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I'm never surprised at the people that signup for a MLM and fail. The reason being is their own FEAR of being successful, but it takes work to build a business verus trading your hours for dollars.

Stop, crying and work the business and it may take a couple of years to develop. Melaleuca has an amazing support group from which to learn through training and involvment. So, get involved loss your fear and become successful.

It takes your committment and a desire to WIN! As for the products they are wonderful and it's money you spend monthly anyway just STOP purchasing the inferior stuff.

Location: San Jose, California

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I was a member for 9 years. I faxed in my letter and never had a problem with the company charging my card again.

Guess they fixed the problem. Good luck to those that make MLM a business.


If it's such a good company why are there so many complaints? the only people who defend it are the marketing executives.

Everyone else knows it's a ***, all their products can be bought cheaper locally, and the claim that they are 'natural' and 'toxin-free' is a fraudulent lie. as to the opportunity, I can only surmise that you have found enough naive suckers to live comfortably while the people at the bottom of your downline try unsuccessfully to cancel their subscription. My friend had to close their bank account in the end because Melaleuca kept sending products and taking their Direct debits, even though they'd phoned, written and faxed numerous cancellation letters.

If I'm incorrect why is the second thing that comes up after typing 'melaleuca' in the search bar 'melaleuca scam' with ,000's of people saying the same thing. this, like all MLM's (the new name for pyramid scheme, it's a ***, those at the top get rich, those at the bottom get ***


I love all of the products I have used. I joined, but really don't push working the program.

I just wanted to be able to have the products at a preferred price. I don't buy all their products, but I get all my laundry & cleaning supplies from them.

I do use some of the vitamins for my teen age son & my 90 year old aunt loves the Pain-a-trait rub. I agree, it is not a get rich quick company, but a great opportunity to have a good income, while using some great products.


I absolutely love melaleuca. From day one it has been everything and more that it promised.

People who beieve they have failed, typically aren't really failing, thy just expect some get-rich-quick scheme to happen. That is not what melaleuca is. Like any business, it will take time. But it is easy if you just put the effort into it.

Customers are not going to fall into your lap. You are going to have to ask and ask and ask and ask for people to listen to your presentation. Do not give up on them if they say no. It is just not the right time for them.

Ask again later.

They will come around. Once they let you give them the information, if you approach it correctly, it just makes sense for them to join!


I also agree. It takes hard work.

Meleleuca is not promising to make you rich with little effort. It's promising a unique opportunity for open minded individuals to build their own dream.

It's up to you what you put into it. As for the product, I have never been disappointed and this business has helped put into perspective what I was already spending on the same products of less quality.


This company and opportunity far exceeds anything that I have ever heard of or come across. I agree with Dplourde, here you are not just trading your time for money, you are building something for your family that will last a lifetime. If you're gonna work, may as well work for yourself and make your family's life the better for it rather than pouring yourself into someone else's company and making them richer.


I haven't been able to get customers...how do you do it?


I agree, Melaleuca is the best thing that ever happened to our family. NO SCAMS, excellent prouducts, never a problem with anything!!!

The money is exactly what they said it would be and keeps getting better.


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