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Let me just say that I started off very optimistic about this program.I was told I could get to the point where I didn't have to work a full time job any more and blah blah blah.

My "mentor" said that I had her full support. In the end, my mentor told me not to focus on people who were looking to make extra money or who were in "financial need" (even though the MOM team advertises helping mothers quit their jobs to work from home full time). She told me to concentrate on people who were well off already, people who were ALREADY work at home mothers, and people who were in a good financial situation already (even though supposedly one will NOT spend any extra money a month on products. They say that you simply "switch your stores".

) Oh ya, the MOM team also has a "rule" that they recommend you go by. If you sign someone up that isn't committed to buying the business package which runs for about $200.00 then you should not spend as much time with them training then the person who DID buy the package. I guess it shows them that you are not as committed to the program than they thought you were. Additionally, me "mentor" complained about not understanding some contacts who were african american.

She accused other minority groups of "not cutting it" for the MOM team. Then in the end she didn't have time for me to help me out, even though for 3 months she didn't let mme do one call myself because she was worried I would say the wrong thing. What could I possibly say that was wrong if I were to tell the truth?

Don't get me wrong. The products are good, and if I had the $70 a to buy them (they commit you to buy these, if not you cannot be in the MOM team) then I would do it.

Maybe it was just my "mentor" that made my experience horrible and who cost me a lot of credit card debt by buying these expensive products. (BTW her initials are S.S.

so please be careful in signing with her.) But I really don't recommend this company unless you have 70$ (plus initial set up fee) a month to invest in products and the time.

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10 years ago I was on The MOM team, had a mentor like you, etc.The products are great.

There are various "teams" out there. Or you could just be yourself and sign up people. I cancelled my account probably about 7 years ago due to financial issues. I have just signed back up under a friend of mine who has been just a customer for the last 13 years.

We are going to talk to friends and family and see if we can get some people signed up under us.

BECAUSE it's about the products.Don't give Melaleuca a bad name because of some people who don't even work FOR the company.


First off - I've been using Melaleuca products since 1987 - my father introduced me.It's the best thing he did for me and my family.

The company is well-established, is managed with integrity and above reproach. The products do what they say they do(always follow instructions).You have your choice to just purchase the products or sell them and pursue a's your choice. I would not recommend that MOM thing..sounds fishy to me. It will be what you make it - a business or personal use.

The products are superb and they work and I would defend the company anytime.You could not have a more humble and intelligent and honest man as President than Frank Vandersloot..he is very real and very much a part of the success of Melaleuca and will be for many years.


:grin :) :zzz I love their products!!!Yes they may be a little more expensive but id rather pay for safe ingredients then pay for harmful ones!!!I guess when our moms said you get what you pay for they meant it!

Lets do the math dish washing liquid $5.99 for harmful chemicals or $7.89 for Melaleuca's dishwasher liquid hum....

:x I guess you would just need to be a rocket scientist!!!!:roll


I think the key to any network marketing company is to brand yourself.The M.O.M Team maybe where you started but you can always find another sponsor.

I have had two bad enrollers from Melaleuca. Once I started making money I decided to switch the enroller and find someone who is supportive to work with. That way they don't end up with your commission. You should contact the Business office and get help from them.

They offer excellent advice from Melaleuca. I started working with staff members there and they have helped me a lot. I recommend you find a new sponsor and work with the Business office.

They give great insight and advice to people that need it.You would be surprised what you can earn with there help.


chronic pancreatitis, severe depression, arthritis, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, severe muscle spasms, tooth-aches, common cold, pet health problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, IBS, and PCOS - a list of things I have personally witnessed being improved by Melaleuca products.I don't care about the business end, Melaleuca is a great company and the products are undeniably amazing.

If you need proof, talk to someone whose tried it.Including me.


First of All, the backup order plan from Melaleuca works, if and only if you fail to order your 35 product point commitment does it come into play, this is explained during the presentation and should have been explained by the person who invited you as I do.It is better than Auto Ship Programs with other company out there, wherein the same products each and every month is shipped because all they have to offer is a limited number of products.

With Melaleuca, There are more than 350 consumable products to choose from. So, Auto Ship Program don’t work. As far as the 35 points commitment to get products at wholesale is nothing, just switch stores do your shopping at Melaleuca. I have NOT ordered lesser than 64 points each and every month that I have been with them.

Second, like Amazon, Ebay or any other sites that do business except for companies that issues RMA (electronics), shipping and handling are services rendered or when you return products, you pay. The question is, when you have used up your vitamins for 90 days and decide that they don’t work or didn’t FEEL any improvement or energy, can you return them? With Melaleuca, YES, up to 90 days warranty, no questions asked. Third, I paid $29.- to join Melaleuca for the promise of non-chemical base products and it did make my family healthier with Natural based products, in fact my grandson who had asthma for 6yrs.

was healed just by using their detergent, as per me, for the past 4 yrs, my...

And even if, I didn’t make money, just with the deduction I had on my schedule C, because I did signed up also to become an Independent Marketing Executive with them and it was worth it. Listen really hard for those don't have any deductions. Value of products was my main concern; addition income was a pleasant surprise". I'm sorry, I have not made my first Million Dollar yet on Melaleuca but I'm already a big big Winner when it comes to good health for my family and myself, that is KING to me!

I welcome any questions about Melaleuca, their products or even the research I have done, which are now a part of me and my family now as a Blessing'.

Call me at 408-771-0296..God Bless!

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Walford, Iowa, United States #340967

Ummm I believe your bad experiences were more because of your enroller.Melaleuca has great products, I've been a member for 9 years.

As far as spending all that money on leads and advertising...if you read Melaleuca's training material...they recommend not going that route. Marketing money is always a risk. And if you buy leads, it's advisable to learn HOW to work them. In the end, it's your choice how you'll build a business.

The fastest way is through your own contacts. We referred a number of people that we knew and a lot of them joined. We also did some marketing and with leads, but we learned how to do it properly's not easy going that route. It is tough work.

But in the end, we were making a steady $700+ check every month even during months that we didn't do anything.

And we were spending a fraction of that on products that we DO use and love.So the blame doesn't fall on the company...just on folks who are not so nice on their enrollees.


I joined Melaleuca in Jan.2003.I was so excited and was loving the products.

I was buying leads and placing online ads all the time. I ended up in debt from this company. I had spent probably $1000 in advertising and buying sales leads. I never once was able to get anyone to sign up and probably made 2000calls.

I had someone place dunde rme that paid me a whopping $2.13 a month..LMAO!!..Eventually they took that person away frm me and I have not had anyone placed under me or signed up by me.I do have some products that I cannot live without(solumel,whitening toothpaste), so I am still with the company 7yrs later. They have so many rules I do not agree with like how you have to advertise under something as The Mom team instaed of being able to direct people to a Melaluca website. Talk about team work,lol...I could not even tell you who my upline is anymore, so no clue who gets commission off of my monthly purchases.

I am awaiting the day something similar ends up in my local store.I am now with The Gourmet Cupboard as an Independent Distributor and absolutely love it,plus I made $85 for about 3 hours of work last night!!

to trevsmom725 Castle Rock, Colorado, United States #935221

The reason you don't know who your "upline" is, is because there is no such thing with Melaleuca.They are not MLMthere are no uplinks, distributors, etc.

You have a support team which is your enroller and their are on a team. That team is there to help you. It is listed on your business report or in the business center through your Melaleuca account. You can always call Melaleuca and ask them if you really don't know.

It is sad that you felt the need or your enrolled told you to spend money on leads when the people you love and care about are the ones who need to hear about Melaleuca. I have never spent a dime on leads and I have 65 people in my organization without trying very hard at all. When you are genuine and care about the needs of others, they see and hear that and would naturally want to try the products because they trust you.

If you are not happy with your team, you can cancel your account for 6 months and enroll with someone new who will give you the tools and support that you need to be successful.


Too bad you just didn't get it. I've had a paycheck every month for 23 years from my sucessfull Melaleuca business.

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