Dallas, Texas

An audit of the political involvement is in order..I have searched the product line and it appears there is no FDA or other Consumer Controls..Has anyone seen their manufacturing facilities, have there been any health or product suits filed..are there any criminal proceedings against the Company or it's related holdings? Are there any Environmental claims they make that are scientifically challenged?

Who were the predecessor owners and what was their experience in the buy out process..e.g.

were the representations of the buyer as to performance standards maintained? What is the history of insider stock involvement?

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Again, I rest my case! No answers to the questions posed. What a surprise!!!


OMG.. Hey sandog

Do you even know anything this company???

They don't order the product and sell it!!

Get your facts straight! You must have been bored and were looking for something to complain about.my experience has been wonderful, There has be some things I did not love and I got my money back , easy and fast. FYI.. I love most of the products, very happy


@Butterfly: What does your post have to do with the above person's questions?? When the pro-mela's don't like the questions or complaints out come the answers about the products curing all kinds of diseases, cleaning your house with no chemicals, vitamins that will make you feel 25 again, etc.

It's always the same...and the person who complained/asked a question is always an ***, called names, etc. Same song, different day. I have also wondered about the questions you asked.

Or how on earth people can stop taking their meds for asthma, take a mela vitamin, and be cured. That's scarey stuff that they write on here.


that makes no sense.....they only send you what you order...unless you DONT order then they send you the BACKUP order that YOU can customize yourself......the point is to buy products YOU USE.....and if you do not like the products then simply cancel your membership and go about your business. Yes the more referrals you make the more money you make, but no one asked you to join.

Basically you have a membership so that you can buy what you DO ANYWAY at the grocery store for an alleged better price.; If y'all have done the research and found these products inferior then it would be more beneficial to share THAT info than it is to just bash the company or business opportunity. If you didn't go into this business completely aware (other than the product quality) of what the DEAL is...then whom ever enrolled you is at fault for not properly informing you!


Like any business, this will reward you based on your work. If your looking for a easy money scam then this is not it.

You will have to sell a product but more importantly you will NEED to SELL YOURSELF.

I see many political hit post because the Progressive attack machine has set them lose on this company. If your a coward and without a backbone then run away ASAP.

If your a fighter and want to make a life for yourself and family then stand up and more in a positive direction. Use this or any other business as a platform to build the prosperity you seek.


I agree.

I know several who have wasted money on this ***.

They are forced to keep buying inferior products which are sent to them without being ordered.

If they don't sell them they are forced to pay for them anyway

Total scam

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