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I find this so hard to believe since you simply cancel your account online under my accounts. Also any product that you will not use is always refunded to you along with any membership fee.

I personally know people that have gotten products they hated and called and never had an issue getting a refund and some that have never had an issue canceling. I personally was refunded a delivery that was sent to me ten years ago when I came back to Melaleuca after a nasty divorce. The products are all research and scientific based. The research and testing are right on the sight for you to read.

It is third party tested by the same facility that does Johnson and Johnson and Proctor and Gamble. The facts speak for themselves.

So, I will not even tell what the products have done for myself. I am sorry to hear about your brother.

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Actually it's not that simple. You have to print off a form and send it in signed then wait for them to approve it. Still waiting for mine to be cancelled.

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