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At first this sounded okay to me. It seemed doable. But I then was completely mistaken. I ended up getting a "mentor" who seemed to be more interested in finding people who have money then helping people MAKE money. We had people inquire about the company who would explain to us that their barely making it and working and when we would finish the call she would comment to me that she didn't think they were the right "candidate".

I was so brainwashed that this could work for me that I kept on trying. I was convinced to buy the "business packet" that cost about 200.00 worth of products. And every month after that I had to commit to buy at least 60-70 dollars worth of products. I kept on putting all of this on my credit card, and after some time of trying to coordinate appointments with my "mentor" she finally told me "I am helping my girls achieve their goals (or whatever) You can try and make some appointments yourself". Some help. I got sooo frusterated.

I did not hear from my "mentor" after that. She didn't even call to check up on the appointments she said "i could do myself". So finally the next month I decided that I didn't want to do my monthly order. And of course my monthly orders are how she gets paid. And low and behold after the 15th when the paychecks were supposed to have arrived to them...she called me wondering "if everything was okay." She noticed that I didn't order my monthly order and wanted to know if everything was okay and she wanted to put me on a "custom order" for every month. It was such bull. I do not recommend them at all unless you are a good sales person and have money to keep on buying their products every month.

My mentor's initials were S.M. So beware of any rep's with those initials as well.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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I am terrible sorry to hear that you had this experience, but please don't blame Melaleuca for this person's actions. Did you contact Melaleuca to report this behaviour?

If not, you should have. Melaleuca is a very ethical company, they do not want this kind of activity.

I am on a different team than the MOM Team, but have not heard good things about them from others.

Again, I am sorry you had such a bad experience. There are so many people who are making money and getting the support they need to succeed with the Melaleuca teams.

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