items, better quality, Target cost..and make a paycheck off of them simply for sharing and having people switch their “stores” to buy things they were anyway. Pretty much ZERO risk. No need to hold parties, stock up, push for someone to come in at different levels (there are no packages that change your payout).

But BUILDING the business is another story...and, quite frankly, for it being 2018...it's a major headache. It's actually quite sad because Melaleuca has a lot going for it but they simply do NOT listen to their business builders. They claim they do but they don't. If they did, they wouldn't continue to take so many step backs in the network marketing arena that make it difficult for the average network marketer to build this.

•No personal links (you will be required to talk to each person and demand their full name, telephone number and email and manually create an invitation each and every time so you can forget ever creating content and putting a redirect link into it because Melaleuca prevents that. Everything must be done 1-on-1)

•Must hassle people to schedule an appointment instead of simply inviting them to look first

•Once that happens, you often find out they were a customer before (time wasted)

•You cannot even allow them to log into a private website to review very accurate info (like a presentation) It is forbidden completely.

•You must literally sit there with them ONE BY ONE for the entire 45-60 minute duration of the presentation and possibly an additional 45 minutes to answer their questions and talk since this company isn't straightforward

•You will lose literally over half your prospects because of this. We are all busy adults and it’s hard to find preset time in one person’s schedule..much less the other person’s.

•Melaleuca won’t even sign them up as your customer after they sign up, pay, register and set up their backup order..they require they manually purchase items AS WELL or you never get paid and their items are never sent . This is part of their brand new updated policy. It just keeps getting worse.

•Melaleuca is USA based, in order to get in international people (very small handful of countries) you must go through an lengthy application process, pay $75 and then pay $39/year to give you the RIGHT to sign up international folk, the same right that’s well basically free in any other decent network marketing company

•Even once you’re qualified, you’ll have to go through paperwork *** to sign up anyone international and have to wait 2 business days for Melaleuca to process this , forget an easy button for people to sign up

•Your customer was a customer ages ago? Generally, other systems boot you. With Melaleuca, they save info from literally 20+ years back and will require a manual call-in to process you WITH the enroller on the phone. So if you had very little time to work your business (as most of us do) you’ll have even less now spending 45 minutes on the phone. That’s the average. Some process you in 15-20 minutes and a lot of time it takes longer or two phone calls.

•Customer signs up as a regular customer and wants to “upgrade” to preferred. Instead of a button they can click to upgrade, Melaleuca requires them to CALL IN AND the enroller must be on the phone as well for the 3-way. Are we in 1977 or is this 2018?? I have asked why the process is so backward and time consuming and never been given any legitimate answer.

•Absolutely no chat/email support so forget being able to do this with noisy kids or while at work..since most of us cannot continue to call their support line for every simple question

•NO LEVERAGE or knowledge base with pre-answered questions you can search for instead of having to jump through loops

Melaleucas overall response to this is that this is the way things are and they won't be changing. Recently, several people with very large teams reached out and sat down with someone high up in Melaleuca corporate to basically beg them to update their marketing policies because times are changing. Their answer? Nope. Their action? Added new strict marketing policies on top of the existing ones to make the process more miserable.

This company has zero appreciation of the very people who created it and won't even discuss a compromise which is sad.

...and lastly we will get to the outright UGLY.

This company is a bit like a cult. In their policies they encourage executives to argue back with anyone who leaves less than positive review online which I find very unprofessional. They have a department that quite literally scours the internet daily to report and have posts and videos taken down which is pretty psycho. What are they hiding?

I think there's a difference between protecting a companys reputation and failing to admit as a company that you did something wrong and reporting and de-ranking anyone who speaks up.

Additionally if you leave corporate will blow up your phone and there's a high chance you will receive a written letter threatening to sue you if you build any other business. People will say it's just to protect the company and about cross recruiting but its not. They take a small portion of the IMEA that you probably overlooked when you signed and quote it to let you know that you cannot recruit anyone at all that was on your team into any other company or they will take legal action.

This company goes the extra mile into crazy. People are afraid to speak out so it's hard to find this information and these stories. Ask yourself how a 30 year old company hardly has a bad review about the business side online.. Because they have a huge team of people reporting and threatening any blog, website or post that speaks the truth against them.

For this reason I would avoid this company altogether. Their products have cheap fillers, sucralose (a fake sugar that was initially made to be a pool cleaner) and more. All you need to do is start typing in their ingredients online to see this.

I don't find Melaleuca to be worth the trouble. Myself and others have been harassed when we quietly and respectfully left and moved on to be customers and marketers elsewhere and that has left a bad taste in my mouth.

If you're looking at them from a business standpoint, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. The biggest names are leaving this company for a reason now and they're going through *** It's not worth it in the long run. I know that posts like these will make people defensive at first but hopefully save some and the rest can look back at this and learn from it.

Please copy/screenshot this and spread it around before Melaleuca reports it and has it taken down. They're a bit on the evil side like that. If the whole truth got out about their products and business side they would be out of business by now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree! I have 2 friends trying to get me on a call.

I said can you just send me a link to start shopping? I was hoping for an Amazon type shopping experience. Just give me the link to your website.

I will check out the products, and start shopping. I don't have time for an hour phobe call.


So after reading this as a customer and a possible representative. I wonder what other products are as nontoxic and a similar situation as far as a business, but have a better situation with represenatives.


Thanks for your honest and insightful review! Very helpful!


I am recently enroll with Melaleuca as a customer, loved the products so much, I upgraded to Marketing Exec, and have already referred several people to them, all loving the products. No problems here, very happy, products work as claimed, and very reasonably priced, at a discount over what they would be in grocery stores.~~ Happy Camper


Except they are not as good for you as they let on. It’s a wellness company.

I don’t know a lot of no no ingredients, but added color to laundry detergents, and Sucralose was a Big red flag. Also look at the bottom of your confirmation email. If you have a qu. It gives you an email and number you can reach out to.

Go ahead, send them a simple email qu. Ask about any ingredient or if it’s non gmo. You won’t get an email back. Try three different times it's a charm right?

You won’t get a response. If you do the last email you send they,ll respond thanks for reaching out feel free to call xxx Call them and you,ll get someone right away. I don’t like being lied to. That’s why this company is a big No for us.

FYI they say the essential oil is what colors the detergent. All essential oils are yellow with slight hues. Not bright purple and green, so it means they are again not being truthful and hiding ingredients.

I didn’t understand the cult references till I went through this. It’s a-shame because they have products that work, but the shade in other products and service is unacceptable.

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