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They're very dishonest. I was invited to a Wine & Wellness party. Ok, so I ask "is this melaleuca?" The answerer said neither yes nor no. I ask again and this time I'm told its only about wellness, come and see. So, I'm a natural living person and I go.

Of course, as soon as I walk in the door I see all the company products set up on display. To me, that constitutes a lie.

The man demonstrating is quite a charismatic salesman. He sprays the counter cleaner into another mans mouth who hesitates to open, but is convinced it's okay. He goes thru his pitch, telling us how natural and organic it is, plus it's non-GMO. Later, after delivery, When I call the company on this they tell me, oh no, he should not do this, it's not edible. I tell them, I watched your videos and it leads me to believe I could cut, spray, and cut again. She says, oh no you must wait ten minutes until it dries. It's NOT edible as its not natural!

So, foolishly I agree to buy the Value Pack. While he's writing up my order I ask why doesn't it say non-GMO nor organic on these labels. He tells me the man who owns the company doesn't want to spend the money on the labeling. During his pitch he bragged the owner was a billionaire. Well, that seems kind of selfish, not to share his excessive wealth on the certification labels. Actually, it's greedy.

So, I get this box of stuff a few days later. I read the labels and they are far from natural. And certainly not organic. And non-GMO, haha!

I call the company to question all these discrepancies. They assure me they are NOT organic, not GMO free, nor are any of their products natural. That's why is the best of SCIENCE and nature. There's the secret word! SCIENCE!

The young woman I spoke to even said they get many complaints about their sales force misrepresenting their company.

The chewing gum has xorbital as its first ingredient. This is alcohol sugar. This is used to cut street drugs like *** and cocaine. It causes diarrhea and dehydration. Why would anyone give this to their kid? Kids love gum.

None of the facial care products are natural. They have artificial scents and chemical preservatives.

The food is highly processed and is loaded with artificial favors and additives. And their claim they make everything is false. Even the girl on the phone admitted it. And the so called natural soap, well, I'm a natural soap and skin care maker and if the word soap does NOT appear on the label, it's detergent. It contains sodium Laural sulfate. They cannot legally use the word soap.

I forced them to send me a label to ship this box of junk back and even got them to pay for the shipping to me.

If you want natural products and a huge variety of them, not just one brand go to Www.iherb.com and buy all organic, GMO free products for a fraction of the price. And if you spend $20 your shipping is free. Why would you deal with this very misleading, greedy company.

The folks answering the phones claim the reps out there lying to the public are not "employees" and are therefore free to do or say anything without reservation or oversight. Really? That's how you run your company? No wonder the owner is billionaire. And from what I can gather, they are leaning on the bible to hide the truth.

Reason of review: The rep lied about everything. .

Melaleuca Pros: Customer service.

Melaleuca Cons: Products or reps.

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Wow. That is frustrating.

Maybe it is luck but I shop at the Melaleuca store and have never had a problem getting straight answers nor with the products. In 1996, I found the Mstore when looking for safe products as one of my chordal is asthmatic.

A fan of science, there are no products on the market comparable. I see you are advertising lesser products cloaked in a "comlaint" - now that I do find dishonest.


The complainer is a nut. Out of the 50,000+ Melaleuca customers last month there were less than 5 complaints.


Thanks for revealing your agenda in the second the last paragraph.


This reviewer may have some very valid complaints but for someone who claims to know about natural products, they have gotten every ingredient they listed here wrong. First of all.

Xorbitol isn't a word. It's Sorbitol which the gum does not contain. Also, I looked at the ingredients of many of their cleansing and soap products. From laundry to bath to face etc, and not ONE contained sodium LAURYL sulfate.

Yet another ingredient this person gets wrong.

Clearly he or she had a bad experience and I can't dispute that but their "facts" are pure fiction.

ALWAYS do your own research even if it means googling every ingredient on a label.


Sorbitol is the first ingredient in the gum. I just looked it up...

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