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I heard about this work from home bussiness from a friend so i thought i would give it a shot. Two weeks after i joined i found out it was pratically a scam!!You have to sign so many people and have them buy so much inproducts to get what they supposedly make on a regular basis ( the number you have to signand how much the buy is totally out of range for almost everybody!)So i joined on the 12 th of March try to cancel on the 24th found out you have to cancel by the 25th the employee told me I could faxed while they wait for the letter and did so 4 times on the 24th! They claim they never received it and i have reciepts!!! Than i mailed a letter the same day on the 24th. Supposedly they never got that as well.

I continued to fax and mail letters on April 1st i finally mailed a registered letter that they finally got! " Magically!! They said that since i didn't make the deadline of the 25th that the order would be sent to me anyway and the told me just to refuse it and i would just have to pay for the postage to me!

On the 7th i received the order and didn't even open it i just refused it right in the post office and I never even touched it up until about a week ago i was told i owed 64 some odd dollars, now i supposedly owe 20 dollars just for the shipping! So if Anyone is debating this company Run!! they will rip you off and their promises are *** and they have absolutely the Worst costumer service agents anywhere they are rude and very evil! They will call al hours of the day repeatedly and threatin you with you credit report and a whole bunch of other things! Please do not go to them what so ever!

If any employees look at these or anyone from this bussiness "Hire new employess! Stop Scamming people for money to keep you Afloat" You can Look up my account as well if you want any money from me charge what you said you were going o charge and we will talk!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Melaleuca's products are good but your upline will drive you nuts at least that was my experince as a member


Not for me~ please call Johnson and Johnson and ask about the ingredients in their products (it's a trade secret) and then ask them to discuss the several recalls. See how that goes over, I'll stick with the wellness co. Thanks!


I think this company may work great for some, for others it may be a nightmare. Customer service is unhelpful, untruthful, and rude. Don't believe me? Just call them up and ask about the ingredients in their supposed "superior" products. :x

Bottom line, if you are looking for *fairly* healthy 'green' products delivered to your door for *fairly* high prices (those payouts have to come from somewhere in the chain), then Melaleuca is a pretty good deal.

However, if you are extremely health conscious, and budget conscious, Melaleuca is likely not for you.

I don't usually use any processed foods (the odd time I do it is a product from a health food store),and I clean just fine with vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. I use a mineral makeup line (Faerie Organic) that is pure and superior to Melaleuca's cosmetics line, which really isn't "green" or chemical free at all.

For me, Melaleuca just isn't providing any benefit, other than to your door delivery for your cleaning supplies.

I also think that most people who get you to sign up are NOT clear about the minimum monthly order requirement, otherwise there would be many fewer customers. They are counting on you being a forever customer, as they make money off of everyone below them. It's a modified MLM company, period. People make money off of those below them. That's not to say there are no benefits to this company, like I said, it will be an amazing opportunity for some. But certainly not everyone. If you truly love the products, great, stick with it.


That is not true, they will let you cancel you have to send something in writing. I did the same thing I wanted to cancel I sent and email letting them know I no longer wanted to be a member I wanted to cancel and I got an email back saying in order to cancel I would have to send something in writing. If you want to cancel send something in writing.


I have been with Melaleuca for 14 years and they have been so helpful. They have been a Fortune 500 company for years and don't need to do unethical things to "stay afloat".

They are a great company. I feel anything negative about this company may be posted by a competitor.

Melaleuca Company and it's products are wonderful! :)


My below comment was directed at zeng ye, lisa, and bee honest btw.


Think before you type Lisa. It's people like you that give Melaleuca a bad rap in the minds of others when really, you, not knowing jack squat about the company should keep your mouth shut. We don't need people like you squawking false things about Mela.

People should be entitled to decide for themselves after seeing a presentation. I'm guessing the "research" you did was going to Google and typing "Melaleuca." Newsflash honey..."Google" does not equal "research." Get your facts straight.


Are u ppl serious? Melaleuca is a fantastic company!

The products are phenomenal and for those of you who are saying that buying 35 product points is unrealistic needs to stop and think. I find it extremely difficult to buy ONLY 35 points a month! And it's just me buying them! My boyfriend and I used to have like a combined total of over 80 points a month so he signed up himself!

People need to talk to their enrollers about how to shop wisely. If you are using the vitamins and nutritional products it's beyond easy to hit 35 points. The people that complain are probably the same people that go out several times a month dropping large sums of money on booze and food. Cut out ONE NIGHT of unnecessary spending and give yourself a WHOLE MONTH of wellness!

Melaleuca is a wonderful company and one that can easily help your budget. I know bc it has worked for me.


For over 23 years I have been a customer of Melaleuca's and I have never had any complaint about this wonderful company.

After 5 years of using Melaleuca's products as just a consumer, I decided to develop a second income that has been well above any expectations.

Melaleuca is a business and like any business success depends on the individuals ability to manage the business. Since getting involved with Melaleuca as a business and I have many personal customers that earn more than I do because they work harder.

I find it unfortunate that Melaleuca Inc. is blamed for statements and claims by Marketing Executives to potential customers.

When I am looking for a company to do business with it's important that I seek professional resources to help make my judgement. Liker reviewing a company's track record in the business community, the Attorney General's office, Standard and Poor's or Dunn and Bradstreet provides a more reliable resource for making a decision than from an unhappy customer because there is not a company in the world that doesn't have an unhappy customer.

Melaleuca has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the world and their business track record is second to none.

I doubt if Melaleuca Inc. would have received the highest award given to any company for ethics and integrity by the Better Business Bureau or if their CEO would have been inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame and given the Idaho Business Leader of the Year award if they were unethical like some of the claims being made against them. I challenge anyone to review Melaleuca's track record that is well documented www.melaleucaawards.com

What I find interesting is that someone can post a claim or accusation on a "website" without having their name or email address posted. Most newspapers will not allow letters to the editor without a name posted and verified.

Besides what keeps another competitor from making false claims on the internet.

As a healthcare professional I have yet to find a company or a line of products that I can recommend to friends or patients with the confidence knowing that if a customer is not 100 percent satisfied they can get all their money returned no matter how many products they use for up to 60 days and in some cases 90 days.


They have a great cancellation policy for anyone who isn't satisfied. And as for the company calling you and harassing you then that is nothing but horse load of ***. The person who signed you may have called to keep you in and if they were the ones who were rude then call a spade a spade and quit blaming a company who is devoid of your accusations.


I also called to cancel. Mainly because with a small family the points are unrealistic to reach each month.

I ended ordering stuff I really didn't need. I will miss it being delivered to my house. They do not make it easy to cancel. I called and was told to put in /my account.

I put in a different phone number which I found on this forum 800-282-3000 and someone walked me through it. It is your account you type in not my account. I was given the wrong information. I am frustrated I can't cancel over the phone or scan and send back.

I also had to explain four times why I don't want this stuff and then they wanted to know why I don't split it with a family member, I don't want it accept no for an answer and let people bow out easily after they filled their commitment they agreed to and you probably won't get postings of complaints on a forum. I know if I could have quit easier I wouldn't be posting this.


Dear pissed 2008-05-16

I am appalled by your lack of word skills. Do you talk that way too? Maybe you aren't successful in anything because of this lack. Or are you just trying to throw the blame for your problem on to someone else?

I have used these products for years and they are great. You just need to be on top of your paperwork on an issue like this.

And be nice !!


I have been with Melaleuca for 3-1/2 years now and it has done so much for our family! I just recently helped a friend set up her Melaleuca account.

She was with Melaleuca before and when we called to get her started again we found out that she had some certificate that when she cancelled she still owed on an order. The lady explained that Frank doesn't believe in collections so they give out certificates. Long story short, this certificate took care of what she owed and gave her some. So before she re-enrolled she got $45.00 in free products of her choice.

AMAZING!! She is so glad to be back.


I feel sorry for suckers who get trapped in this style of marketing. Zombies.


We heard the presentation last night. I did research about Melaleuca on the web today before we decide to join or not.

We just want to use the products, not make money, anyways, it is a MLM and the products are not all natural. If you didn't open the package, you don't owe for the shipping. Check out your consumer rights. Call the BBB or your State's Attorney General and report Melaleuca to him/her.

The law is on your side. They can't do anything to your credit.

If they do, write a letter to the credit bureau contesting the negative information. They don't have a leg to stand on.


I have been with Melaleuca since 2006. Canceled my membership with no problem whatsoever.

No questions asked. Then reactivated because my children (adults) were dissapointed because they love the products. Customer service is always #1. And I don't make a business out of it7.

Just use the products. :)


I have never really been to these sites, but I worked for Melaleuca for 4 years on their customer service line.It kills me when I see people thinking that Melaleuca is a scam. What's more I take offense that someone feels we have horrible employees.

Melaleuca has rules that we have to follow in fact the customer service rep has NO control of the actual cancellation all we can do is give you the correct information. I have had customers in your position before and in those cases after doing research I have found the reasons are normally the customers error. That's actually besides the point the contract states the letter needs to be sent by mail and not faxed.

We actually only accept faxes as an exception to our rule.

It is also amazing how many people can complain about sending in a written letter for over a half an hour when they could have taken out a pen and paper wrote the letter and sent it in in that time. I never hid anything from customers and always told them the truth and 99% of the other reps are the same way.


It sounds like you didn't read their policy. This is a great company with policies like any other company, you just have to do a little homework and

don't be nasty about it.


I have never had a problem with anyone wanting to cancel their membership with Melaleuca once they sent in their request in writing. For those who think this is unfair, what contract have you ever signed anywhere that you were able to cancel without you personally requesting it in writing?

How many companies out there, like Town&Country Foods, have fine print saying you have 3 days to cancel and request a refund? Melaleuca allows preferred customers to cancel ANYTIME as long as it is before the 25th of the month. This isn't much to ask since they are giving their preferred customers $100 in free products and a return of up to 10% back on their purhases.

Maybe those who had so many problems should have called the friend who introduced them to the store and asked them for their help. Then there would have been no problem.


I thought the $29 charge was a one time fee. Why would somebody need to cancel?

That part is confusing to me. I watched one of their overviews tonight and am trying to do some research on this company before joining.


I've never had a problem with one of my referrals canceling, and i've had a few over the years. It seems to me you 1.

didn't give it enough time; 2. panicked and immediately wanted to get out. you only stayed with the company 10 days! there is proper procedure and everything is 100% guaranteed, so even if you missed the cancelation process, what they sent you could easily be returned.

But remember, you were interested, it wouldn' have harmed you to at least try the products and then get your money back. Look at it as an opportunity for some free products to try. There customer service is generally knowledgeable and helpful and you can always call the person who signed you up to help you out.

I am not sure why you would owe any money when its totally 100% refundable and shipping and handling genrally costs about an average of $7.00, not $20.00. I think you are being unfair and your story does not jive with the facts about Melaleuca and how it works.

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