East Brunswick, New Jersey

I am a customer of Melaleuca. I have no upline, no downline, etc...I am just a customer. The products, taken and used as directed, are the best I have ever used and they save me money.

I care about the health of my family and the environment. And I need to save money in these tough economic times.

How do we save the environment? Together, we all can make a difference. All I can say is, "Use the products and you will understand."

And the customer service is top notch too. I have only praise. Try to return something at your retail store...stand in line, deal with rude behavior. I'm sticking with Melaleuca. Great healthy products, delivered to my door for less money. Who could ask for more?

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I've now used melaleuca for two months, referred melaleuca for two months and I just made a $500 bonus plus my residual income and my house has never been cleaner. Sorry you had such a poor experience but you are definitely not the majority considering that they did over 1 billion in sales and they have a 95% monthly customer return. I think your situation is not the majority.


I have been a customer for 6 months and love it all. I love what the company represents.

At first, I started just because of the green products, but then wanted to tell everyone about all they do. I have enrolled several and have had a couple decide it was not for them because they too did not read the material. They did not have any trouble what so ever cancelling their membership nor did they encounter any problems returning their order. I have returned a few products for and exchange with no problems.

The staff is very helpful.

I will be a customer for life and I am not rich. Love it.


I just found this discussion while I was looking treatments for Fibromyalgia for a friend. I've been a Melaleuca customer for 5 years.

I agree with the others about Melaleuca being a great company. It compliments my personal philosophy. Call Melaleuca if something is wrong and they will work with you. Read your membership kit.

They encourage you to tell a few people and get your products paid for. If you think you can just sit back and get a paycheck, you are mistaken? Having your own business is hard work. I would say that the rewards are well worth the effort.

I haven't paid for products in 5 years.

No one is obligated to spend money unnecessarily and products are very good. You gotta buy soap, shampoo, cereal, and lotion, don't you?


They are a private corporation- that lady MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT READ THE MEMBERSHIP KIT!!! Not one friggin' word!


sickofthesethieves is the most ignorant blogger I have seen to- date on this site. Don't be bitter because of your own stupidity.


Im new to Melaleuca and only have used a few products. i just got the value pack.

to make this easier, lets just say there were 20 products in the pack. I liked 16 of them. pretty *** good average. no the company isnt perfect but if i can get the same or even better value without leaving my home.

why not? i too am trying to start the business. we shall see.

but i do know if i only get a few costumers, my products will basically be free. not sure you can beat that.


It's really comical to here all the whining about bad service or over priced products..the best one is, they had to close out their bank acct.....what nonsense. If you enrolled to make it a business and NOW have all these complaints, I'm just curious as to how much you're making at what ever it is you'll be crying about tomorrow. MELALEUCA AWESOME!!!


:upset I worked so hard at this business. I invested so much money in high speed internet, multi-phone lines for conference calls, office equipment not to mention the cost of having to buy leads and also bugging people.

I wish I had all that money today invested somewhere and I would still have more than I do now. I must say that I did love the products and would probably have continued using them had I not been told how much I had to spend each month. It wasn't always necessary for me to shop or not always in my budget.

This business is for someone with no money issues and too much time on their hands. Good Luck and do you're research


I am also a customer of Melaleuca and have been for ten years now. I will turn 52 this year and I can honestly say that I will never go back to the store bought brands of the products that I use.

Here are just a few reasons, far better products, completely safe non-toxic for family, pets and environment. Shopping is delivered to my home instead of annoying supermarket shopping, and over the years I have introduced four people to the Melaleuca experience and the company sends me a check every month that is equal and sometimes more than what I spent shopping, and they let me chose free products all the time.

No supermarket has ever and will never do that for me. Morel of story...you would have to be an *** to not be a Melaleuca customer.


tried them, thought they were *** & overpriced. their claim that they use 'natural' and 'toxin-free' ingredients is a lie, a quick look at the ingredients and a little research will show that.

as to an 'honest' company, go ahead and try to cancel your subscription and see how honest they are. I know people who've had to cancel their bank accounts because melaleuca keep taking money out, even though they've been sent numerous cancellation letters and faxes. I can only assume all of you are Marketing execs.

it's an MLM (new name for Pyramid scheme) all the products can be bought locally for cheaper. TBH i'm surprised they are still allowed to trade


Look, you people are obviously bitter you didn't have the mind to read the very clearly written information regarding this company which is " guess where? inside your mem kit".The company is great and will go to extremes to recify a company mistake!

(learn to recognize when its your mistake)That is exactly why you should read the materials provided instead of having a bad experience and thinking the snipers are out to get you. grow up and learn to kick yourself instead of kicking what you don't know about.


Love the products wont change them for nothing else outthere, Customer since 2007 Loving it every time I get my package infront of my door. For all the people that complain do the research dont just talk bad about something just because you have a mouth.


Hey, Melaleuca is not perfect, however, it's the best company and the best products in the world! We have the best Research and Development team in the world!

I'm speaking from my own experience since July 2003! I was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia late 1990s and thank God, Melaleuca has been a blessing to me and my family. I am now completely drug-free and I have the best health and energy (I have not catch any single cold or flu since I started with the Vitality Pack). My son's asthma and hypertension problem completely gone for good.

Now, that's a true blessing! So, I dare anybody to use all our products and you will get rid of your medications before a year is over, if not, you will not have any side effects and you will get all your money back! You will be making the best decision you ever make for your health and your family and our planet, too. Just check out our products: www.saferforyourhome.com or check out Melaleuca by going to the company's official website: www.melaleuca.com and get all the information so you can make an educated decision.

Blessing! If you want to contact me, you can check me out at www.EcoBroker.com.


I have started using the Melaleuca products. I have inadvertantly referred my customers in my cosmetology business to Melaleuca because I know that the oil is SO GOOD.

But, I was afraid of the company, because I thought it was a MLM "get rich quick" gimmick. When I found out that a very good friend was using the products, I decided to try. I AM SO GLAD I FINALLY DID! The products are awesome, and they were ECO-FRIENDLY, BEFORE being GREEN was cool!

So, now I use Melaleuca products, my skeptical parents use them because they love them and we will continue to use them.

Thanks for the chance to speak my mind! :)


Absolutely true! I could not agree more.

These products are amazing! Yes, the bad mouthing are done by the uneducated, or maybe it's just that some people are not apt at reading easy directions. Its not like the instructions are written in some scientific or legal manner. It's plain english.

Of course, we live in a world of instant gratification so I would understand some folks want immediate results before they're even done swallowing that pill in the morning. And lazy people who won't even pick up the phone to call customer service until after the 90 day money back gaurantee is past. Ridiculous! Just unbelieveable that people would just bad mouth a perfectly honest company.

Just in case you're wondering, I do use their products but I do not do the business. I know, at least, that I have that choice. Unlike those who refuse to read.

Until everyone is happy and healthy, at least I'll have Melaleuca. Thanks for listening to a satisfied customer...

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