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Thankfully I did not listen to negative posts of people not taking responsibility for their decision.

I joined Melaleuca years ago and after learning about the heart health products they manufacture, I introduced them to my father who has been struggling with high cholesterol for years. He has been on a couple different statin drugs and has only had moderate success. He brought the heart health products to his doctor who agreed that they would not hurt to take with the current statin drugs he was taking. I don't think the doctor really thought much of it other than it was just another supplement on the market.

Three months later my Dad went for his cholesterol test and everyone, including the doctor, was shocked. His bad cholesterol was down significantly and the only thing he had changed...was that he was now taking the Melaleuca heart health products.

This company REALLY has quality products and a ton of research to back it up.

Make your own decision!! It might change someones life!!

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so far , I have heard both good , bad, and in between information about if or not this meleluca thing's a scam or a legit opportunity. in the past I have sold avon products, so I have some idea of the whole " multi-level marketing" idea.

right now I'm on a disability check and looking to earn a little extra , flexible part time income as I'm soon to go back to college and loking for a way to help pay car expenses. is this legit?

or is this the scam some in this forum say it is? I will be talking with the woman whom represents work at home united locally in elbert county CO.


I am on my 1st bottle of Tub & Tile and just LOVE it! I hate cleaning the tub with a passion.

This is the best and first product that actually does what it says. Washing the 1st soap *** off was like rubbing lotion on the body. Since that 1st cleaning, I haven't had build up because it's too easy to keep up now. I made a couple spray bottles for friends to try.

Maybe I should start selling too!! I like being a customer.


Melaleuca changed my life. My son was 2 months old when he developed chronic eczema.

I was looking for a cure for 1 and a half years, until i started using the renew lotion from Melaleuca. i saw the results right away.

Today my son doesn't have eczema anymore and i refered a few friends and melaleuca has pay me more than $3,000. What are you waiting for to make your decision?


Melaleuca has changed my life tremendously. their products are fantastic.

i dont know what i would be today with out them.

my only regret is that i didnt start sooner. sorry for those who dont have a great team backing them.


Im a rep and have nothing but success with Melaleuca. I encourage everyone to at least try it. Not one of my customers has complained, so far, so good!


Well, my wife and I joined last night. Hope it does not backfire.

The few products we tried at the presentation all seemed to work and the pricing is in line so we will see. However if I have any comment at this early stage they need to rework their presentations. The rep (nice lady) was way overboard about possible benefits. As I followed along her weight lifting athletic husband has had cancer, MS, and heart issues all of which have been helped by the product.

At one point one of the group attending the presentation stopped the *** by stating what I felt; "You had us at better products for less money. How do I sign up". All the rest of the sermon should be eliminated. As for the products time will tell.

By the way for those of you crying the blues about trying to stop; call your bank about unauthorized charges.

It's pretty simple. Take care all....


Thank you Josepht for your post! I am glad I also made my own decision!

It amazes me every time I decide to do a google search just to see what people have come up with this week. The negativity is astounding! So sad that others can influence so easily. I had this opportunity presented to me 6 years ago, and I turned it down.

Now I look back and think where would I be if I just would have made my own decision then.

I LOVE MELALEUCA, it is one of the best things I have ever done! =)


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