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MELALEUCA Is like joining a bad nightmare that you can't wake up from. I joined Melaleuca and was a customer of theirs for 6 months. During this time, I only bought vitamins from them. At one point, I was a week late in ordering the vitamins and they sent me a box of stuff I did not order. I called and asked why they sent me this stuff and charge my credit card for it and they said because I forgot to order my vitamins they sent me a "back up" order to fulfill my monthly membership obligation! I supposedly filled something out that picked these items to be sent to me if I did not order something in a month! NOT SO MUCH! I think I would remember filling out a form picking out a buch of items, especially when they are items like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, etc. that I would never purchase from a co like this....My question to them was "WHY THE F WOULDN'T YOU SEND ME THE SAME ITEM I HAVE BEEN PURCHASING FOR THE LAST 6 MONTHS INSTEAD OF A BUNCH OF *** I DON'T WANT". They of course in their friendly superficial tone said that is not the way it works and said I could ship the items back to them for a full refund. HAHAHAHA - FULL REFUND, MINUS THE $15 IT COSTS FOR SHIPPING. STRIKE 1 - paying for shipping for items I didn't order and didn't want.

Okay, then I was told I had to terminate if I didn't want the following months shipment. So.....I faxed over a termination notice terminating membership immediately and told them they better not send me the September shipment. Guess what? They did anyway and I didn't accept it when the UPS man came knocking at my door. When I called to get them to refund my card - they said "sorry, you had to send in notice by the 25th, not the 27th even though the shipment didn't go out until the 31st so they clearly got my letter before sending me the box of *** again. They again told me they would credit my card LESS the $15 shipping charge! $30 FOR SHIPPING ON ITEMS I NEVER USED! THEY WOULD NOT BUDGE - NO DISUSSION / TERRIBLE SERVICE!

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p.p.s. for those of you that have a problem with people speaking about their bad experiences, I think you have been directed to the wrong website.

Their must be a more fitting website for you, maybe "the world is a great place, who cares if I get **** on". It is people like you that have caused the customer service in this country to go downhill. I can understand that compaines have to enforce stricter rules on their customer service for those people that come in with a trash bag of returns from three years ago, but I assure you, I'm not one of those people. I have a checking account in good standing and expect to be treated with respect.

This website is called "consumers that are pissed off", so if you don't like to hear what people have to say because it is not in agreement with your own experience, then I suggest you go elsewhere. I'm glad there is a website like this because it allows people to talk about their bad experiences when companies choose not to listen. If I can reach out to one person to prevent them from being treated the way I was treated than I have been successful. The reason why companies time and time again are allowed to treat their consumers poorly is because nobody does anything about it.

Maybe this company has been good to you, but not to me. Not everyone has the same experiences. Obviously by the way you are all talking, you have never been wronged by a company before. I wish I lived in the same world you do.

I'm glad you love Melaleuca, that's great, glad you have had a different experience than me, but don't act like its not possible that your precious little company didn't treat someone else bad. You act like you have stock in the company, or maybe you just need justification as to why you are spending $100 + a month to keep using their products.

Whatever it is, everyone has the right to their opinion and this was mine. Please respect it.


p.s. now Costco is a great company, love them! hahahahaha


Seriously, are you kidding me? Don't try to blame me for their bad customer service.

I don't care if it was the person who enrolled me or not that mislead me. That person works for Melaleuca and therefore they are responsible for their lack of experience when enrolling people. I did not fill out the back order, the person who enrolled me must have. I was told by the Melaleuca company that I could send in the termination notice when I did and they would terminate.

They then told me I missed the termination date. Am I missing something? I'm not blaming anyone for my mistakes, I never complain about anything unless I feel I was unjustly treated, such as in this case. I never said I didn't like their product, I just choose not to spend my money on a company that treats its customers poorly.

Also, some of you are completely nuts. Do you honestly think this product is going to save your life? I agree, it may help keep some of the chemicals out of your house, but that is it. You still have to breathe the polluted air we live in and eat the chemically induced food we eat.

Unless of course, you only eat what is picked in your backyard or your the bubble boy, which in this case, please disregard my comments. People have the right to complain when they are treated unfarily, get over it! I'm the first one to praise a company when they deserve it, in this case they don't, so I won't. This is my opinion, this company was terrible to me, didn't even listen to what I had to say.

That is BAD customer service.

I don't care how great you think their product is, if they are not nice to their cusomers, I'm not given them my money, especially in an economy like this! Get a life and start respecting other peoples views on stuff.


I was using melaluca before and I am about to join them again. I was pleased with them years ago and pleased with them now.

I cancelled exactly as they said and I had no problems. This is a very legit and great place to get a great product that we can trust not to hurt our children or us. Complaining in here is just not right. You needed to read everything.

The contract I commited to 10 years ago CLEARLY stated how to cancel and about backup orders, just as the contract I signed again not to long ago CLEARLY stats about a back up order. Please learn to keep your comments to yourself unless you CLEARLY check out that you were not at fault in anyway!

you are trying to hurt a great company for something you did and I tell you matter what you do or say you are not going to change anyones mind about them and you sure aren't going to get a great company put out of business for it. As a matter of fact everyone that reads all of this will see all the good comments and research it, and find out you are wrong.


This company is a joke. Green Products are everywhere you look and Sam's Club and Costco carry many green items for much less money than this company charges.

Also, don't give this company or any company the right to charge your card in advance.

This company is irritating and will go the way of all other PYRMID SCHEME companies when the little guys realize thay are being screwed for the benefit of the select few on top. :grin


I am sorry for your unfortunate situation concerning Melaleuca, but do not blame the company. The monthly point commitment is for your benefit so that they can make products without preservatives that could lead to cancer.

The backup order is there to preserve your membership, and you have to fill out a selection on you paperwork in order to become a member. I suggest you complain to the person who enrolled you because they obviously did not do a very good job at informing you of this wonderful company.


Melaleuca is a wonderful company for people that follow rules. To the author fo this vile and completely ridiculous statement, your mistake does not mean that the company is a bad company, it means that you do not follow rules and then blame others for it.

I am sorry that you seem to have a desire to steer others away from a company who does nothing but good for it's customers and the earth.

By the way, their cleaning products are not ***! They actually save lives because they are not filled with chemicals that are poisoning people!


Melaleuca's customer service is beyond reproach. The description given here clearly is the customer's responsibility.

One friend of mine worked for Bank of America in the merchant services department. I was telling her about Melaleuca and how much I love the cleaning products.

She told me that he job was to work with the large companies that have huge merchant accounts. She said the Melaleuca must be doing something very right because the rate of complaints was the smallest of any clients they had.


what's the matter with you people, customer service is customer service bad customer service is unacceptable in any company. I didn't sign up due to pyramiding, not for me and I don't want a company to make me order products for a certain amount every month.

I am a single woman and don't need 3 or 6x amount of concentrated products.

If it were milk, bread, produce, that would be a different story. It also sounds like the comments came from "stepford" town.


What a wimp--blame everyone else except the person who has drama daily in their life. For sure train wrecks are a regular occurance in this person's life :cry :cry


One can always tell the one complaining is usually at fault in some way. I have been with Melaleuca for 9 years. These products have been life changing for me and I might add, the signup papers are very clear on the cancelation policy and the backup order.


I have been with Melaleuca for just over a year now. My husband and I absolutely love the products!

I have signed people up under me and have told them, if they have any problems to give me a call and we'll see how the problem can be fixed. I also tell them that if they do not place their order, a back up order will be sent.


you know if you would have looked on your enrollment forms right by where you signed you would notice PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED that all you need to do to cancel is submit by mail a request to cancel by the 25th of the month and your membership will be terminated and no additional orders shipped - no problems. Who's to blame for you not reading your enrollment form?

It is sad that this was not explained to you during the enrollment process, but compared to many companies ethics and M.O. today Melaleuca stands well above the crowd as evidenced by the BBB Award they received.

People will find a reason to complain about anything if they want to, my condolences to the author of this thread, but please save your rant as it reveals a problem you made, not the company.


I have only been with the company since April and read everything. It tells you that you need to send in a written letter to cancel and by the 25th.

Regarding the back up order that to is discussed on the sign up page. It also lets you decide if you want to be a 35pt customer or greater. You should alway read the fine print before giving anyone your credit card information for an auto-pay. Even the phone company requires notification of 30 to 60 days to stop the automatic payments.

I do find offense in your comment about the household products being "***".

How can you make a statement like that when you admit to never using them. It sounds to me that you may have joined under false pretenses and no knowledge


I have been shopping at Melaleuca for 16 years..It has been a wonderful experience. they have treated me and anyone i have sent very kindly.

I am so appreciative for the health I recieve and get to live daily because of these amazing products. i adore Melaleuca.Thanks you Melaleuca for all you do...


I was completely happy with Melaleuca until it came time to cancel my membership. I told a customer service rep by phone that I wanted to cancel, but was never properly informed that I needed to send them a letter with my signature for the cancellation to take place.

So, lo and behold here comes a backup order to my surprise! I was then told that since my WRITTEN notification was not recevied, I was stuck with this order or return it at my expense. What a scam! How many times has anyone had to give approval to cancel an order or membership via MAILING a WRITTEN letter?

They won't even let you send an email! This is absurd and a sure way for this company to capitalize on making money for one last order.

And, to make matters worse, the backorder I received wasn't even what I signed up for. There is no reason whatsoever this company cannot accept a telephone or email cancellation if you provide adequate security information.


I have been a satisfied Melaleuca customer for over 2 years. They are wonderful with their customer service and willingness to please their customers.

Don't blame the company, the person who opened your membership (and Independent Marketing Executive) clearly signed and/or filled out the paperwork for you. It does require you to put on file a back up order in the event you forget to order your products. You get to pick what is in this order. AND, it states cancelation must be received by the 25th of the month.

So blame the *** that enrolled you, not the company - Melaleuca is in the Better Business Bureau Hall of Fame.


This is absolutely rediculous. You know you could sue the company if all these facts were true.

A class action suit would be waiting to rack up money from tthis horendous company. But... and a big but. Everything they did you agreed upon when you signed to become a member.

I would suggest not ignorantly signing anything.

You really hace only yourself to blame. People like to point fingers away from themselves.


Melaleuca has always given ALL customers I have had any experience with total satisfaction even when the customer made a mistake. They allowed my friend to keep an entire order that she had messed up and sent her NEW items to replace them.

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