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One of the worst companies I have EVER dealt with! They automatically send you products and bill you without you ever initiating it.

I had a suspended account for a year and out of the blue they sent me a new order for $65 without me initiating it. Said they couldn't stop it. I am so sorry I ever even heard of melaleuca!!!! Very *** business model.

I am not sure how you can get out of it. Do not ever "join" melalueca would be my advice.

I rue the day that I ever did. I feel sorry for the customer service people that have to deal with the *** business tactics of this company.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $65.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Melaleuca Cons: Deceptive misleading miserable, Backup order charge.

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The problem is YOU knew this from DAY 1. They verify ALL of this with you. Suggestion: Don't enroll in something you are not fully aware of what it is.


They tell you when you sign up that you have to order every month. You have to spend 35 points every month.

You definitely had a terrible person that signed you up and didn't explain things to you correctly.

I personally like a lot of their products but I don't agree with the 35 points a month. I really think Melaleuca would do so much better if they lowered their points.


You just had a bad person who signed you up honey. You can just call then and tell them to take you of for up to 6 or for ever.

And they will take you off. But you have to remember to call before the 1st of the month or else the will send you your emergency box which you where suppose to set up when you signed up.

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