Clarksburg, West Virginia

I signed up with Melaleuca and loved the products, but decided due to a recent divorce couldn't continue as a customer, at least not for now.

The problem was that there was an order in the mail on the way to my home, and I needed to cancel my account, so I called their customer service line and talked to their agent. I wanted to 1) cancel my account, and 2) return the package that was coming.

They made both very easy!!!I simply sent the package back (yes, I had to pay return shipping, but that's reasonable) and canceling is easy too. You simply print out the form from their website and fax it in to them.

Honestly, I don't understand why there are posts on this site that say its hard to turn off your account. It's not! They make it simple, and their reps are very friendly and helpful. The theme is similar and makes me think most of the complaints are made by the same person. I don't know. What I do know is they make it VERY easy to cancel, and refunded the money for my package like I asked.

I'll be returning as a customer after my financial situation turns around. Bottom line - Great products and great customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Shipping Service.

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@ yuyu,

As far as the people who like the products defending them because they get commision is not entirely factual. The statistics show that 60% of all people who use and reorder Melaluca products are strictly consumers and not doing as a business.

basically they do not get paid. They just love the products.


My take - I've tried their products and they really are good. I don't use everything they make because I prefer a different a few other hair care lines, but what even their hair products are decent.

Please don't get mad just because someone likes something they make.


good point "seriously". of course the people who praise are going to be the one's using it and like it.

You say it suprises you by the number of positive comments after each complaint? that's the *** part..If i "loved" (and i do.. coffee and beer) or sold a consumable i would probably defend it.. but the reality is many Maleleuca customers also make income/commision from products that people under them (and downline) buy..

yeah it makes sense for them to neutralize any bad name so new customers won't run but it's way over the top here. read and it becomes apparent.


You find it *** that all of the people who love Maleleuca are people who have actually used it?

Like Wendy, I did a google search for Maleleuca (because my sister just got involved in it) and became curious by the hit for pissedconsumer.That's how I ended up here. Not specifically to praise or complain about the company.

Considering this is a site to complain, what surprises me is the number of praises for each complaint.

I expect a certain number of customers to have a bad experience with any company. But, you have to admit the claims of government conspiracy are pretty far-fetched.

People have a right to get angry and complain when they feel like they haven't been treated fairly. This is bound to happen.

But is it surprising that people who have tried the products (or the business) and like it are going to praise it? Who else would be doing it?


yuyu, for me, I simply searched for Melaleuca on google and this site came up, and I came in to see why people were "pissed" at Melaleuca. Reading some of the other posts is what prompted me to post my exerience so people know I'm delighted with them!!! I can't think of another company I've worked with that gave me a better customer experience (except for a restaurant that I went to a few years ago while traveling - they take the top spot for me, but that's another story - simply outstanding.)

So, I don't know about others, but for me, I just wanted to share the record straight based on my experience with the company, especially when I've never seen melaleuca do the things people are posting on here. In fact, for me it has been the exact opposite - I think they are a fine outfit with great service. And, yes, their products are some of the best I've used.

I just hope I can start buying from them again soon.


Wendy- Thanks for sharing. The complaints could be the same person or even a competitor trying to discredit Maleleuca.

The majority of complaints i read are about cancellation and automated memberships. Many could have been gullable and not understanding the contract.

However the opposite is just as likely and more apparent to me. This is a complaint web site (pissed consumer) why are there so many positive posts and general "Ilovemaleuca" replies about complaints?

Because these posts are from people in and selling maleuca.. at least 99% of them anyway. and my guess is you may be part of this as well.

I don't know.. it's *** is all i know.

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