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I inadvertently ordered the wrong shampoo when shopping for my monthly products with Melaleuca and even though it was my mistake - I still figured I'd 'give-it-a-try' and call the toll free customer service line to see what they'd say. I was just blown away by the way they treated me - so kind and respectful - no issues whatsoever--!!

At the end of the conversation I commented to the woman how consumer friendly Melaleuca was and she said "We appreciate you so much for shopping with us".

I think some of the other companies out there could take a lesson from Melaleuca. No wonder they've been around so long.

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I agree with you. I've had similar a experience and they couldn't have been any easier to deal with!

Actually, I've wondered how Melaleuca finds so many polite, kind and actually helpful people to work in customer service.

If I ever have a question I don't hesitate to call since Melaleuca has people like this on board. :)

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