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I loved the Melaleuca products, but the company itself is pure evil! I was misinformed about a gift certificate purchase and use, I cancelled my account with them promptly as my husband lost his job and I knew I could no longer afford the $80 per month average cost, to meet my minimum "points".

I received a confirmation email on August 2nd confirming my account was cancelled as a preferred customer, however on August 4th, they continued to take money from my account for my back up order! I was at my account limit with bills, and I called several branches of the company and no one was willing to put the money back into my account, even though I was no longer a member, oops "gift certificates are NON refundable"! So they basically stole from me and will not rectify the situation. They are willing to put my family in debt this month over $50.00, and loose me for life as a customer.

I do not recommend this company at all!

Unless you know for sure, you can afford to buy things you don't need, do not sign up with them!

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I have been a happy customer for over 20 years and what you are saying is not truthful. 1st of all the rep can not cancel your account.

You are not their customer and did not agree to work for her. You were Melaleuca's customer and you were working for them. If you worked at McDonalds do you think you could call someone that works at McDonalds to tell the boss you quit and by the way pick up my check? NO You made the mistake of not calling the company you were working for and asking what to do.

2nd They did not steal from you. They have an A+ rating with BBB. They have receive 30+ awards in business. The money was withdrawn for your back up.

Tell the rest of the story. You got products for that. Did you return them? I bet not.

You keep the products and complained because they asked you to pay for them. If you didn't want to be charged, RETURN THEM.

If you don't open them and mark return to sender there is NO POSTAGE! You can send them back and get your money back.



Sorry you had such a bad experience with that company, but it sound like you picked the wrong company to work with. If you keep your business options open take the time to a look at Gano Excel. Gano Excel has the healthiest coffee and tea on the planet. This companies products are changing literally lives. Take a look through my website at www.myganocafe.com/howardbrown

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FYI Melissa B. I cancelled my membership in July, I received a cancellation email in July 30th, stating my account has been closed.

However on August 4th, they took $50.54 out of my account for a back up order of a gift certificate, THEY KNOW they made a mistake but because it was for a "gift certificate", they will not refund my money because gift certificates are "NON refundable!" Ridiculous! I had my form to them on time and placed my July order. They are thieves!

I am currently disputing the payment with my bank. They has no permission to take money from me after the 22nd of July.


FYI, to cancel your monthly membership, you need to do so by the 25th of any given month by downloading the form from online at their main site and then faxing it in. Who misinformed you about the gift certificate?

Melaleuca itself? I highly doubt it. All of the info you need can be found on their website or with their helpful customer service. And from the comment above by Chrissy, I'm guessing you didn't order that month and the $63 is for your back-up order, which you should have been aware of when you set up your shopping account.

If you fail to order in any given month, they send your backup order. Also, no one gets "demoted" to preferred customers....EVERYONE is a preferred customer.

I'm confused what the problem is? if you can explain more, maybe I can help you figure it out.


they did the same thing to me & my fiance just yesterday, they stole $63.00 out of our account. Thank God there was a little more money in there or we would have overdrafted!!

The only difference between your story & ours is that we started out as representatives for the company. we were reps for like a week or so, when we called up our district rep & asked her to cancel our membership due to lack of resources, we met this request with a large amount of resistance. We were told that we had to fill out a cancellation form online @ their main website, but could not because the rep number they gave us, conveniently was unable to be found in the system. We were also told by our district rep, that the day we called into cancel our membership, that it had been the last day to cancel membership.

The beginning of the next month same thing & come to find out, they had demoted us, not cancelled, from representatives to preferred customers. This recent transaction for $63.00 is suppose to be for a shipment that we have yet to receive, nor do we want to but if they are going to charge us for nothing...we better recieve something!!...We dnt have money to just give away.

I am going to contact the BBB & file a claim. I will not allow them to do this to anymore innocent people

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