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Ok ladies, Let think about why people are trying to give Melaleuca a bad name. 1.Is Melaleuca a great company?Yes,because they care about "WE THE PEOPLE".

Regarding you and your children because of the TOXIC CHEMICALS that store brand house hold products that are kill all of us. Do you understand that? Do you understand that women are at a 54% higher risk of developing cancer and other illness because of these chemicals? Think about it.

Have you done your research? If you have questions then ask and DON'T BE AFFRAID TO ASK. Melaleuca is Quality, not just to make money but because of our health. Are there people who have misrepresented Melaleuca absolutely?

Do you want to be successful at Melaleuca, then get the true facts and call the company? Is there a commitment to 35 points?Yes, Is it worth it to you to fit it into your budget? It should be. I bet you go out to eat or buy some things you don't really need that so happens to fit into you budget.

We all do. Is your family worth it? It should be. Do you buy Wal-Mart products and save money?

Maybe, but at what cost? Does Wal-Mart care about you? NO! If you happen to have a person who enrolled you and you don't like them because they don't know the facts about the business then drop them and find someone else.

Call the company. But don't quit because you're quitting yourself and your family. If you choose not to do Melaleuca fine but "Get the Toxins out of your house".

"You and your family's lives depend on it." If you have Questions email me.

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I haven't made squat off melaleuca because I'm not doing the business end, but I will vouch for the quality of their products. They are just as good, if not better that most of the stuff on the market.

There's no scheme going on and if elderly are being preyed upon, shame on those sales reps who are doing so! A 35-point committment is about $70 a month by the time you add in shipping and tax. I can afford it, but it's wrong to lure people who are pinching pennies to begin with to join, no matter how good the products are.

That's a sales rep issue of integrity about making a wise choice on who could benefit from these products. (Well, everyone can, but not everyone can afford them )


The facts are that Melaleuca is a great company. I know because I work for them.

The reason why I joined is because my friend died of harsh chemicals. People need to know there is a way to live and be healthier. There is no scam involved in fact i'm doing well with them. Yes there is a membership fee of 29 dollars, they told me upfront and also i became a preferred customer.

Meaning I buy up to 35 points a month. No hidden charges people just need to listen.

The fact is that police officer, doctors, and nurses work for this company That has to tell you something? Plus I know people who have been in this business for 14 years or more and making a living because of this job.This is not work for everyone, you have to believe in the product and helping people.


So much for my spell check. The word is feel not fill.

To those people who feel like they need to judge people by there spelling or grammer. You don't to run a business perfectly but honestly.


OOOO My Goodness, I am so sorry to those people who were mislead by a representative that either didn’t handle there business correctly or didn’t properly inform there customer or partner about what they needed to know. When you start Melaleuca you start by buying a membership for 29.00 plus you get a Business Kit that explains the Terms and Policy of what’s expected.

You should as a preferred customer read all of it from cover to cover, even if all you’re going to be is just a customer and you’re able to get onto the Melaleuca website to find out all the information you want to know. Also if your not understanding or comprehending it you have the to resources in the kit to call the company and get the right information you need. Mainly it is up to you find out by asking and to do the work to taking the right steps. If you fill that the person that enrolled you didn’t do there job properly ask for someone else to work with you.

When I enroll someone I am honest with them all the way, through out entering the business, and making it my goal to help them to succeed. If they choose that this business isn’t for them, that’s’ ok, I’m still honest, it’s not for everyone. I help my customer to join properly and I do my best to help my customer to cancel properly. Now all businesses have issues and if you don’t do your homework then you need to blame yourself not others.

Melaleuca is very clear about there terms and policies and you are given this information. If not, then you need to find out why by calling the company. I have never had a problem. They are a great company!!!

Great Products!!! And a Great Business opportunity for anyone willing to follow direction and to do the work towards having a happier, healthier with a debt FREE future. It can happen, but it’s up to (you to make it happen!) This isn’t a get quick rich scheme or a company that is all about money like some scams that are out there. It’s a company who you can be proud of because they care about peoples.

That’s more than I can say for most jobs out there where you work yourself to the bone for many years and then they let you go, that happened to me and I was a DARN GREAT worker. The feeling of being vulnerable was crushing. This is a rescission proof career, not a petty job. If you don’t believe my then try it for yourself.

What do you have to loose 29.00 to a better life changing future while using safer healthier products with a 100% money back guarantee, except for the cost of shipping and handling. You probably invest that much money alone in pizza, or even going out to eat or buying something that just gets thrown away later. Ya you know what I’m talking about. We all do it.

So now with that being said, to me it’s worth it because my family is worth it. Is yours? I took the risk and have been happier ever sence. I am working every day to reach my dreams.

I am going to be FREE and then I am going to share. Did you know you can leave your business to your family when you pass away? Wow to think your family could go on living a safer, healthier, debt free life.

No more struggling. What a feeling!!!


Melaleuca sales people are deceptive & a scam! It is a pyramid scheme and has nothing to do with the "green" products.

They prey on the elderly church women and scam them with the "membership" only to charge their debit cards for membership & a box full of products they never ordered, never explaining them they are on the hook for $50/month of purchases. My mom is a senior citizen on a fixed income and was told she was only ordering vitamins. To our shock, she was charged $33 memebership fee and an additional $80 in product!To her debit card!

My mom is a victim to this scam and Maleleuca perpetuates this fraud! :(


With technology as it is, of course this company COULD allow you to quit via telephone or email. The fact that they do not suggests that they want to lay obstacles in the way of customers quitting the program when that is exactly what the customer's want.

Shame shame on Melaleuca. Seriously, as long as you do this ***, I dont see how you can claim you care about your reputation and customer service.


I just went to a demonstration tonight with my manager from work, for about 3 months shes been telling me to sign up but ive been sceptical because im only 21 and work part-time (about 12-15 hrs a week)but after see the demonstration im really considering doing it it looks beneficial and all the products seem to be legit...i just hope everthing falls through


I am with you both. My family has been shopping from Melaleuca for 4 years now.

My kids are healthier then they have ever been and my husband has not been sick in 4 years. When we married he was sick all the time.

I started the business part time and make enough each month for my 500.00 car payment. I have now started working it full time as I have seen what the power of residual income with a company that really cares can do.


I agree 100%. I have been a very happy Melaleuca customer for 2.5 years and we shop for 50-80 points a month easily!

I guarantee you are ALREADY spending 35 points at other stores. Plus these are much safer, healthier and it's a great way to help others and make extra money. I've made over $30,000 and I am a stay at home mom with 2 young kids just working my business very part-time FROM HOME.

No home parties. All from home on the phone and internet I love it.

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