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Worst financial decision I have ever made. Stay away from Melaleuca!

They will give you the run around and will never answer any questions you have. If you contact them through email, they respond with call their office. And if you call the office the automated phone guy will give you some bull excuse as to why they are closed that day. Worst one I got was, "We are temporary closed to allow our associates to attend a business meeting." Really?!

You couldn't do that before you open like most normal companies do? Not to mention I called several times that same day. I guess the meeting is 8 hours long... Also, the worst part is they somehow got my new debit card information.

I purposely left my account updated with my old card that way they couldn't charge and send me awful products while I was mailing in the membership cancellation form. Well somehow they got it and I'm now charged and stuck with products I don't want since THEY DON'T ANSWER THEIR PHONES! As to a review on the products? My husband is a nut when it comes to vitamins, and I stupidly didn't have him look at the ones I got from Melaleuca before I bought them...

I have never been so sick in my life. One of their ingredients in the vitamins is used in jet fuel FYI. I thought I did enough research on this company beforehand, but I guess the whole "you can make money" thing just grabbed me in. I will be copying and pasting my review to every site I can find to try and prevent people from making the same awful mistake I did.

And even after reading my review if you still want to try Melaleuca then please, try multiple products before asking your friends and family to join. Thanks for listening and good luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $72.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I'd be very careful taking any notice of the above review. Total garbage.

Melaleuca products are awesome, clean, green and effective. Taken through a very stringent process to meet quality control.

Our family has proven health results, medically verified after using Melaleuca supplements. We love them.


I have been using the Melaleuca products for nearly 19 years, have helped hundred of people become members, helped many people earn enough to get their products for free and even have extra to help the household expenses. I have also helped a small few to change their membership from prefferred to direct customer and have never had any promlems when the directions are followed


Im recently going to become a member and have a packet. But Im now scared because Im reading these very bad reviews of people not getting money back.

They dont answer phones. They try to cancell member ship and it dont cancell.

They keep charging after. What should i do


I have been a member for 5 years. I always get someone on the phone.

I have helped other people cancel or put membership on hold. With any business, you are going to find negative as well as positive reviews. You can’t make everyone a happy customer. Melaleuca is very easy to work with.

If you want to dance Loren put your account on hold , you have to do this by a certain date and you have to fax a printed cancellation form to them.

This is why people got another order sent to them. It is totally your choice to sign up or not.


My phone auto corrected on the second to last paragraph. It should say, “If you want to cancel or put your account on hold...”


almost impossible to cancel


I completely agree with you on this review. They lie just to get you to place an order, once you cancel, it's another run around.

Melalueca made unauthorized transaction on my account in August but nothing in July. Who are you thieves trying to fool.


My wife got suckered into this outfit a coupe of years ago. She was ambitious and invested way more money than we could afford to get it off the ground and all it has been such a flop.

I've watched plenty more money leave our acoount than enter, along with a maxed-out credit card.

She then was convinced by one of her "leaders" to sign up for this ridiculous security system, which is a total scam that now has us entering year three of a five-year contract for nothing more than a talking box that tells us when the door or window opens (every time). No contact with police or emergency-- just $46 per month gone for five years.

Customer Service gives you the classic, "sorry, there's nothing we can do." Search for complaints on this topic and you'll see what I mean. This is a clear indicator of Melealuca's crooked and incompetent nature and I urge anyone to stay away.


Sounds like your wife wanted to launch a business without putting much into it. It's as much or as little as you WANT to make of it.

She was the owner. Did she claim that title?

Also sounds like she has a bit of a shopping addiction? SHE obviously likes the products!

This company is nothing but honorable and I've yet to see another with the morals, integrity, high standards, clinical testing to back up their claims and exceptional products that only help people, such as this company!!

EVERYTHING is revealed to new clients, EVERYTHING! Whatever you missed, is on YOU


Why not just call customer service? The number is 1-800-282-3000.

And they do close to allow associates to attend training seminars. Sorry You don't like their policies, but then again, they aren't like normal companies. Their sales have gone through the roof and people that come in can either shop or choose to start a business. The bank updates the information with Melaleuca, so stop blaming the company.

Blame your bank.

You can also stop complaining about jet fuel being used to make the supplements that made you so sick. They are the strongest supplements on the market today. Apparently you weren't LISTENING when the agent went over that part. Remember the OLIGO??

Remember the 6 times stronger than what's on the market today? Remember the 99% absorption rate, which also beats whatever natural vitamin you choose to take because unlike melaleuca, they have no rate of absorption...they let you think you're going to absorb it. We KNOW you'll absorb it. Have you read the Sterling report yet, or how about the FREIBERG report?

NO OTHER COMPANY CAN CLAIM what we claim. NOBODY...the reason why, is because what they claim is from people that report what happened to them when they took the supplements...much like me. They brought me back from death's door from LYME disease. I OWE them my life.

Can we claim that they cure LYME? NO but I can tell my story because they did heal my body and brought me back to health.


And as far as your 72 loss is concerned, you probably spend more than that on coffee, cigs and alcohol in any given week. Stop your whining.


that is not true...you are a scam and I will blast you out every chance I get.....

fraud scammers!!!! liars!!..

I will be on a crusade to crush you!!!


telling people to stop their whining??...people don't have money to throw away on this scam!!!!...LIAR!!!





@cynthia pissed off

They are completely transparent and not a scam. You made your choice to become a member. Take responsibility and tell the truth you are not a victim


your responses to customers sure sounds like a scam, dont cancel orders upon request?


The provider I work for suggested Melaleuca products to me for myself (type 2 diabetic) and my 17 year old daughter (thyroid problems). These products have made a huge difference in our lives for the better!

This company is totally transparent on their membership and rules of purchase, etc.

sadly, people are always going to find something to complain about. Also, I love the money I get from people signing up under me because they also see the benefits of these great products.


..But the money you (and all the other agents, leaders, directors) make is all extra profit attached to the products people buy (obviously). That means that either the product is ridiculously overpriced, or that the original source materials are ridiculously cheap.How does one sell the Best product ever, with very high profit margins, using the cheapest materials?And I'd honestly like to read a truly independent analysis of the vitamins and supplements, performed by a government or top university. People through around these Absorption claims but where is the solid independent research and verification?


Agreed And the worst part is if someone takes this at face value she could taint their view. Take Responsibility, get educated, look at the truth and quit spreading lies


People that work with Melaleuca will almost always defend them! I had a bad experience with them also.

My bank has nothing to do with Melaleuca making unauthorized transactions, after I cancelled my account, so who do you blame? The Rep who signed us up even failed to return calls. So, what you believe about that company is good for you, but evidently there's nothing proven when using the same products we've been using for many years..you just got suckered into believe what was put in your head! GOD is the reason you're living today, not that supplement Melaleuca is making you believe in.

They're The Devil in disguise, making fools out of many of you. I'm keeping you all in Prayer.


Wow!!! Sounds like we need to pray for you!

All that over you not cancelling on the appropriate date, that they FULLY disclose? And your rep was probably just afraid of you???


I call all the time and have even called twice in one day and get a customer service representative within 4 rings every time. Yes, I have called once during a training day but I was actually glad to know the people who will be serving me are continually being trained to do their jobs even better.

More companies should have ongoing trainings so customers can have better experiences. Vitamins...read Freiburgstudy.com for accurate data.

Everything is 100% money back guarantee. The Peak Performance vitamins will absolutely change your blood work lab reports for the better across the board and blood work doesn't lie or over exaggerate.

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