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I don't understand why so many have had problems with cancellations. We cancelled our membership about 8 years ago because we had difficulty spending 35 points each month. We bought a front loading washing machine and the laundry products had been one of our biggest...
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With all the research I have done regarding Melaleuca, it all boils down to one thing... when someone is unhappy with a product or service, they want a refund. That is all. Everyone is entitled to their opinions about the products whether they like them or not. It's...
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R.T.F.P(Read The F***** Print)!!! I have been buying and using Melaleuca products for years...and yes, they are pricey!!! If anyone was misled or "lied" to by a Melaleuca Rep....


Hey well maybe next time you get into a company that you know you have to buy a certain amount of points with, you don't sign up. Especially if you are broke living on welfare...

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We joined Melaleuca really for the safer cleaning products for my family because I have 3 little kids. Little did I know, after using the cleaners and after my husband started taking the vitamins, his asthma went from using 3 inhalers (including Advair) to nothing, yes...
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*** poor customer service. If you\'re going to cancel make sure you do it last year.

Angela (Ohio)

I joined melaleuca 7 years ago because of acne. I had no hope or thoughts that my asthma would improve from using the products. Four days after switching to the melaleuca prod...

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