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We use these discusting products where I work (tub n tile, clearpower and tough and tender). I always flare up in rashes using these products they also are dangerous to your health The products do not work as they claim that they do! The tub n tile is absolute crap and does not take anything off tiles it makes it worse Clearpower leaves streak marks everywhere Tough and tender leaves marks all over benches I’ll be sticking to my normal doTERRA on guard cleaning concerntrate permanently These products are definitely not worth your time or your money at all Would 100% NOT recommended using Melaleuca at all

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have been using them for 12 years, finally got rid of my inhalers, haven't had one case of Bronchitis in 12 years, will never go back to grocery store brands and will never pay high prices again for brands with harmful chemicals in them! LOVE MELALEUCA!


Wow, doTERRA representative----you must be having a bad day. I owned two prestigious B&B's, and had a fabulous cleaning lady who had been trained by a high-end hotel chain.

She was not happy about using my Melaleuca products to clean our B&B's, but since I knew they were effective and non-toxic, that was all we would allow her to use. She was SHOCKED at how good the products were, and started shopping with Melaleuca for her own house.

We wouldn't use anything else, and the prices are crazy-cheap for cleaning. The main cleaner is less than $1 a bottle, and is fabulous.

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