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The letter from their CEO is a very egoistic letter. I don't care if their self-centered CEO don't feel guilty when he eats meat or use animal products(thats what the letter said) , who cares about him personally?

He did not say they don't use animal testing on none of their products. Why sending such a self-centered letter that CEO talked about his personal values?

He doesnt seem to get that animals die for his animal products and animal testings, he said he doesn't feel guilty when he eats meat because those animals are already dead!!! He doesn't seem to understand market is about demand/supply and can't seem to see his part in it.

Shouldn't companies have a minimum IQ requirements for their CEOs?

They should be ashamed of sending such a redicilus letter insulting their customers intelligent.

If you care about environment and/or animals don't buy from them. There are more ethical companies who will proudly say they never test on animals or even use any animal products.

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It is Melaleuca *** not Melaluka. If you are going to the length to write something about a company get the name correct. I have been a loyal customer of Melaleuca for years I adore this companies business philosophy and products.


If you are going to say something get your facts correct and say something important other than correcting someone's grammar or your FEELINGS about the company. Maybe then you can learn the companies philosophy is not what they say, and they do harm to other beings.

Company seem to have lots of grammar police supports who only can comment about grammar and spellings

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