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Let a representative in my home to do a presentation was very impressed with the products. After the representative left my home my husband, his business partner and I had all signed up and was on board to start living cleaner.

This representative start pressuring me everyday to buy items. Then I suppose I was taking to long for her because she placed an order for 86.00 on my behalf which the company said is allowed.

The part that made me so upset is that I had only been a customer for less than two whole days. Melaleuca stood behind the "she is not an employee" so basically she can do what she wants and we will continue to allow her to go into people home take down their credit card information and use it as they please as long as we get our cut.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $86.

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Sorry this happened to you. Sounds like you just had a really bad enroller--or she was trying to make you a customer by the end of the month at all costs (cause she gets paid if you join and order).

You can send the products back and have your money refunded.

But unfortunately, they can't do anything to her because she is technically their customer (maybe could be contractor) as well but not their employee.

Sorry you had such a bad experience, but they really do have good products. I'd encourage you to try them again, maybe sign up through someone else, and hopefully you will have a better experience.


I am so sorry that happened to you! As a marketing executive of Melalueca I would NEVER order something for someone.

That is very shady on her part.

Unfortunately some people only care about themselves. I hope you never encounter this type of person again


As a marketing executive of Melaleuca, you should feel a greater responsibility to personally take ACTION to enact CONSEQUENCES for such bad behavior, on the part of Melaleuca's agents. It is insufficient in the extreme to merely express sympathy, and say "I hope you never encounter this type of person again." It is up to you to take responsibility for ensuring that type of person is not supported by Melaleuca, and to make redress for their bad behavior.


Why do you need a credit card number? and what if you don't have a credit card?


i dont get it. I work for a mortgage bank.

Sales personnel, aka loan officers, are compensated based on their production. A great deal of understanding the conditions of every loan by the costumer really depends on what each individual loan officer tells their customer. So if a loan officer working for the same bank as me had deceived a borrower in order to get paid, and after some time the borrower realized that they got what they didnt want in the first place, does that mean I have to "step up", take responsibility for ensuring that loan officer is "not supported" by my bank and make "redress for their bad behavior"?

WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM??? Have you worked a day in your life?


What a ridiculous comparison. Ever heard of the State Licensing Board?

They would smack down that loan officer in a heartbeat. If Melaleuca has sales people walking around saying and doing whatever they want, then yes, somebody is responsible for their lack of oversight. Whether or not it would be you as an employee required to bring this to someones' attention...well that is up to you.

But I would highly recommend doing something as more bad apples will call into question your own integrity. By the way...everyone who works for Melaleuca is salesperson, denying it is folly.

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